PLAYER: Bryan Feir

Story: Largely unknown. She first appeared several weeks ago, rescuing several people from a burning apartment building. Since then she's popped up at various locations around Neo York, most often assisting with emergencies, though nobody's seen her in over a week now. With the sort of equipment she has, it pretty much guarantees Corp backing of some sort, though nobody's too sure which one...

Description: A study in browns: dark brown hair (cut short to fit in her helmet), brown eyes, and tanned skin. She's tall, about 5'10", with an 'athletic' build, muscular without being 'ripped'. Her normal outfit is an armoured bodysuit, also in brown, with a feather motif down the sides and a bird's head painted over the helmet. She's normally seen riding a large motorcycle that looks vaguely like a modified No-dachi.

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