PLAYER: Dustin Evermore

Story: Jason lost his father around five years ago to cancer. Although it would have been treatable, the doctors erred in their initial diagnosis, describing an incurable disease that would end in inevitable death. Thus time went by, and when the true nature of the disease was discovered, it was far too late to cure. His father died of multiple myeloma, a disease of the marrow and plasma production which eventually causes the bones to shatter, one by one. It was a death that marked Jason deeply and he never stopped blaming the doctors who made the initial misdiagnosis.

Jason's reaction was swift and direct. As the primary heir to his family's fortune, and director of their combined trust, Jason came into the means to exact his revenge and perhaps change a little corner of the world for the better. He bought into the corporation who owned the hospital and quickly initiated a hostile takeover which brought the hospital, research division, and cyberware synthetics manufacturing under his control. Reorganizing the company into Synthetic Technology Medical Systems (usually referred to as SynTech Medsystems), Jason rewrote the corporate mission to focus on the welfare of their customers and patients instead of solely profit. He also fired the doctors responsible for the misdiagnosis. Mr. Stone, however, staunchly denied the rumors that the heads of said doctors made a brief Appearance on his desk just days after they suffered a freak driving accident. Only months after their dismissal, it seems the two doctors somehow forgot the Brooklyn bridge no longer spans the entire river. SynTech appeared to begin to profit from Jason Stone's leadership as an increased number of paying clients outweighed losses from reduced pricing.

Jason's own brilliance in being able to convince talented doctors to hire on at only average wages for their profession has gained the respect of some corporate heads, causing as his reputation to begin to grow.

Unfortunately, his two younger sisters were left by their older brother to handle the passing of their father on their own. The elder of the two, Helen, compensated by throwing herself into her chosen profession, soon acquiring a doctorate in criminology and finding employment by a certain government agency. The youngest sister fell into a deep depression. Her siblings were unaware as she became submerged in a world of drugs, violence and crime.

By the time Jason woke up and realized the problems his youngest beloved sister was having, it was too late. Athena Stone had disappeared. It quickly became obvious that the army of investigators and hunters Jason hired could not or would not be able to find her. Many never returned. Others came back empty handed. But Jason was able to learn one thing. His sister had disappeared into the Neo York Zero Zone.

With no other options available to him, Jason Stone decided he must take matters, once again, into his own hands. Entrusting his family's longest and closest personal assistant, Mr. Hobbs, to collect his vice presidents' reports and keep him informed, Jason donned his leathers and rode to the Neo York Zero Zone in spite of warnings from Hobbs and Helen. Posing as just another street samurai, Jason hopes to make the connections which will eventually lead him to finding the truth about his sister.

Stone's early fascination with a martial art form known as Kenjutsu has served him well in surviving in the corporate world. The specialized form of Cybernetic enhancements developed at SynTech have allowed him to survive in the corporate world against overly ambitious executives and coporate competition. Stone's use of the cybernetics not only has successfully served to demonstrate the company's faith in its own technology, but it has motivated SynTech's engineers to be very careful to ensure stability in their designs. Stone counts on these factors to aid him on the streets of the Zero Zone as well.

Description: Jason Stone appears as a 6'2", lithe man with dark brown hair and piercing grey blue eyes. As Drake he tends to wear all-black leather outfits. Although his twin swords, a katana and wakizashi, his body armor, twin .44 Desert Eagles, and lined duster show him to be a street samurai, his astonishing good looks and clean, unscarred face betray a certain newness about him, like an actor out of Hollywood. There is no obvious cyberware to be seen, but he walks with the near supernatural grace of a hunting cat.

He can often be seen astride his Kawasaki XS-12 Shinobi. It's a rather average model for a sport bike but it does sport zippy looks and a cool name. It is a prudent choice for someone who'd rather not have their wheels stolen so often but who also doesn't want to ride around on a pile of junk.

On the street it's just beginning to get around that Drake appears willing to work for favors, should the prospective employer be unable or unwilling to meet his price. Some have pointed out that this is the way the Mob works, although his real motivation may be much simpler.

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