PLAYER: Corey Goset

Story: Doc Floyd is a wandering old man. Most of the information on him indicates that he is retired physician. He seems to have no permanent residence and goes from city to city frequently. Doc has also been connected with several artificial persons rights groups and synthetic protest groups.

Many people in the psychokinetic and artificial community know him by another name. The Guru, as he is sometimes called, is known as probably the oldest living Pk in the world. He is said to be a teacher, liberator and mentor. How much truth there is to any of those rumors is unknown.

Description: Doctor Richard Floyd is an aging white male with several distinguishing features. Despite his actual age of seventy-eight years he has the Appearance of a man 25 years his junior. He is in excellent physical shape and is only slightly overweight. In moments of stress he seems to reveal some of his true age, but its more a mater of expression not any sort of physical change.

He has dark gray hair with white strands common around the temples and in the very back of his hair. Docs skin weathered and tan showing age spots only in a few places. He has a well-lined face and tough leathery hands. His eyes are green and usually look tired. Docs right arm ends in the middle of where his bicep was.

Doc usually wears casual looking slacks and a short-sleeved shirt. On top of this he wears a long robe that bears a strong resemblance to a bathrobe or martial arts uniform. Strong boots usually covers his feet. Doc is also normally carrying around a large backpack. Doc usually wears a set of large set of mirorshades.

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