PLAYER: Michael Surbrook

David Lam

Story: David used to be an employee of SimTech, or Simulation Technologies, a computer modeling firm specializing in creating software models of various environments and objects. David himself was a programmer, writing and testing the software the company used to create and run its models. He did his job and did it well and felt his was fairly content with his place in life.

This all changed when David was asked to accompany a group of SimTech executives into the Zone. He was being brought along to examine and test some software the company was trying to acquire—apparently illegally as it turned out. David, who really hand no choice but to accept, went along.

The meet went well, until the very end, when the software was to be handed over. At that point the night erupted into gunfire, the shots ripping into both groups with equal lethality David, not knowing what else to do, ran for his life, eventually collapsing a ruined building to wait out the night. He ended up trapped in the Zone, his identification missing, his only asset an Ares Slivergun.

Eventually he met Sandra Blackmore, who rescued him from possible death at the hands of gangers, and the two made a life for themselves in the Zone. With the Jinsei invasion well underway, Sandra managed to concoct an escape plan that brought her and David out of the Zone. The two then left Neo York to start a new life in Hong Kong.

Description: David Lam stands 5'9" with a lean, well-muscled build brought on by long hours of cycling, swimming, and playing assorted racquet sports. He is of Chinese descent, with brown eyes and long black hair that falls past his shoulders. He tries to dress nice, and went into the Zone wearing black boots, black trousers, a black shirt, and a black longcoat with armored inserts. Now living in Hong Kong, he tends to dress in casual clothing.

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