PLAYER: David Kuijt

Story: Crusher is an enormous replicant with extensive cybernetic modifications, vat-grown for the Combat Sports on Maim TV. He made it up to Omega-class (unlimited) competition, then a year ago he escaped his owners (MEI Corp). Since then he has been hiding out in the Zone.

Description: At a distance, in dim light, Crusher might have seemed to be a just another Zone bum, wearing ragged clothing, a mix of rags and blankets, with bare feet. The blanket poncho could hide his broad shoulders somewhat, but if there was any door, tree, or other human nearby it became clear that this particular ragged Zone bum was enormous—more than two and a quarter meters tall (7 1/2'), with shoulders a meter wide. He had to duck to enter doors, and his shoulders brushed the sides of most doorways when he entered.

From closer up, Crusher's face was nothing like a normal Zone resident. It looked as if it was flesh rough-hewn from granite. The wide reinforcing planes of dermal plating were obvious. His face showed the signs of battering and scars where the dermal plating hadn't been sufficient. His nose had been broken many times; his hands were large even for his size and showed multiple scars and rough knuckles. The combination of size, dermal plating, and scars made it very clear that Crusher was a vatjob; a Replicant bioengineered specifically for some task.

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