PLAYER: Jeff Mueller

Story: Chance is the son of a French Quarter prostitute. He watched her strangled when he was 12 years old, and has been on his own ever since. Making ends meet as a youth working in a New Orleans bike shop he eventually made his way to Neo York to try to make something of himself. After a little bit of scrounging he started to pick up some low paying bodyguard work. Over the course of a few years, he started making quite a name for himself and came to the attention of the Azumi Corporation. They approached him for a job and, blinded by the money offered, took it without a second thought. They put Chance through a series of genetic upgrades and trained him as a Bounty Hunter. The majority of the next three years is still a blank spot in Chance's head. Chance still is not sure how he broke out of Azumi's control, he just chalks it up to luck. >From that point on he has lived in the Zero-zone doing charity work for a lot of the brothels and clubs in the area.

Description: Chance stands a muscular 6 feet tall. His rugged good looks are capped off with shoulder length brown hair, and an ever present five o'clock shadow. Rarley is he ever seen without his black duster-style long coat, long red scarf and a slight smile on his face.

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