PLAYER: Peter Dean

Story: Edward Casey was at one time, one of the better fixers in Bartertown. He had contacts in the police department as well as a few different security companies in the area. He mainly dealt in information, and also dealing guns. At the age of 20, he had tucked away a small fortune, but continued to deal "for the thrill of it". Then things went bad. He had set up a deal with a black ops group in which he would deliver some information on a local company and also several guns. One of his rival fixers had sold him out to the company though, and they were there waiting for him and his buyers. After the ambush, two of the five members escaped and took Bones with them. He was patched up and given a cybernetic arm to replace the arm that was so badly damaged in the firefight. This would be the major turning point in Bones' life. He found that he loved the feel of cybernetics, and the better than human abilities they possessed. Over the next year, he worked with the black ops group for an unknown company and spent all of the money he earned on improving his cybernetics. With all of these improvement came a drastic Personality change. He became less attached to his humanity. He became almost emotionless and started ignoring anyone who did not have cybernetics. This company saw an opportunity in his new condition and made Bones an offer he had to take. They would give him more enhancements then any other cyborg they had, but in return they would own him. Bones agreed. They would store him in a vat and feed him his mission objectives through his data jack while he was still "shut down" then would activate him and send him on any mission that they deemed too dangerous for their other operatives. Bones' has left the corporation and has returned to Neo York, but why?

Description: Bones is almost completely machine now. All of his limbs, including the two extra arms that were grafted to his body, are cybernetic. Bones stands about 2 meters tall and weighs about 200 KG. He wears black military style pants, and a black "shirt". He is usually carrying a rather large handgun as well as a combat shotgun.

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