PLAYER: Oliver Geddes

Story: Argent has been doing jobs for the upper levels of Neo York society for some years now. He has been seen working in all sorts of positions, including bodyguard, raider, and even once as a commander in a corp defense force for a brief period. However, very little else is known of him. It is suspected that he has a previous military history, yet no record of an "Argent"'s or any name similar training in the armed forces exists. Aside from his rep as a dedicated and efficient operative, there is no knowledge of the location of his home, or his parents and relatives. Save one. A man looking extremely similar to Argent has been spotted pulling off odd jobs throughout the Zone from time to time, yet this man (also answering to the tag of Argent) is even more enigmatic than Argent himself. He has been spotted leaving the Zone several times, showing he has the means to leave, yet no-one has ever claimed to have met him socially.

Description: Argent stands just over 6 feet tall, with short black hair and shining brown eyes. He has the features of a middle-aged man and the attitude of a veteran. He commonly wears a black bodysuit with the visible ridging of armor plating when on a job. At leisure? Well, very few people have seen him at leisure. He carries a wide variety of weaponry at all times, the most important to him being his two Ingram MAC-21s, but he usually can be seen to be carrying at least one or two other weapons just in case.

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