A collection of terms, phrases, and sayings
used in relation to a number of role-playing games.


Avalon Syndrome, The: An unexplainable attractiveness to women.


Bad Spanish: Any incomprehensible language spoken by a character.
Bartalone Machine: A focused attack of 2D6+1 RKA or better. Usually Autofire, usually Armor Piercing, usually overkill. Named for Andy Bartalone, master of the art.
Big Fluffy: A term used to further reinstate the obvious. Example: "Behemoth has big muscles." "He's got big fluffy muscles."
Biggle: An event not quite big, powerful, or serious enough to boggle someone (see "Boggle"). An example would be what would happen if Zapp the Magician met Col. Brannigin.
Big Jack Attack: Term used to describe the peculiar frame of mind that causes a player to break into a fit of Kirby Perspective for no apparent reason (see "Kirby Perspective").
Big Orange Buttsicle: Descriptive term used when your character is hit by a very effective attack or one that activates a vulnerability. (see "Ecto Up The Butt")
"Blast 'em, blast 'em!": Advice given to slow to act players when villains are everywhere.
"Bob, give me your gun.": Statement made by the supervillian to the agent, right after the agent does something truly stupid.
Boggle: 1) An event of such magnitude that any normal person is rendered speechless for several minutes. 2) Making the GM fall out of his chair laughing (This may be good for an experience point).
"Brain Hurt": Typical reaction to the consideration of any event of Boggle magnitude. Example: "What would you suppose would happen if Darkseid went to war against Mongul?" "Oohh, brain hurt." (see Boggle)
Brick: A character whose main attribute is strength. Usually in the 48 to 68 range.
Briquette: 1) A character with a STR of 30 to 45. 2) A female Brick (see Brick).


Calvalinger: To delay, usually on Phase Twelve, for no apparent reason. Also called "Doing a John."
Cerebusis Finefinefine: Typical response from being sent to -31 Stun.
Chop-saki: 1) Auto-fire Martial Arts. 2) What happens when the Martial Artist goes berserk.
Claremont Sciences: Concepts of science that go against logic, and common sense. Example 1: Genetics in the X-Men (i.e. "All mutations are beneficial"). Example 2: The explanation of Solarinite from Plan Nine from Outer Space.
Clarke's 3rd Law: 1) Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. 2) Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology. 3) Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo.
Clatter: The sound of a Megadice attack being rolled. Also known as "Deafening Clatter of Dice."
Corridor Cleaner: 1) Any large Bartalone Machine. 2) Big, auto-fire weapons that do 4D6 RKA or better with 250+ shots. Useful for evacuating hallways, hotel lobbies, airplane hangers, and small foreign countries. Also known as a Street Sweeper. (see "Bartalone Machine," "Room Broom," "Splat Gun")
Courageous Friend: Cannon Fodder.
Cross-gaming: 1) Talking about your paladin while your Brick storms the VIPER base. 2) Any similar obnoxious behavior.


"Details!": Standard GM response to unanswerable questions. Useful for ignoring reality and common sense.
Deus Ex Machina Machine: Any device which, when activated will either negate, or create about 50% of the GM's notes. Often related to Kirby Machines (see "Kirby Machine").
Dice Lice: Microscopic creatures that live on dice. Their combined weight can influence die rolls. Activated by blowing on dice prior to rolling.
Dicked: Term commonly associated with Wiz-War. Depending on the circumstances it is preceded by either of these two phrases: "I've been..." or "You've been..." Used right after particularly effective spell combinations. Example: Destroy Wall; Fireball; Reuse Spell; Fireball, Amplified; Buddy (player went from 16 health to 1). Unfortunately, this construct is no longer legal.
Dorked: (see Dicked)
Douse Louse: Singular of Dice Lice. (see "Dice Lice")


Ecto Up The Butt: Descriptive term of what happens to your character when his one vulnerability is exploited to it's maximum potential.
Eep: 1) An experience point. Plural: Eeps 2) an Energy Projector (see Energy Projector).
Energy Projector: Any character whose main attack is a ranged energy blast.


Faw Down, Go Boom: Going from full Stun to GM's Option in one Phase.
"Flames! In my head!": 1) Standard explanation for why your character went Berserk. 2) Statement often made just before your character goes Berserk.
FLAZ: Fly Around And Zap.
FLEP: Flying Energy Projector. (see "FLAZ," "Energy Projector")
Flossing: Brainless or stupid actions.
Fly Around And Zap: (see "FLAZ")
Flying Brick: Any high STR character with Flight powers.
Fuzzy Little Mind: Any character that has difficulty with the most mundane concepts. Often these characters are highly susceptible to EGO combat, even if no one is using any.


"Game over, man!": Phrase used when ever the characters find themselves versus hopeless odds.
G.A.M.F. (God-awful Motherf****r): Truly Powerful Villains. Can also be used to describe truly devastating offensive powers. Example: Graviton's 30D6 armor-piercing EB is a GAMF attack. It should be noted that GAMF villains usually use GOMF attacks. (See "GOMF")
Going Hudson (Hudsoning Out): Trying for your Berserk roll, and making it. Lots of screaming and flying projectiles.
Going to Bermuda: Actions that have no relation to the surrounding situations.
G.O.M.F. (Get Outta My Face): Term used to describe large scale offensive attacks. Also used to describe attacks meant to distribute characters all over the battlefield. Example: 20" Teleport Usable Against Others, Ranged. Example 2: 20D6 EB, Does Double Knockback.


Haunted Stereo, The: An entity that inhabits stereos during game sessions, causes appropriate music to play at unlikely moments.
He's/She's Got a Gun: A character built around a single focused attack. Usually a Bartalone Machine. Take away the focus and the character is usually powerless (see "Bartalone Machine").
Hose(d): If used in the future tense (i.e. "Hose") describes how the GM is going to treat the players. Example: "When the Troubleshooters round this corner the Vulture Squadron will Hose them but good." If used in the past tense (i.e. Hosed) then it describes the aftereffects of a combat. Example: The Rogues Gallery Hosed Nightwatch in the Ocean City combat. Often used in relation to Paranoia games.
Hoseacles: A truly impressive Hosing. (see "Hose[d]")


Impromptu: 1) Game played with GM's intuition and a D12 (the total game components.) 2) Any game result loosely based on a 3D6 roll. Originated by that great GM: Indiana Jones.
Instant Police: Police that show up as soon as the fight ends.


Kirby Dots: Clusters of little black bubbles generated by Kirby Machines, GAMF characters, GOMF attacks, Perez Machines, Wally Wood Machines, and just about any other similar device.
Kirby Machine: 1) Any immense primitive appearing device covered with tubes, dials, switches, gauges, and buttons. It would crush a dump truck if dropped from ten feet up. Usually uses energy in the form of clusters of black bubbles.(see "Kirby Dots") End result is often Zap! Technology, or a "Take that you fiend!" attack. 2) Any large device that takes up space for no particular reason (see "Take that you fiend!", "Zap! Technology")
Kirby Perspective: Examples of forced perspective that result in a character's hands being about twice the size as the rest of him.


La-la Land: -31 stun. (see "Optionland")


Megadice: Very large attacks. Presence, Energy Blast, Mind Control, and so on. (see "GAMF," "GOMF")
Mice Dice: 1) 5mm dice. 2) Any dice that let you do a 12 die attack in the dent in the bottom of a Coke bottle.
Mooks: Term used in Feng Shui for agents or other low-level flunkies. Also known as Cannon Fodder, Goons, Orcs, Popcorn, Stuntmonkeys, or Swordfodder.
Mouse Douse: Singular of Mice Dice (see "Mice Dice").


Na-na-na?: Response given when player's brain is overloaded by sensory stimuli.
No Bulls**t Villain: Reason given by Jack Kirby as to what concept inspired him to create Darkseid. No further definition would seem to be required (see "GAMF").
No S**t Story: The tale of you vs the 100 VIPER agents that always begins with: "No s**t, there I was..."


"Ooooo! They play killer volleyball!": Response to any attack that does much more damage than normal. Example: an 8 die Move-By that does 10 Body, 43 stun, or the 12D6 EB that does 17 body 68 stun.
Optionland: -31 Stun. (see also "La-La Land")
Optioned Out: Being put to -31 Stun.
"Orcs": Agents and other low level flunkies.


Perez Debris: Junk resulting from the explosion of Kirby, Perez, and Wally Wood Machines. (see)
Perez Lighting Effects: A combination of light and shadow on a character's face that can only be caused by holding a flashlight 3" away. Also known as Miller Lighting Effects.
Perez Machine: A futuristic, streamlined Kirby Machine. (see "Kirby Machine")
Plotline (a.k.a. Claremont): GM inspired, improbable actions generated just to keep the game on track.
Point Mashing: Cramming a 7D6 armor-piercing killing attack into 17 points.
Popcorn: Really useless extra that show up in Martial Arts adventures. Good only for getting in the player's way.
Pouf: When a truly massive attack goes of with minimal effect.
Power- : Prefix used to elevate a term to a level of x∞ (also called Mega-).
Price Of Freedom Rules: GM's response to players who complain about game mechanics in Paranoia. Example: "Don't like these combat rules? Use Price of Freedom combat rules!"


Romper Room(ed): Term used to describe a cuteness-based Presence attack.
Room Broom: Nickname originally given to the Atchison assault rifle. Also used to in describing certain types of Bartalone Machines, Corridor Clearers, and Splat Guns (see).


12-Second Police: Cops that show up one turn after the fight starts.
Sensor Array: 1) A character with 5 or more enhanced senses. 2) Having N-ray, +16 telescopic, and +8 vision powers.
She/He Doesn't Have An Ego: Any brainless character, prime egoist bait. (see "Fuzzy Little Mind")
Significant Kirby Pose: Any exaggerated movement for the most mundane action.
Slice 'n' Dice: What you get when the Martial Artist goes berserk with his katana. (see Chopsakai).
Splat Gun: Shotgun style Bartalone Machines (see "Bartalone Machine").
Splatticus: End result of the 100 STR Brick haymakering the agent.
Splash-splash-splash: Any off-camera sex.
Still Receiving: A term used to describe any player attempting to try and interact with the other characters while in Optionland.
Stinger: A character heavy in movement and offense, low in defense.
Superbrick: STR of 70 or better.
Sword Fodder: Fantasy Cannon Fodder.


"Teach Me!?": Advice given to players after mindless and pathetic character actions.
Thing Hug: What happens when you grab about a dozen agents and squeeze. Works best vs Mole Men.
"Take-that-you-fiend" (attack): An attack usable only once or twice a day, or at an enormous end cost, with the capability to cause immense damage.


Vaporlock: Freezing up in combat, or missing the point of the action.
(Paul) Verhoeven Violence: This is the man who directed Robocop, Starship Troopers, and Total Recall. Need we say more?


Wally Wood Machine: A Really BIG Kirby Machine. (see "Kirby Machine")
We will see ________ later: Used to describe optioned characters.
Winging it: Roll 3D6 and ignore the result.
"Wings of steel!": Typical explanation for why the 15d6 EB failed to affect your character.


"You People!": Statement made to cover a character's failure to extract himself out of a specific situation. Often used in relation to "Flames!". (see "Flames")
Zap! Technology: Zap! it happens sciences. (see "Clarke's Third Law").