Basic Abilities

A) Slumber—Regeneration from Death (need HERO 5th ed.); ordinary Regeneration

B) Power/Essence—END Reserve, REC during Slumber


Disadvantage Value
Physical Limitation: Body dissipates when Power and BODY both reduced to zero -10?


A) Airt Sense—(a) (basic) Detect Airts, Ranged, 360 Degrees, (b) (advanced) 9d6 Mind Scan, + x to attack roll
Limitation: (b) Only to locate person

B) Appear—Images in one hex, -x to PER roll, Transdimensional (+1/4)
Limitations: Only to project image of self on Earth (-1/2), Requires ______ skill roll (modified by the Gauntlet, -1/2)

C) Armor—x PD/y ED Armor

D) Blast—xd6 Blast

E) Blighted Touch—6d6 Major Transform, person to person with accentuated negative personality traits
Limitations: Recover 5 Active points/hour (-1), No range (-1/2)

F) Break Reality—6d6 Major Transform, target to anything (+2)

G) Calcify—x DEF/xd6 Entangle

H) Call for Aid—Summon Spirits (of the same kind)
Limitation: Only to call on spirits nearby

I) Cleanse the Blight—Transform?

J) Cling—+15 STR
Limitations: Only for STR versus STR rolls to maintain a grab

K) Control Electrical Systems—x STR TK, Fine manipulation
Limitations: Only to control machines (-1/2)

L) Corruption—7d6 Mind Control

M) Create Fire—Energy RKA

N) Create Wind—(a) Change Environment (wind), (b) x STR Telekinesis, Area Effect: Radius (+1)

O) Death Fertility—xd6 BODY Drain, Recover 5 points/Month (+1 3/4), Ranged (+1/2), Build as a disease with Continuous Charges and Gradual
Limitations: Target must have previously existing disease or illness (-1)

P) Disable—Mental Entangle

Q) Disorient—(a) Images, (b) 2d6 Suppress versus Bump of Direction
Limitations: (a) Only to alter landmarks (-1/2)

R) Dream Journey—xd6 Telepathy
Limitation: Only to enter and manipulate others' dreams (- )

S) Ease Pain—+x 3 point Skill Levels, Usable by Others ()
Limitations: Only to compensate for penalties to EGO rolls due to pain (-1)

T) Flee—Aid to Movement powers, one at a time (+1/4)

U) Flood—xd6 Minor Transform, water to water at a higher level, Area Effect: Radius (+1)

V) Freeze—Change Environment, lower temperature

W) Healing—xd6 Healing, Transdimensional (? +1/4)

X) Incite Frenzy—xd6 Mind Control, telepathic command (+1/4)
Limitation: Only to cause frenzy in Garou (-1 1/2)

Y) Influence—7d6 Mind Control, telepathic command (+1/4)
Limitations: Mood only (-1/2), Gradual Effect (x, -y)

Z) Insight—xd6 Telepathy
Limitation: Can only use to obtain a single secret about the target (non-communicative, -x)

AA) Iron Will—(a) +5 Overall Skill Levels, (b) 5d6 Aid to powers/characteristics required to fulfill a goal, one at a time (+1/4)
Limitation: (a) Only affects rolls involved in fulfilling a pre-selected goal (-1)

BB) Materialize—(a) Multiform (physical entity), (b) EDM to Earth

Should have some system for scaleable powers dependent on Power/Essence END put into it.

CC) Mind Speech—3d6 Telepathy
Limitation: Communicative telepathy (-1/4)

DD) Open Moon Bridge—need to read up on how to do Gates

EE) Peek—Clairsentience (vision), Transdimensional (+1/4)

FF) Possession—xd6 Major Transform (Mental Transference), BOECV (+1), Transdimensional (+1/4), Cumulative (+1/2)

GG) Quake—30 STR Telekinesis, Area Effect: 512" radius (+2 3/4), Transdimensional (optional, +1/4)
Limitations: Limitations on STR (1st 15 STR, only to knock down and shake up people and buildings, -1; 2nd 15 STR, only to knock down and shake up buildings, -1 1/2)

HH) Re-Form—Teleport, big NCM

II) Realm Senseneeds work

JJ) Shapeshift—Shapeshift to anything

KK) Shatter Glass—xd6 RKA, Area Effect: Radius (+1), Transdimensional (+1/4)
Limitation: Only versus glass (-2)

LL) Short Out—16 STR TK, Transdimensional (+1/4)
Limitations: Only works on electricity (-1), No range (-1/2), Only to cause temporary shorts in electronic devices (-1 1/2)

MM) Solidify Reality—(a) xd6 BODY Aid, Fade 5 points/day (+1 1/4), (b) xd6 Major Transform, area to area with higher Gauntlet/increased "solidity"

NN) Spirit Away—EDM, Transdimensional (+1/4), Usable Against Others (+1)

OO) Spirit Static—Like Solidify Reality—don't know what the difference is

PP) Track—Tracking +5? Or maybe Mind Scan, Requires Tracking roll (-1/2)

QQ) Umbral Storm—Change Environment, large area
Limitation: Only in the Umbra (-1/4)

RR) Updraft—x STR Telekinesis, Transdimensional (+1/4)
Limitations: Only to lift target up (No punches or squeezing, -3/4)