A) Guide, Lesser Familiar—Followers

B) Mana—(1) +x 5 point Skill Levels with skills required to do magic, (b) xd6 Aid to magic powers, one at a time (+1/4) or all at once (+2), (c) END Reserve, x END, y REC
Limitations: (1) Costs END (-1/2), (2) Self only (-1/2), (3) REC requires special procedures/meditation/etc.


Disadvantage Value
Secret Identity: Sorcerer -15
Watched by (group of sorcerers varies
Normal Characteristic Maxima -20
Chol´┐Ż: Vulnerability to spirit possession, 2X effect -10


A) Alchemy—Build with alchemical foci advantages/limitations from Broken Kingdoms (?). Set up with VPP, -5 to skill roll for first time that alchemist tries out a new protocol, penalty drops by 1 for each successive effort.
Alchemy—SC: Alchemy
Herbalism/Brewing—Focused on cures, poisons, and aphrodisiacs; KS: Herbalism, SC: Botany
Advanced Chemistry—SC: Chemistry, SC: (chemistry subfield)

B) Conjuration—Telekinesis, no squeezing or punches (-1/2); Teleportation, Usable Against Others (+1)

C) Conveyance—Any movement power

D) Divination—Clairsentience with Precognition and/or Retrocognition, Precog/Retrocog only (-1); KS: Preferred method of divination

E) Enchantment—Multipowers with broadly defined slots, or separate Multipowers for each type of item with narrowly defined slots. For skills, take Inventor + any Sciences, Knowledge skills, or other skills relevant to construction of the item.

F) Fascination—PRE and COM Aid; Mind Control, empathy, mostly involving liking or attraction (-1/2 to -1); Mind Control, Requires PRE or PRE-based skill roll (-1/2)

G) Fortune—VPP for Drains, Blasts, KAs, Telekinesis; Delayed Effect (+1/4), No Conscious Control (-1); Blessings would also have Aids

H) Healing—Suppress, Dispel, and Power Defense (Usable by Others) versus diseases/poison Drains; BODY Aid; Healing; Regeneration, Usable by Others

I) Hellfire—Attack Powers, Change Environment, Telekinesis

J) Mana Manipulation—Detect Magical Energies; END Reserve (Focus); Aid to Magical Powers, all at once (+2), Suppress/Drain/Transfer END Reserve; Cosmetic Transform, mana to mana with a different resonance

K) Oneiromancy—EDM to person's mindscape, leaving body behind (-?); Telepathy to enter/alter another's dreams; Mental Illusions to create dreams; EDM to Dream Realm

L) Shadows/Shadowcasting—Darkness; Images; Mental Illusions; Mind Control, fear only (-1); Change Environment, dark and creepy (bonuses to interrogation rolls); Telekinesis (black tentacles)

M) Shapeshifting—Shape Shift, Growth, Shrinking, Density Increase, VPP to represent abilities of mimicked being

N) Summoning, Binding, and Warding—Summon; Mind Control, only versus summoned beings; Mind Control, single command: Leave/Stay out of area (-1/2); Force Wall
Material Summoning—physical creatures
Daimonic Summoning—demons/angels
Ephemera—spirits; also includes spirit-sensing powers and EDM to Umbra
Coiling (Technomantic Summoning): Huh?

O) Weather Control (Weathercraft)—Change Environment; Telekinesis/KAs/Other powers to simulate extreme weather


A) Animal Psychics—Mental Powers, only useable versus animals

B) Anti-Psychic—Suppress Psychic Powers, All at once (+2), Area Effect (Radius, +1); Drain/Dispel versus Psychic Powers, One at a time (+1/4)

C) Astral Projection—Desolidification, Astral Projection (-1); Invisibility (linked, -1/2), Teleportation (linked, -1/2)

D) Biocontrol—Resistance; Simulate Death; Healing, self only (-1/2); STR Aid; END Aid; Power Defense versus disease/poison Drains

E) Channeling—Detect Spirits, Ranged, Sense, 360 Degrees; the rest needs work

F) Clairvoyance—Clairsentience

G) Cyberkinesis—See rules in The Ultimate Mentalist or Kazei 5

H) Cyberpathy—see Cyberkinesis

I) Ectoplasmic Generation—Major Transform, air to ectoplasm; Summon Ectoplasmic Creature

J) Psychic Hypnosis—Mind Control, Trigger (post-hypnotic suggestion, +1/2)

K) Precognition—Clairsentience with Precognition, Precognition only (-1); Danger Sense

L) Psychic Healing—Detect Disease/Medical Condition, Discriminatory; Healing; Regeneration, Usable by Others

M) Psychic Invisibility—Invisibility, Psionic (-1/2); Mind Control, single command: Forget you ever saw me (-1/2); Selective Invisibility needs work

N) Psychic Vampirism—Aids; Transfers, Area Effect: Radius (+1)

O) Psychokinesis—Telekinesis

P) Psychometry—Clairsentience with Retrocognition, Retrocognition only (-1), No range (-1/2)

Q) Psychoportation—Teleportation

R) Pyrokinesis—Images; Energy RKAs, BOECV (+1) or Indirect (+3/4); Telekinesis, Only versus fire (-x)

S) Synergy—Detect Psychics; Mind Link; Aid to Psychic Powers, one at a time (+1/4); Usable by Others on Psychic Powers

T) Telepathy—Telepathy, Mind Control