A) Conviction—This provides the wherewithal to execute Edges against monsters. Between adventures, it rises to a starting level dependente upon one's outlook/personality (i.e. "creed"). After a successful application of Risking Conviction, the Hunter gains back all the Conviction spent + 10—30 END.
Conviction—END Reserve, 100 END (starts with 30—40 END), 10 REC, REC only functions when Hunter achieves a goal significant to him , between adventures, or upon successful application of Risking Conviction (-1/2)
Active Cost: 20
Real Cost: 13

B) Second Sight/Self-Control—The ability to see monsters and not be fooled or befuddled by any of their tricks.
Second Sight/Self-Control—(a) Detect Spirits & Ghosts, the Possessed, and the "Not Human", Ranged, Sense, (b) 20 points. Mental Defense, Only to resist Mental Illusions and Mind Control cast by monsters (-1), (d) +5 PER roll, all senses, Only to see through Images projected by Monsters (-2), (d) 20 points. Power Defense, Only to protect against Transforms that result in possession/control of the Hunter's body by a monster (-1)
Limitations in common: Nonpersistent (-1/4), Costs Conviction END to initiate (-1/4)
Active Cost: (a) 18, (b) 20, (c) 15, (d) 20
Real Cost: (a) 12, (b) 7, (c) 4, (d) 7

C) Risking Conviction—This ability gives the Hunter the capacity to greatly boost the effectiveness of one of his Edges in a desparate situation.
Risking Conviction—(a) 10d6 Aid to Hunter edges, Fades 5 active points/turn, one effect at a time (+1/4), (b) +10 Overall Skill Levels, only with rolls related to use of an Edge (-1), Linked to Aid (-1/2)
Limitations in common: Only in desparate or extreme situations (-1/2), Increased Conviction END (5x, -2)
Active Cost: (a) 125, (b) 100
Real Cost: (a) 36, (b) 20


A) Destiny—Luck
Cost: 5/d6


Disadvantage Value
Secret Identity: Monster hunter -15
Normal characteristic Maxima -20
Psychological Limitation: Hunting Monsters -5 to -25
Other Dark Championsesque Psychological Limitations


In addition to the limitations listed for these powers, the Hunter also takes a "trigger" limitation of some type: Concentrate (1/2 DCV, -1/4), Focus (IAF to IIF, -1/2 to -1/4), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), or something else.


A) Innocence

1) Hide—The ability to hide in plain sight from monsters. Dispelled if the Hunter does something to draw attention to himself (touches a monster, jumps up and down, etc.)
Hide—Invisibility to sight, Reduced END (0; +1/2), Psionic (-1/2), Only versus monsters (-1/2), Dispelled if Hunter draws attention to himself (-3/4), Costs END to initiate (-1/4)
Active Cost: 30
Real Cost: 10

2) Illuminate—This substitute for Second Sight allows the Hunter to obtain further information about monsters. Monsters are lined with a nimbus of a color unique to each type of supernatural. Other Hunters are able to see the monster and its nimbus as well.
Illuminate—Detect Monsters, Range, Discriminatory, Sense, Usable by Others (8 others simultaneously, Ranged, +1 3/4), Nonpersistent (-1/4), Costs Conviction END to initiate (-1/4), Visible (-1/4), Discriminatory requires interpretation of nimbus (-1/4 on Discriminatory)
Active Cost: 47
Real Cost: 26

3) Radiate—This Edge makes other Hunters difficult to hit by monsters. The Hunters are illuminated with bright light that is painful for monsters to stare at.
Radiate—(a) + 4 8 point combat Skill Levels (DCV and defensive ECV only), Usable by Others (8 others simultaneously, Ranged, +1 3/4), Nonpersistent (-1/4), Costs Conviction END to initiate (-1/4), Visible (-1/4), Only versus monster attacks (-1/2)
Active Cost: 88
Real Cost: 39

4) Confront—This Edge makes it very difficult for the target of the power to bring himself to strike the wielder.
Confront—12d6 Mind Control, telepathic command (+1/4), Single command: Do not strike/act against me (-1/2), Requires eye contact (-1/2), Only versus monsters (-1/2), Concentrate (0 DCV throughout, -1)
Active Cost: 75
Real Cost: 21

5) Blaze—This Edge turns the illumination from any light source (except the moon) into a horrendously damaging weapon against monsters. Sunlight can destroy monsters utterly with this edge. The number of dice rolled depends on the light source:

Light Source Damage
Match 1/2d6
Torch/small flashlight/flare 1d6+1
Large flashlight/car headlight 2d6+1
Bonfire 2 1/2d6
Spotlight 3d6+1
Sun 4d6

Blaze—4d6 RKA, Area Effect: Radius (+1), Variable advantage (Affects Desoldified or Transdimensional: Shadowlands, +3/4), Only versus monsters (-1/2), Actual amount of damage depends on light source (-1/2), Monsters must be struck with light from a light source (area effect doesn't always apply, -1/2), No range (-1/2)
Active Cost: 165
Real Cost: 55

B) Martyrdom

1) Demand—This Edge allows the Hunter to temporarily boost his STR, at the cost of some pain.
Demand—2d6 STR Aid, Fade 5 points/Turn (+0), Side Effect (2d6 STUN Drain, always occurs, -1/2)
Active Cost: 20
Real Cost: 13

2) Witness—This expansion of Second Sight tells something about the monster detected, and reveals the last contacts with normal mortals that the monster has had.
Witness—(a) Add Discriminatory to Second Sight, (b) Clairsentience, sight, with Retrocognition, Retrocognition only (-1), Only to see last significant contact between the target monster and a mortal (-1/2), Time modifier (-2 to roll per contact seen, -1/4)
Active Cost: +45 to Second Sight
Real Cost: +17 to Second Sight

3) Ravage—With this horrendous Edge, the Hunter projects some sort of mist or gas from himself, and it strikes whatever target he points to with horrific results. The gas has a corrosive effect on monsters, and it paralyzes normal mortals with extreme nausea and emotional distress. The Hunter also takes damage when he uses this Edge.
Ravage—(a) 2d6 BODY Drain, Recover 5 active points/season (+2 1/4), Variable advantage (Affects Desoldified or Transdimensional: Shadowlands, +3/4), Only versus Monsters (-1/2), (b) 2 DEF/2d6 Entangle, Takes no damage from any attacks (+1/2), Works versus EGO instead of STR (+1/4), Set Effect (character too stunned to do anything but move or dodge, -1), Only versus mortals (-1/2)
Limitation in common: Side Effects (1d6 BODY Drain, Recover 5pts/month, Always occurs, -1)
Active Cost: (a) 80, (b) 35
Real Cost: (a) 32, (b) 10

4) Donate—This Edge allows the Hunter to lend his physical and mental capacity to a fellow Hunter for a period of time.
Donate—(a) 2d6 Aid to any characteristic except COM, One at a time (+1/4), + 18 to maximum aided, Fade rate 5 points/1 hr (+1), Side Effect (2d6 Drain to characteristic Aided, Recover 5 active points./hr, every time, -1 1/2), Characteristics Aided to alevel proportional to DEX (-1)
Active Cost: 45
Real Cost: 13

5) Payback—With this Edge, the Hunter inflicts the monster with human frailty. The monster takes on one human weakness (or loses one monster ability) for as long as he is in the Hunter's presence.
Payback—3d6 Major Transform, monster to monster with one human weakness -or- missing one special monster ability, reversed if monster leaves the Hunter's presence, Continuous (+1), Limited target: monsters only (-1/2), Requires eyes contact (-1/2), Increased END (2X, -1/2)
Active Cost: 90
Real Cost: 36

C) Redemption

1) Bluster—With a shout, the Hunter can use this Edge to block any attack aimed at himself or others.
Bluster—Missile Deflection versus all attacks, at range (+1), Not versus natural phenomena (-1/2), Incantations (-1/4)
Active Cost: 40
Real Cost: 23

2) Insinuate—With this Edge, the Hunter can inflict profound sorrow, guilt, or at least confusion on a monster, making it hard for him to attack the Hunter.
Insinuate—(a) +5 10 point negative overall Skill Levels, Ranged (+1/2), Reduced END (0, +1/2), Linked to Mind Control (-1/4), Only versus monsters (-1/2), Number of Skill Levels determined by level of effect achieved with Mind Control (-1/2), Incantations (-1/4), Only against Monsters (-1/2), (b) 10d6 Mind Control, Empathy (-1/2), No Conscious Control (result depends on target, -1), Only against monsters (-1/2)
Active Cost: (a) 100, (b) 50
Real Cost: (a) 33, (b) 17

3) Respire—With this Edge, the Hunter can give the healing Breath of Life to a fellow mortal or take away the "breath" of a monster.
Respire—(a) 3d6 BODY Healing, Side Effect (1d6 Drain Conviction, recover 5 active/month, or 2 10 point negative overall Skill Levels, 0 END, lasts for duration of scene; occurs every time, -1), Requires mouth-to-mouth contact (-1/2), (b) 1d6 Transfer BODY to END Reserve, Recover 5 points/month (+2), Variable advantage (Affects Desoldified or Transdimensional: Shadowlands, +3/4), Ranged (+1/2), Only versus monsters (-1/2), Extra Time (full phase, -1/2)
Active Cost: (a) 30, (b) 149
Real Cost: (a) 12, (b) 74

4) Becalm—This Edge allows the Hunter to calm everyone and everything in the area down. Violent and sudden actions become difficult to execute.
Becalm—10d6 Mind Control, telepathic command (+1/4), Area Effect: Radius, non-selective target (+3/4), Set Effect: Only to reduce anger, fear and tension (-3/4)
Active Cost: 100
Real Cost: 57

5) Suspend—This Edge seals up the material world, preventing movement to and from other dimensions and blocking perception of, and the exercise of other-worldly powers in, the material world in the area surrounding the Hunter.
Suspend—(a) 6d6 Suppress versus EDM, Area Effect: hex (+1/2), MegaScale (1 hex = 500 m, +1/4), Reduced END (0; +1/2), Transdimensional (This world and the Shadowlands, +3/4), No range (-1/2), (b) Change Environment (increase Shroud/Wall rating of local area), -3 to skill rolls involving Transdimensional effects (+12 points), MegaScale (1 hex = 500 m, +1/4), Reduced END (0; +1/2), No range (-1/2), (c) Invisibility to Sight and Detects, Area Effect: hex (+1/2), MegaScale (1 hex = 500 m, +1/4), Reduced END (0; +1/2), Only to make area invisible to senses from other dimensions (-1 1/2)
Limitations in common: Costs Conviction END to set up (-1/4)
Active Cost: (a) 90, (b) 30, (c) 56
Real Cost: (a) 51, (b) 17, (c) 20


A) Visionary

1) Foresee—This power allows the Hunter to see the outcomes of two choices in a given situation.
Foresee—Clairsentience (Sight and normal hearing) with Precognition, Precognition only (-1), Only to see the outcomes of two different paths of action taken by the Hunter in a given situation (-1/2), Charges (1/day, -2), Costs Conviction END (-1/2), Time modifiers (-2 PER roll/step on Time table, -1/2)
Active Cost: 45
Real Cost: 8

2) Pinpoint—This Edge provides information on the weaknesses of a perceived monster, one weakness at a time.
Pinpoint—Detect Supernatural Weakness, Ranged, Discriminatory, Only supplies information on one weakness (-1), Charges (1/day, -2)
Active Cost: 13
Real Cost: 3

3) Delve—This Edge enables the Hunter to see into the past of an area or object.
Delve—Clairsentience (Sight, normal hearing) with Retrocognition, Telescopic (+14 to PER roll, +14 points), Retrocognition only (-1), Charges (1, lasting 5 minutes, -3/4), Hearing requires Active/10 in Conviction END or an extra -2 on PER roll (-1/4 on hearing points)
Active Cost: 59 Active Cost: 22

4) Restore—With this power, the character can regrow lost and mangled limbs and organs in seconds.
Restore—7d6 BODY Healing, Can Heal Limbs, Only to heal limbs and organs (-1/2), Charges (1, -2), Charge costs Conviction END (-1/2), Increased END (2x, -1/2), Extra Time (full phase, no other activity, -3/4), Concentrate (1/2 DCV, -1/4), Regrown limb sore, weak, and not very usable until subject can break it in (-1/4)
Active Cost: 75
Real Cost: 14

5) Augur—This power allows the Hunter to see the future of a person, place, or thing.
Augur—Clairsentience (Sight) with Precognition, Telescopic (+22 to PER roll, 22 points), Precognition only (-1), Charges (1, lasting one minute, -1), Charges cost Conviction END to initiate (-1/4), Time modifiers (-2 PER/step on Time table, -1/2), Normal sight only (-1/4)
Active Cost: 62
Real Cost: 15


A) Defense

1) Ward—This power allows the Hunter to keep monsters at bay.
Ward—9d6 Mind Control, telepathic command (+1/4), Transdimensional (Earth and Shadowlands, +3/4), Area Effect: Radius (+1), Single command: Move a certain distance away from me and stay there (-1/2), Monsters only (-1/2), Based on CON (-1), Stops working if Hunter is knocked out (-1/4), No range (-1/2)
Active Cost: 135
Real Cost: 36

2) Rejuvenate—This Edge allows the Hunter to rapidly heal his injuries. He can also confer some advanced healing to other characters.
Rejuvenate—(a) 1d6 BODY Healing (Regneration, 1 BODY/hour), Reduced END (0; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2), Extra Time (1 Turn, then 1 BODY/hour, -2), Self only (-1/2), (b) 3d6 BODY Healing, Others only (-1/2), Gradual Effect (6 hr, -1 1/2), Increased Conviction END (2x, -1/2)
Active Cost: (a) 20, (b) 30
Real Cost: (a) 6, (b) 9

3) Brand—With this Edge, the Hunter can mark a supernatural with a Hunter sign that is visible to other mortals, even when the supernatural turns invisible. The brand slowly fades away.
Brand—(a) 12d6 Cosmetic Transform, supernatural to supernatural with a brand, fades normally (REC 5 active/month), Variable advantage (Affects Desoldified or Transdimensional: Shadowlands, +3/4), Hunter must contact part of body not covered with resistant defenses (-1/4), Limited Target (monsters, -1/2), (b) 1d6 Energy RKA (heat), Variable advantage (Affects Desoldified or Transdimensional: Shadowlands, + 3/4), Penetrating (+ 1/2), Linked to Transform (-1/2),
Limitation in common: No range (-1/2)
Active Cost: (a) 105, (b) 34
Real Cost: (a) 47, (b) 17

4) Champion—This Edge causes the Hunter to look like the weakest member of the party, the most appealing meal, etc. to one or more monsters. The monsters subsequently focus their attention on the Hunter.
Champion—8d6 Mental Illusions, Area Effect: Radius (+1), Transdimensional (Earth and Shadowlands, +3/4), Self only (-1), Set effect (only to make Hunter look like most appealing target, -1), Limited target: Monsters (-1/2)
Active Cost: 110
Real Cost: 31

5) Burn—With this Edge, the Hunter's body is surrounded with a spiritual fire energy shield. It doesn't affect objects, but it burns mortal and supernatural alike. The first phase of Burn costs Conviction END, and each subsequent phase costs normal END (5 END/phase).
Burn—1d6 Energy RKA (heat), Continuous (+1), Damage Shield (Can do damage with HTH maneuvers other than Grab, + 3/4), Variable advantage (Affects Desoldified or Transdimensional: Shadowlands, + 3/4), Does not affect inanimate objects (-1/2), Costs Conviction END to start up (-1/4)
Active Cost: 52
Real Cost: 30

B) Judgement

1) Discern—This Edge provides two things: (a) The ability to spot traces and signs of supernatural beings, and (b) the ability to see perfectly clear what's in front of him, regardless of the conditions (i.e. pitch black, eyes torn out, etc.).
Discern—(a) Detect Signs and Traces of the Supernatural, Ranged, (b) Spatial Awareness, Discriminatory
Limitations in common: Nonpersistent (-1/4), Costs Conviction END to initiate (-1/4)
Active Cost: (a) 8, (b) 27
Real Cost: (a) 5, (b) 18

2) Burden—The Hunter stares at a monster and roots it in place, such that it can only move one foot at a time (not to walk, but only to reposition itself). If the Hunter stops gazing at the monster, the monster is free.
Burden—3 DEF/3d6 Entangle, BOECV (+1), Takes no damage from attacks (+1/2), Works versus EGO not STR (+1/4), Variable advantage (Affects Desoldified or Transdimensional: Shadowlands, + 3/4), Area Effect: Radius, non-selective target (+3/4)
Limitations: Only versus monsters (-1/2), Only roots feet in place (-1/2), Must gaze at monster throughout (-1/2), Set effect (one foot only, -1 1/2)
Active Cost: 127
Real Cost: 32

3) Balance—With this power, the Hunter denies a monster access to his supernatural source of power (Blood Pool, Glamour, etc.).
Balance—6d6 Suppress versus END Reserve, Reduced END (0, +1/2), Persistent (+1/2), Uncontrolled (ends after 1 hr, +1/2), Variable advantage (Affects Desoldified or Transdimensional: Shadowlands, + 3/4), Incantations (-1/4), Limited target: Monsters (-1/2)
Active Cost: 97
Real Cost: 55

4) Pierce—This Edge allows the Hunter to act as a human lie detector. Also, when he touches a person or supernatural, he gains a vision of (a) the mortal's last encounter with a supernatural, or (b) a supernatural's memory associated with a stipulated time, person, or place.
Pierce—(a) Detect Lies, Ranged, (b) Clairsentience (Sight) with Retrocognition, Retrocognition only (-1), Must touch subject (-1/2), Only to recover memory of mortal's last encounter with a monster, or a specified memory of a monster (-1/2), Single sense only (normal sight, -1/4)
Active Cost: (a) 10, (b) 40
Real Cost: (a) 10, (b) 12

5) Expose—This Edge brings out the most horrific aspects of a monster in plain view for everyone (including non-Hunters) to see.
Expose—Images versus Sight, -4 to PER roll (+12 points), 16 hex radius (+1), Set Effect (Only to cloak monsters in an image of the most monstrous aspects of themselves, -1)
Active Cost: 44
Real Cost: 22

C) Vengeance

1) Cleave—With this Edge, the Hunter either manisfests a weapon from nothing or imbues a previously existing weapon with power. For wraiths, desolidified foes, and other foes in another dimension, use the HKA.
Cleave—(a) 1d6 HKA, Variable advantage (Affects Desoldified or Transdimensional: Shadowlands, + 3/4), (b) 4 +5 point Combat Skill Levels, Only to increase damage (-1/2), Weapons used with these Skill Levels fall apart after (# phases/Damage Class) (-1/2), Visible (-1/4)
Active Cost: (a) 26, (b) 20
Real Cost: (a) 26, (b) 9

2) Trail—By touching a monster, the Hunter causes the monster to give off a sort of smoke plume that can be used to track the monster's comings and goings
Trail—Tracking for normal sight, +5 to PER roll (5 points), Must touch/move through target to be tracked (-1/2), Only to track supernaturals (-1/2)
Active Cost: 10
Real Cost: 5

3) Smolder—The Hunter creates a cloud of black smoke that blocks most senses. Hunters can see through this stuff if they have Second Sight activated.
Smolder—Darkness versus Sight, Hearing, and Smell/Taste groups, 2" radius, Reduced END (0; +1/2), Personal Immunity (+1/4), Personal Immunity only works if Second Sight is in effect (-1/4), Not versus other Hunters if they have Second Sight activated (-1/4), Costs Conviction END to initiate (-1/4)
Active Cost: 52
Real Cost: 34

4) Surge—This power is set up as a multipower with flexible slots that allows the Hunter to boost his STR, DEX, or CON.
Surge—Characteristics Multipower, Nonpersistent (-1/4), Costs Conviction END to initiate (-1/4)
45 point Pool (Cost: 30)
variable slot 1: +15 DEX. Cost: 6
variable slot 2: +15 STR. Cost: 2
variable slot 3: +15 CON. Cost: 4
Total Cost: 42

5) Smite—With this awesome Edge, the Hunter brings down the Wrath of Gawd upon a monster. The magnetic pulse represented by the Change Environment can scramble electronic equipment temporarily.
Smite—(a) 2d6 RKA, Variable advantage (Affects Desoldified or Transdimensional: Shadowlands, + 3/4), (b) 4d6 Energy Blast, Explosion (1 DC/2", +3/4), Linked to RKA (-1/2), (c) 6d6 Flash versus Sight and Hearing Groups, Explosion (1d6/2", +3/4), Linked to RKA (-1/2) (d) Change Environment (magnetic field), 8" radius (+15 points), Linked to RKA (-1/2), Instant (-1/2)
Limitation in common: Extra Time (full phase, -1/2)
Active Cost: (a) 52, (b) 35, (c) 52, (d) 30
Real Cost: (a) 52, (b) 17, (c) 26, (d) 12