1) Limitations for Power Defense: Only versus diseases, drugs, and poisons (-1/2)
Only versus diseases (-1)
Only versus drugs and poisons (-1)
Only versus a specific group of disease, drugs, or poisons (-1 1/2)
Only versus a specific disease, drug, or poison (-2)

2) Regeneration
Base cost: 10 points for recovering 1 BODY/Turn
Recover lost limbs and organs: +10 points
Regenerate after death: +20 points

3) Summoning
Coercion (+1/2)
Loyalty (+1)
Small group (+1/4)
Medium group (+1/2)
Broad group (+1)
Any (+2)

4) Transdimensional
Transdimensional attacks on targets in one of the dimensions that overlaps earth (i.e. the Shadowlands, Chimeric Reality, etc.) do not need to take the Indirect advantage. Attacks which can be directed at targets both in another dimension and in the dimension of the wielder take an additional +1/2 advantage.

5) Increased Base Duration
This advantage increases the amount of time an effect lasts per expenditure of END (Active Cost/10). An effect will keep running after END is spent for the entire expanded interval, even if the wielder of the effect is knocked out/killed.

Duration Interval Advantage
1 phase +0
1 Turn +1/4
1 minute +1/2
5 minutes +3/4
Indefinite (0 END Persistent) +1

6) Limited Duration
This modifier limits the time that an effect lasts. It is often applied to 0 END Persistent powers

Duration Limitation
1 Full Phase -2
1 Turn -1 3/4
1 Minute -1 1/2
5 Minutes -1 1/4
1 Hour -1
5 Hours -3/4
1 Day -1/2
1 Week -1/4

7) Costs End To Initiate (-1/4)
With this limitation, the wielder of a 0 END effect must pay Active Cost/10 in END to fire up a power.

8) Extradimensional Movement
At its base cost, EDM into a nearby/parallel dimension will take the traveller to different locations depending on where he starts.