Basic Abilities

A) Glamour—The stuff of the Dreaming, which Changelings can shape and wield. This powers Fae magic, among other things. Recovery only occurs through the various procedures of Epiphany, which can take a long time and requires a roll of some sort. Reverie and Ravaging require an INT roll, or a straight PRE roll, or a roll on some PRE-based skill. Rapture requires a PS: (Some kind of artistic ability) roll on the part of the Changeling, while Rhapsody requires the same skill roll on the part of a mortal artist. In every case, the Changeling receives 10 REC per point by which the roll is made.
Glamour—END Reserve, up to 100 END, 10 REC
Limitations: Requires Skill Roll On REC (-1/2), Rec Requires An Epiphany Procedure (-1)
Active Cost: 20
Real Cost: 14

B) Mortal Seeming—The mortal presentation of the Changeling.
Mortal Seeming—(a) Duplication (ordinary person); Mortal Seeming And Fae Mien Cannot Exist Together In The Same Dimension (-1), Mortal Seeming Duplicates Movements And Actions Of The Fae Mien (-1), (b) Mind Link with Mortal Seeming, Psychic Bond
Active Cost: Normal (25pts)—10, Talented Normal (50 points)—20, Competent Normal (100 points)—40, (b) 10
Real Cost: Normal, 3; Talented Normal, 7; Competent Normal, 13

C) Enchanting Others—Allows Changeling to bring non-Fae into chimerical reality.
Enchanting Others—EDM to Chimerical Reality, Usable Against Others (+1), Transdimensional (+1/2), Trigger: Target Accepts Token (+1/4); Focus (Token, IAF, -1/2), Only Versus Sentient Beings (-1/2), Enchanted Being Remains In Chimerical Reality For 1 Day/4 Glamour END Spent (-1/2)
Active Cost: 45
Real Cost: 20

D) Calling upon the Wyrd—Allows Changeling to incarnate his Fae Mien in the mortal world.
Calling upon the Wyrd—EDM to Mundane Reality; Can Only Remain In Mundane Reality For 5 Minutes (-1 1/4)
Active Cost: 20
Real Cost: 9

E) Invoking Banality—One method by which a Changeling can resist Cantrips. The Changeling takes a Banality Transformation Attack every time he uses this power. The Changeling can only use 1 point of Mental and Power Defense and Force Field per 10% of EGO that the Changeling has in his Banality Transformation total.
Invoking Banality—(a) Mental Defense, (b) Power Defense, (c) Force Field
All powers take; Only To Protect Against Cantrips (-1)
Active Cost: 1 point/point of Mental Defense, Power Defense, and Force Field
Real Cost: 0.5 point/point of each of the above.

F) Overcoming Banality—This allows the Changeling to improve his chances of successfully executing Cantrips against high-Banality targets by spending Glamour.
Overcoming Banality—5-point Skill Levels on skills required for Cantrips; Costs Glamour END (-1/2)
Active Cost: 5 points/+1 Skill Level (can purchase up to 5)
Real Cost: 3 points/+1 Skill Level

Racial Abilities


A) Social Dynamics—This ability reflects the Bogguns' proficiency with sensing the strands that weave a group together.
Social Dynamics—Detect Social Relationships, Sense, Range, Discriminatory
Cost: 15

B) Craftwork—This reflects Bogguns' abilities with crafts, and their efficiency in carrying out simple tasks.
Craftwork—5 point Skill Levels with any "craft" skill roll or anything involving simple physical labor
Cost: 5 points/+1 Skill Level


A) Spirit Pathways—This reflects the Eshu's ability to never get completely lost, and his knack for showing up just at the right time, and at the right place.
Spirit Pathways—(a) Bump of Direction, (b) Luck, only to bump into items/people/situations that are metaphysical significance or to arrive at places at the right time (-1/2)
Active Cost: 3 + 5/d6 Luck
Real Cost: 3 + 3/d6 Luck

B) Talecraft—The Eshu's ability at telling stories.
Talecraft—PS: Storyteller
Cost: 2 points, +1/+1 with skill


A) Forge Chimera—The ability of Nockers to build stuff in Chimerical Reality.
Forge Chimera—(a) Weaponsmith (Muscle-powered weapons, slugthrowers), (b) PS: Blacksmith or other, (c) Mechanics, (d) Inventor
Cost: 12

B) Fix-it—The almost-magical ability of Nockers to fix broken machines.
Fix-it—2d6 Minor Transform (broken, malfunctioning machine to fixed, smoothly running machine), Transdimensional (+1), Incantations (growl/curse at machine, -1/4), Extra Time (1 Turn, -1), Requires appropriate skill roll (-1/2)
Active Cost: 40
Real Cost: 14


A) Shapechanging—The ability of the Pooka to change to his animal type. The Pooka must also buy any abilities that animal has (Shrinking, etc.).
Shapechanging—Shapeshift to one kind of animal, 0 END (+1/2), Linked to powers representing animal's abilities (if Shapeshift is not the most expensive power, -1/2), Only possible when Pooka is completely alone (-1), Costs Glamour END to initiate (-1/4)
Active Cost: 15
Real Cost: 5 (with Linked limitation).

B) Confidant—The almost magical ability of the Pooka to inspire trust and get people to open up to him.
Confidant—Conversation 15- or equivalent in bonuses to Conversation roll
Cost: Variable


A) Dark Appetite—The ability of the Redcap to eat anything that he can put in his mouth.
Dark Appetite—1/2d6 HKA (1d6 with STR), Armor-Piercing (+1/2), Penetrating (+1/2)
Cost: 20

B) Bully Browbeat—The ability of the Redcap to intimidate, especially chimerae.
Bully Browbeat—+30 PRE, Offense only (-1/2), +10 PRE only usable versus chimera (-1)
Active Cost: 30
Real Cost: 17


A) Gift of Pan—The ability of the Satyr to inspire fits of passion.
Gift of Pan—9d6 Mind Control, Area Effect (radius, non-selective target, +3/4), Carnal passions only (-3/4), Gestures (play music/dance) or Incantations (sing, -1/4), Extra Time (1 hour, -2 1/2)
Active Cost: 79
Real Cost: 17
B) Physical Prowess—Represents hardiness and running speed of the Satyr.
Physical Prowess—(a) +3 CON, (b) +4" Running, Not in the presence of mortals or the unenchanted (-1/2)
Active Cost: 14
Real Cost: 9


A) Awe and Beauty—Represents the great physical and majesterial presence of the Sidhe.
Awe and Beauty—(a) +6 COM, (b) +2 with PRE-based skills, Only when angry (-1/2), (c) +30 PRE, Offense only (-1/2), Only when angry (-1/2), Only to make targets think twice about attacking Sidhe (-1/2)
Active Cost: 40
Real Cost: 22

B) Noble Bearing—Represents the failure of cantrips designed to make the Sidhe look foolish.
Noble Bearing -(a) 20 points Mental Defense, (b) 20 points Power Defense, (c) 10 PD/10 ED Force Field
All Powers take Only versus cantrips designed to make Sidhe look foolish (-2)
Active Cost:


A) Squirm—The ability of Sluagh to squeeze out of tight spaces and confinements.
Squirm—Contortionist 15- or equivalent value in bonuses to the skill, Not in the presence of mortals or the unenchanted (-1/2), Not versus constraints made of cold iron (-1/4)
Active Cost: Variable
Real Cost: Active Cost/1.75

B) Sharpened Senses—The ability of Sluage to see through illusions.
Sharpened Senses—(a) +2 PER rolls, all senses, (b) +10 Mental Defense, Only to protect against Mental Illusions (-1), (c) +5 PER rolls, all senses Only adds to PER rolls involved in detecting Images (-1 1/2)
Active Cost: 31
Real Cost: 17


A) Titan's Power—Extra strength and toughness deriving from the large size of the Troll.
Titan's Power—(a) 5—10 points Growth, 0 END Persistent (+1), Always On (-1/2), (b) +3 STR, +1 BODY, +5 STUN, Extra STR doesn't work in the presence of mortals or the unenchanted (-1/2)
Active Cost: 20 or 30
Real Cost: 16 or 22

B) Stubbornness—Represents the Troll's tough-mindedness when serving a cause.
Stubbornness—+2 to all EGO rolls, Only when in service to a cause (-1/2)
Active Cost: 10
Real Cost: 7


Disadvantage Value
Physical Limitation: Affected by whatever affects the Mortal Seeming, frequently, greatly -15
Susceptibility to "banal" persons, 1d6 STUN/minute, very common -15
Banality: Susceptibility to conditions that increase the changeling's "banality", 1d6 Major Transformation, Cumulative, existence to non-existence, reversible under particular conditions, instant effect, common -15
Nightmares: Susceptibility to refusing to accept Banality, 2d6 Major Transformation, Cumulative, changeling to changeling afflicted with one or more Banality Nightmares, heals back at 5 Active points/month after Nightmare transformation takes effect, instant effect, uncommon -20
Bedlam: Susceptibility to lack of exposure to mundanity and overexposure to Glamour, 1d6 Major Transformation, Cumulative, sane changeling to changeling at one of the three thresholds of insanity, reversible under particular conditions, instant effect, uncommon -10
Code of Honor: Seelie/Unseelie Code -20
(Bogguns)-Psychological Limitation: Must help others in need -15
(Eshu)-Psychological Limitation: Cannot resist challenge, gamble, or quest -15
(Nockers)-Psychological Limitation: Perfectionist -15
(Pooka)-Psychological Limitation: Compulsive liar -20
(Pooka)-Reputation: Liar, 14-, Limited group (changelings) -10
(Redcaps)-Reputation: Fucking shitheads, Limited group (changelings) -10
(Satyrs)-Psychological Limitation: Prone to wild mood swings -10
(Sidhe)-Susceptilibility to "banality" is a 2d6 Major Transform (instead of 1d6) Additional -5
(Sidhe)-Psychological Limitation: Manic-depressive -15
(Sluagh)-Physical Limitation: Cannot speak above a whisper, Frequently, slightly -10
(Trolls)-Physical Limitation: STR, BODY, and STUN reduced to Mortal Seeming levels when troll reneges on sworn oath, eliminated when trolls fulfills new oath -10
(Trolls)-Enraged 11-, Recovers 11- when the troll's trust is betrayed -8

Transformation Susceptibilities—Changelings must keep track of three Transformation dice totals, one each for the Banality, Nightmares, and Bedlam Susceptibilities.

Banality Transformation dice are rolled whenever one of the following conditions occur:
1) Invoking Banality to protect against Cantrips
2) Failure to overcome the Banality of others when casting Cantrips (only for Banality 7+ targets)
3) Destroying treasures and some chimera
4) Killing a Changeling's chimerical form
5) Killing a Changeling's mortal life
6) Spending too much time with Banality 8+ people
1d6 of Banality Transformation can be nullified by spending 10 Glamour END at the time of the Transformation Attack, or by taking a 1d6 Nightmares Transformation Attack instead.

Bedlam Transformation dice are rolled whenever one of the following conditions occur:
1) Glamour END rises above (Banality Transformation total x 2) + (EGO x 4)
2) More nights in a month are spent in a Freehold than in the mundane world.
3) Ownership of more than one Faerie treasure, totalling more than 100 Active Points
4) Interactions with more than three chimerical creatures on a daily basis
5) Constant Ravaging
6) No mortal friends
7) No mortal family
8) No mortal possessions
9) No mortal job or other pursuit
10) Exclusively nocturnal for more than a month
11) Drinking, taking drugs, or having sex to excess
12) More than half one's time spent on artistic pursuits
13) Suffering from unrequited love
Bedlam Transformation is reversed as described in the Changeling rulebook.

Nightmares Transformation dice are rolled whenever the Changeling is about to receive a Banality Transformation Attack and wishes not to.


A) Kenning—Detect Glamour, Sense, Range, Discriminatory
Cost: 15

B) Greymayre—(a) KS: Faerie Magic, (b) KS: Faerie Lore, (c) KS: The Dreaming
Cost: 6

C) Chimera—Can be purchased as either (a) Item—Focus or Vehicle, (b) Companion—Follower(s)

D) Remembrance—5 point Skills levels with PRE-based skills, Only Applicable To Faerie Society (-1/4)
Active Cost: 5/+1 Skill Level
Real Cost: 4/+1 Skill Level

E) Treasure—Independent Focus, purchased with the Enchanting Others ability


All Arts must take Requires a Skill Roll (-1/2). The Skill roll for each type of Art is a characteristic roll. Cantrips cast against inanimate objects or enchanted beings cost no Glamour unless they are Wyrd cantrips, in which case they take the Costs Glamour END In Addition To Normal END (-1/2) Limitation. Cantrips cast against non-enchanted beings also take this limitation. In addition, all cantrips take the Costs Glamour END Or Increased Glamour END Cost (X2) If A Bunk Is Not Performed (-1/4)" limitation. A Cantrip that affects the mundane world (in addition to chimerical reality) takes the Transdimensional (+1) Advantage.

The targets that a changeling's cantrips can affect is determined by his mastery of Realms. Realms impose limitations or advantages on all the cantrips known by the changeling. Some of the powers described below are possessed only by changelings with the appropriate Realm knowledge.

Actual values of Limitations will vary depending on the specific power and the other Realms possessed by the changeling

1) Actor—may also require Usable By/Against Others, and Transdimensional if the Actor is present in the mortal world.
No Actor Realm—Cantrip cannot be used against mortals or other supernaturals
Mortals/supernaturals well known to the changeling
Mortals/supernaturals known to some extent by the changeling
Mortals/supernaturals that are familiar to the changeling
Mortals/supernaturals that are enemies or competitors of the changeling

2) Nature - may also require Usable By/Against Others
No Nature Realm—Does not affect animals, plants, the elements (fire, water, earth, air), or any non-living thing made of organic matter
Non-living organic matter
Non-living organic matter or plants
Organic, non-sentient matter or organisms
Non-sentient organisms or elements occurring in natural phenomena
Non-sentient organisms or the four elements (fire, water, earth, air)

3) Fae—may also require Usable By/Against Others
No Fae Realm—Does not affect any creature of Glamour
"Commoner" changelings
Noble and commoner fae
Noble/commoner changelings and chimerae
Changelings (all classes) and chimerae

4) Prop—may also require Usable By/Against Others
No Prop Realm—Does not affect man-made items
Garments/worn items
Worn items and items with no movable parts
Worn items and simple tools and machines

5) Scene—Area Effect, usually radius, Non-selective for mental powers. May also require Usable By/Against Others

6) Time—Time Delay or variable Trigger

Because of the many variables involved in determining the cost of any cantrip that an individual changeling knows, only the base cost of the following cantrips is listed. Active Cost = Base Cost x (1 + sum of Advantages)
Real Cost = Active Cost / (1 + sum of Limitations)

A) Chicanery—Requires A Pre Roll (-1/2)

1) Fuddle—Allows changeling to subtly alter the perceptions of the target.
Fuddle—6d6 Mental Illusions; Cannot Negate A Sense Or Create A Sensation From Nothing (-1/2)
Base Cost: 30

2) Veiled Eyes—Causes targets to ignore the changeling
Veiled Eyes—Invisibility to normal sight, 0 END (+1/2), Psionic (-1/2), Limited duration (1 hour, -1)
Base Cost: 20

3) Fugue—Causes target to lose memories temporarily
Fugue—1d6 Major Transform (Psionic Surgery—person to person with missing memories), BOECV (+1), Cumulative (+1/2)
Base Cost: 15

4) Haunted Heart—The ability to evoke emotions in the target.
Haunted Heart—9d6 Mind Control, Emotions only (-1/2)
Base Cost: 45

5) Captive Heart—Allows changeling to control the mind and body of a target.
Captive Heart—9d6 Mind Control, Target cannot be commanded to do anything directly harmful to himself (-1/4)
Base Cost: 45

B) Legerdemain—Requires a DEX roll (-1/2)

1) Gimmix—Allows changeling to manipulate objects telekinetically.
Gimmix—10 STR TK, No punching (-1/4), Limited duration (1 Turn, -1 3/4)
Base Cost: 15

2) Ensnare—Allows the changeling to trip or entangle an opponent with any scenery at hand or to pick up and spin large objects.
Ensnare—(a) 10 STR TK, Only to trip (-1 1/2), Limited duration (1 phase, -2), (b) 3 DEF, 3 BODY Entangle, Attack must hit bound area to damage Entangle (+1/4), Actual DEF & BODY of Entangle is restricted by the nature of the materials on hand to form the Entangle (-1/2), (c) 26 STR TK, Only to pick up, spin, and hurl objects (-1), Limited duration (1 Turn, -1 3/4)
Base Cost: (a) 15, (b) 30, (c) 39

3) Effigy—The ability to create a perfect if relatively non-functional copy of any item or person. Chimerical Effigies appear only in chimerical reality, while Wyrd Effigies (created with the use of the attached EDM) appear in the mundane world.
Effigy—(a) 3d6 Major Transform, air to copy of an object, Anything (+1), reverts when changeling stops concentrating on it, Copy is non-functional unless Glamour is spent (-1/2), (b) Summon Effigy (copy of person), Any creature (+2), Loyalty (+1), Disappears when changeling stops concentrating on it (-1), Each action of the creature requires an EGO roll by the changeling, (-1), (c) EDM to mundane world, Usable Against Others (+1), Only to move an effigy to the mundane world (-1 1/2)
Base Cost: (a) 45, (b) 30 + Copied creatures point total/5, (c) 20

4) Mooch—Allows a changeling to filch an item he has seen recently. The Detect Moochable Object is used to target the Teleporation effect.
Mooch—(a) Detect Moochable Object, Range, Targeting Sense, Object must have been seen in the past minute (-1 1/2), (b) Teleportation, 10", Usable against others at range (+1 1/2), Only to teleport trinkets and baubles (-1)
Base Cost: (a) 28, (b) 20

5) Phantom Shadows—This powerful cantrip creates a fully functional copy of an item or person.
Phantom Shadows—(a) Summon copy of creature, Any creature (+2), Loyalty (+1), Dispelled if another makes a successful EGO versus EGO roll (-1), Disappears if changeling does not pay Active Cost/10 per day in Glamour END (-1/2), (b) 3d6 Major Transform, air to copy of item, Reverts when another makes a successful EGO versus EGO roll, Anything (+1), Disappears if changeling does not pay Active Cost/10 per day in Glamour END (-1/2), (c) Mind Link with Summoned effigy
Base Cost: (a) 30 + Point total of copied creature/5, (b) 45, (c) 10

C) Primal—Requires CON roll (-1/2)

1) Willow Whisper—Allows changeling to communicate with anything.
Willow Whisper—5d6 Telepathy, Communicative Telepathy (-1/4)

2) Eldritch Prime—The changeling can cause fire, water, earth, air, or wood to appear and do his bidding, provided that this does not cause the element to assume an unnatural form.
Eldritch Prime—VPP, 0 phase action to change (+1), Only to mimic natural phenomena involving fire, water, earth, air, or wood (-1/4), Two CON rolls required (one to make the element appear, one to control it; -1/4)
Base Cost: 1 point + 0.5 pt/pt in the pool

3) Oakenshield—Causes target to acquire the protective essence of oak bark.
Oakenshield—6 PD/6 ED Armor, Ablative (-1), Costs END to initate (-1/4)
Base Cost: 8

4A) Heather Balm—The ability to repair flesh or objects.
Heather Balm—(a) Healing, (b) 1d6 Major Transform, broken objects to repaired objects, Cumulative (+1/2), (c) Aid to BODY, only to restore to starting levels (-1/2), Only versus inanimate objects (-1)
Base Cost: (a) 5 points/d6, (b) 15, (c) 5 points/d6

4B) Holly Strike—The opposite of Heather Balm.
Holly Strike—1d6 BODY Drain, Recover 5 Active points/month (+1 3/4), Ranged (+1/2)
Base Cost: 10

5) Elder-Form—The ability to change shape to anything. The changeling assumes the natural abilities of his new shape, but not any supernatural abilities.
Elder-Form—(a) Shapeshift to anything, 0 END (+1/2), Limited duration (1 day, -1/2), (b) VPP, Only to mimic abilities of new shape (-1/2)
Base Cost: (a) 30, (b) 1.5 points/pt in pool

D) Soothsay—Requires INT roll (-1/2)

1) Omen—Enables the changeling to gain vague clues about the target's intentions, mindset, etc.
Omen—8d6 Telepathy, Only to obtain vague clues about person's goals, personality (-1 1/2)
Base Cost: 40

2) Fair is Foul, and Foul is Fair—This cantrip allows the changeling to cause the target to find or lose something, metaphorically speaking. The finding or losing can be of a positive or negative nature for the target of the cantrip.
Fair is Foul, and Foul is Fair—(a) 5d6 Luck, Only to cause target to find or lose things (-1), Cantrip must be recast when something is found or lost (-1/2), (b) 6d6 Minor Transform, target to target with 5d6 Unluck, reversed when target finds/loses something (to the detriment of the target).
Base Cost: (a) 30, (b) 60

3) Tattletale—Allows changeling to scry an area around an object familiar to the caster.
Tattletale—Clairsentience, sight and normal hearing, x32 range, Only to see/hear in immediate vicinity of an object well-known to the Changeling (-1), Focus (reflective surface, -1)
Base Cost: 50

4) Augury—Allows changeling to see one event in the future of the target.
Augury—Clairsentience with Precognition, Precognition only (-1), Only to see one event in the future (-1/2)
Base Cost: 40

5) Fate Fire—This powerful cantrip provides a target with clues and information about his fate. The changeling can also manipulate events to cause chief events in the target's fate to come to pass.
Fate Fire—(a) Clairsentience with Precognition, Usable against Others at range (+1 1/2), Trigger (variable, +1/2), Precognition only (-1), Only to provide target with clues/information about his D�n (-1/2), (b) VPP, Trigger (variable, +1/2), 0 END (+1/2), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Only to manipulate events to provide target with a clue about his fate, or to bring his fate to the fore (-1/4)
Base Cost: (a) 40, (b) 1 + 1.25 points/pt in pool.

E) Sovereign—Requires PRE roll

1) Protocol—This cantrip enables the changeling to enforce the protocol of the court.
Protocol—7d6 Mind Control, Area Effect: Radius (+1), 0 END (+1/2), Single Command: Observe court protocol (-1/2)
Base Cost: 35

2) Dictum—The ability to issue commands that others must obey.
Dictum—9d6 Mind Control, 1/2 END (+1/4), Commands must be vocalized (-1/4), Cannot issue command that places target in immediate danger (-1/2)
Base Cost: 45

3) Grandeur—The ability to invoke the majesty of Arcadia and to paralyze others with awe.
Grandeur—+45 PRE, Offense only (-1/2), Only to paralyze targets with awe (-1), Costs END (-1/2)

4) Weaver Ward—Prevents a certain person or object from passing through a door or entranceway. Can also be used to prevent cantrips from being unwound, and to prevent an item from being picked up or used.
Weaver Ward—(a) 10d6 Mind Control, Trigger (+1/4), 0 END Persistent (+1), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Single command: Do not pass through x door or pick up x item (-1/2), Only versus certain persons (-1/2), Abolished if target speaks password (-1/2), (b) 20 points. Power Defense, Usable against Others (+1), Only protects against Counterweaving Dispels (-1), (c) 5 DEF/5d6 Entangle, Area Effect (1 hex, +1/2), Entangle takes no damage from attacks (+1/2), Only to prevent passage of specific persons or items (-1/2)
Base Cost: (a) 50, (b) 20, (c) 50

5) Geas/Ban—Allows changeling to send target on a quest. Those not fulfilling the letter of the quest are afflicted with a curse.
Geas/Ban—(a) Mind Control, 0 END Persistent (+1), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Cannot change command (-1/4), Cannot order target to directly harm himself (-1/4), (b) VPP, Trigger (if target fails to obey command, +1/4), 0 END Persistent (+1), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Only to mimic curse that descends on target for failing to fulfill geas or ban (-1/4)
Base Cost: (a) 5/d6 of Mind Control, (b) 1 + 1.375 points/pt in pool

F) Wayfare—Requires DEX roll (-1/2)

1) Hopscotch—Allows changeling to jump large distances, or cause other items/persons to leap large distances
Hopscotch—(a) 5" Superleap, (b) 10 STR Telekinesis, Indirect (+1/2), No squeezing or punches (-1/2), Only to grab and toss items (-1/4), Limited Duration (1 full phase, -2)
Base Cost: (a) 5, (b) 15

2) Quicksilver—Allows changeling to move with great speed, gaining extra actions each Turn.
Quicksilver—9d6 SPEED Aid, Fade 5 Active/Turn
Base Cost: 45

3) Portal Passage—This cantrip creates a temporary portal through any stone or wood barrier.
Portal Passage—Tunneling, 6" through 6 DEF material, Tunnel disappears after one minute (-1/2)
Base Cost: 30

4) Wind Runner—Enables a cantrip to fly, or to cause other items/person to fly.
Wind Runner—(a) 5" Flight, (b) 10 STR Telekinesis, No squeezing or punches (-1/2), Only to cause items/persons to move through the air (-1/2)
Base Cost: (a) 10, (b) 15

5) Flicker Flash—Allows the changeling to disappear and reappear anyplace that he knows or can see, within the limits of the teleportation.
Flicker Flash—Teleportation, 1 floating location
Base Cost: 5 + 20/10" Teleport, +5/2x distance