(including the years the story takes place, not release dates)

Frankenstein (1885): Henry Frankenstein creates a monster from pieces of various corpses and animates it with electricity.

Bride of Frankenstein (1886): Dr. Pretorius kidnaps Henry’s wife months later to force him to create a new creature, this one female. In the end, the lab explodes, apparently killing everyone involved.

The Invisible Man (1897): Scientist John Griffin turns himself invisible. However, the formula slowly drives him insane, causing him to terrorize the English countryside as an invisible killer.

Dracula (1931): Count Dracula purchases Carfax Abbey and moves to England, where he preys upon the residents of Whitby. Psychiatrist Dr. Seward and occultist Professor Van Helsing assist John Harker in rescuing Seward’s daughter Mina from Dracula’s thrall and staking the vampire in his own coffin.

Dracula’s Daughter (1931): Van Helsing is charged with Dracula’s murder. Marya Zeleska, a countess of Transylvania and one of Dracula’s previous victims, steals his “corpse” and tries to use it to free herself from her own terrible curse. Dracula himself never wakes up in this one. 

The Mummy (1921-32): Im-Ho-Tep tries to challenge the gods and use foul magic when his lover Anekh-sen-Amon dies in ancient Egypt. Thousands of years later, his sarcophagus is found, and he returns to life when the Scroll of Thoth is read. He then goes about searching for the latest reincarnation of his lover.

Son Of Frankenstein (1939): Henry’s son Wolf inherits the castle, including the crooked blacksmith Ygor, and revives the monster. Ygor manipulates the monster into killing his enemies. Wolf finds out, and shoots Ygor. The monster goes berserk and attacks Wolf’s family, but is knocked into a sulfur pit.

Ghost of Frankenstein (1939): Ygor and Ludwig (Henry’s other son) revive the monster. Ygor’s brain winds up in the monster?

The Wolf Man (1941): Upon the death of his brother, Larry Talbot returns from America to his ancestral home in Wales. He visits a gypsy camp with village girl Jenny Williams, who is attacked by Bela, a gypsy who has turned into a werewolf. Larry kills the werewolf but is bitten during the fight. Bela's mother tells him that this will cause him to become a werewolf at each full moon. Larry confesses his plight to his unbelieving father, Sir John, who then joins the villagers in a hunt for the wolf. Larry, transformed by the full moon, heads for the forest and a fateful meeting with both Sir John and Gwen

The Invisible Agent (1942): Frank Raymond, grandson of the original Invisible Man, still has the old formula but considers it too dangerous to use, even when Axis agents try to get it. But Pearl Harbor brings him to volunteer his own services as an invisible agent in Germany. 

Son Of Dracula (1943): Not the actual Dracula, but one of his various creations, who takes a home and wife in the American south.  

Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman (1943): Grave robbers accidentally awaken Talbot, who then seeks out Dr. Frankenstein to end his curse. Unfortunately, the doc is dead, but the Wolfman meets and battles the monster. 

House of Frankenstein (1944): Dr. Niemann and Daniel escape from an asylum, find Frank and Wolfie in the ruins of Castle Frankenstein and revive them all with the intention of doing some brain transplanting. Niemann also meets a vampire claiming to be Dracula, but he isn’t and he dies.

House of Dracula (1945): Dracula falls for Miliza, the beautiful assistant of Dr. Edelman, who is trying to cure Talbot. Talbot then finds Frank in a cave, and all three fight it out.

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948): The world of freight handlers Wilbur Grey and Chick Young is turned upside down when the remains of Frankenstein's monster and Dracula arrive from Europe to be used in a house of horrors. Dracula awakens and escapes with the weakened monster, who he plans to re-energize with a new brain. Larry Talbot (the Wolfman) arrives from London in an attempt to thwart Dracula. Dracula's reluctant aide is the beautiful Dr. Sandra Mornay. Her reluctance is dispatched by Dracula's bite. Dracula and Sandra abduct Wilbur for his brain and recharge the monster in preparation for the operation. Chick and Talbot attempt to find and free Wilbur, but when the full moon rises all hell breaks loose with the Wolfman, Dracula, and Frankenstein all running rampant.

Creature From The Black Lagoon (1949) An expedition on the Amazon River encounters a horrifying amphibian creature.

Note: All of the other Mummy movies (Hand, Tomb, Ghost, and A&C) feature a different mummy, usually Kharis. None of the other Invisible movies involve the Griffin family. The two additional Creature sequels take place after this story.

Darren Watts' Return to Hero All Stars.