Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
10	STR	0	11-	Lift 100 kg; 2d6 HTH damage [1]
20	DEX	30	13-	OCV: 7/DCV: 7
15	CON	10	12-
10	BODY	0	11-
20	INT	10	13-	PER Roll 13-
20	EGO	20	13-	ECV: 7
20	PRE	10	13-	PRE Attack: 4d6
20	COM	5	13-

4	PD	2		Total: 4 PD (0 rPD)
5	ED	2		Total: 5 ED (0 rED)
4	SPD	10		Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12
6	REC	2
34	END	2
25	STUN	2		Total Characteristics Cost: 105

Movement:	Running:	6"/12"
		Leaping:	2"/4"
		Swimming:	2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
	Martial Arts: Judo
	Maneuver		OCV	DCV	Notes
4	Dodge			--	+5	Dodge, Affects All Attacks, Abort
5	High Kick		-2	+1	6d6 Strike
4	Joint Lock/Throw	+1	+0	Grab One Limb; 2d6 NND ; Target Falls
4	Low Kick		+0	+2	4d6 Strike

7	Fringe Benefit:  Concealed Weapon Permit (where appropriate), Passport, Private Investigator 
	License, Security Clearance: MI5
10	Money:  Wealthy
12	John Steed/The Ministry: Contact (Contact has access to major institutions, Good relationship with 
	Contact), Organization Contact (x3) 11-

6	Combat Luck (3 PD/3 ED)
3	Lightsleep

16	+2 with All Combat

3	Acrobatics 13-
2	Animal Handler (Equines) 13-
3	Breakfall 13-
3	Bugging 13-
3	Climbing 13-
3	Combat Driving 13-
3	Concealment 13-
3	Conversation 13-
5	Cramming 
3	Cryptography 13-
10	Defense Maneuver I-IV 
3	Disguise 13-
3	Fast Draw 13-
5	High Society 14-
2	KS: Espionage World 11-
3	KS: Business World 13-
3	AK: Europe 13-
2	KS: Africa 11-
2	Language:  French (fluent conversation)
3	Paramedics 13-
4	PS: High Finance 14-
4	PS: Painter/Sculptor 14-
3	Riding 13-
4	SS:  Chemistry 14-
3	Security Systems 13-
3	Seduction 13-
3	Shadowing 13-
3	Stealth 13-
2	TF:  Common Motorized Ground Vehicles, Equines, Two-Wheeled Motorized Ground Vehicles
3	WF:  Small Arms, Blades

Total Powers & Skills Cost: 170
Total Cost: 275

125+	Disadvantages
5	Distinctive Features:  Gorgeous Fashionplate (Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable 
	By Commonly-Used Senses; Not Distinctive In Some Cultures)
10	Hunted:  Various Enemies of England 8- (As Pow, Harshly Punish)
10	Hunted:  The Ministry 11- (As Pow, NCI, Watching)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Smooth and Unruffled, With Impeccable Manners (Common, Strong)
10	Psychological Limitation:  Feminist (Common, Moderate)
5	Reputation:  Talented Amateur, 8-
10	Rivalry:  Professional ("Real" Spies; Rival is As Powerful; Rival is a Player Character; Seek to 
	Outdo, Embarrass, or Humiliate Rival; Rival Aware of Rivalry)
85	Experience/Bonus

Total Disadvantage Points: 275

Carries: A dainty .22 (1d6 RKA, +1 OCV, 8 shots), and a wide range of useful mundane items in a fashionable purse (including a mirror and a fingerprinting set.) See GM for specific item permission.

Description: Emma Peel was born in 1938, the daughter of millionaire industrialist Sir John Knight. She was raised to succeed her father in heading Knight Industries, and as a genius student with an IQ of 152 mastered both the fields of finance and chemistry. In 1960 she married test pilot Peter Peel, but tragically his plane went down on a flight over the Amazon jungle and he was never recovered. After her mourning period, she threw herself into a succession of adventurous hobbies, mastering martial arts, fencing, horseback riding and several less savory fields like lockpicking.

Early in 1965 she was recruited by British intelligence agent John Steed to be his new partner, replacing Dr. Cathy Gale. Steed, the inheritor of the MI5 Ministry post originally created by Mycroft Holmes, “runs” several different independent agents on behalf of the Crown, but he regards Peel as the most talented and works with her whenever possible. She enjoys the excitement of the job, which has put her in conflict with foreign agents, mad scientists, and killer robots, though she occasionally resents Steed’s implications that she’s “quite good for an amateur.”

Peel is a thrill-seeker, though far too competent to endanger a mission for her personal amusement. However, she notoriously drives extremely fast, and regularly puts herself into great danger in various undercover roles by “snooping about.” If there’s a dangerous stunt to be done, she’ll be first in line to volunteer.

Emma is also casually, stunningly attractive, regularly dressed in the height of Carnaby Street fashion and favoring extremely tight catsuits or mod miniskirts. While she is fond of flirtatious banter, she remains loyal to the memory of her husband.

Quote: Laid up after being hit with a rocket-powered golf ball, Steed credits his trusty bowler for saving his life. Emma: "It really is the height of pessimism to have a hat lined with chain mail."

Darren Watts' Return to Hero All Stars.