Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
18	STR	8	13-	Lift 303.1 kg; 3 1/2d6 HTH Damage [2]
23	DEX	39	14-	OCV:  8/DCV:  8
13	CON	6	12-
14	BODY	8	12-
10	INT	0	11-	PER Roll 11-
13	EGO	6	12-	ECV:  4
13	PRE	3	12-	PRE Attack:  2 1/2d6
13	COM	2	12-

17	PD	13		Total:  17 PD (0 rPD)
12	ED	9		Total:  12 ED (0 rED)
6	SPD	27		Phases:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
12	REC	10
40	END	7
30	STUN	0		Total Characteristic Cost:  138

Movement:	Running:		26"/104"
		Leaping:		13"/52"
		Swimming:		2"/4"
		Teleportation:		14"/56"

Cost	Powers & Skills
	Martial Arts:  Kung Fu
	Maneuver	OCV	DCV	Damage
4	Disarm		-1	+1	Disarm; 28 STR to Disarm roll
5	Flying Kick	+1	-2	7 1/2d6 Strike
5	Kick		-2	+1	7 1/2d6 Strike
3	Legsweep	+2	-1	4 1/2d6 Strike, Target Falls
4	Punch		+0	+2	5 1/2d6 Strike
3	Throw		+0	+1	3 1/2d6 +v/5, Target Falls

20	Don't Piss Puuca Off!:  +30 STR; Only when Enraged (-1/2), END 3
20	Leaping For Love!:  Leaping +10" (13 1/2" forward, 6 1/2" upward) (Accurate, 
	x4 Noncombat), END 2
56	One Fast Little Girl:  Running +20" (26" total), x4 Noncombat, Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), END 2
33	Always Right Behind Garu:  Teleportation 14", x4 Noncombat, END 3
5	Anywhere Garu Is:  Teleportation: Floating Fixed Location (Anywhere Garu is) (1 Location)

6	Cute, Sweet Little Girl Everybody Loves:  Reputation (A large group) 14-, +2/+2d6

3	Absolute Time Sense
14	Fearless
3	Lightning Reflexes: +2 DEX to act first with All Actions

3	+1 with Martial Maneuvers

7	Combat Driving 16-
9	Shadowing 14-
9	Tracking 14-
0	TF:  Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
213	Total Powers & Skills Cost
350	Total Character Cost

200+	Disadvantages
15	Distinctive Features:  Pitiable (Not Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable 
	By Commonly-Used Senses)
15	Enraged:  When Garu placed in serious jeopardy (Common), go 11-, recover 14-
10	Enraged:  When ignored or abandoned (Common), go 8-, recover 14-
5	Money:  Poor
25	Psychological Limitation:  Unconditionally Loves Garu, whether He Likes It or Not! (Very Common, Total)
25	Psychological Limitation:  Never Speaks (Very Common, Total)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Innocent, Naive and Trusting (Common, Strong)
5	Psychological Limitation:  Will do Anything for Noodle Soup (Uncommon, Moderate)
15	Social Limitation:  Minor (Very Frequently, Minor)
20	Kung-Fu Ninja Chaser Bonus
350	Total Disadvantage Points

Background/History: Puuca is the daughter of the owner of a Chinese restaurant in Soong Village, where she works as a delivery girl. A sweet, innocent and trusting soul, she has become fixated on the wandering ninja Garu, whom she has decided is her destined true love. As a result, she will obsessively seek his company and protect him, whether he wants her to or not.

Personality/Motivation: Puuca is A Girl In LOVE WITH A CAPITAL L. Her passion is being in Garu's presence, and she will chase him the length and breadth of the world to indulge it. Garu has enemies, and they are thus her enemies too. But usually she will be lovingly, blissfully innocent and unaware that Garu is trying to avoid her (she apparently thinks he's playing hard to get—the delicious irony is that she may be right).

Quote: "Coo coo kiss kiss." (Puuca never speaks, but can bill and coo with the best of them)

Powers/Tactics: Puuca is FAST. REALLY, REALLY FAST. It doesn't take her long to get a full head of steam, and when she does she can catch up to her quarry with blinding speed. A talented straight-ahead fighter, she will use her Kung Fu skills to beat up anyone who threatens Garu (and has been know to turn them on Garu when he ignores her especially egregiously). Puuca is especially formidable when she's angry—she is able to focus her ki to alarming degrees and perform truly prodigious feats of strength (such as throwing a man into low Earth orbit).

Campaign Use: Wherever Garu is, there will be Puuca, racing after him in a sort of eternal game of Lover's Tag.

Appearance: Puuca is a short little girl in her early teens. She is almost always seen in a traditional Chinese servant girl's outfit (with pants in place of the skirt). Her black hair is worn in an "odango-tama" style, bound into two buns on either side of her head and covered in black cloth.

(Puuca created by Jetix Network, character sheet created by Michael Hopcroft)

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