Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
63	STR	53	22-	Lift 150 tons; 12 1/2d6 HTH Damage
20	DEX	30	13-	OCV:  7/ DCV:  7
23	CON	26	14-
13	BODY	6	12-
30	INT	20	15-	PER Roll 15-
10	EGO	0	11-	ECV:  3
15	PRE	5	12-	PRE Attack:  3d6
8	COM	-1	11-

30	PD	17		Total:  30 PD (30 rPD)
30	ED	25		Total:  30 ED (30 rED)
4	SPD	10		Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12
18	REC	0
46	END	0
57	STUN	0		Total Characteristics Cost:  191

Movement:	Running:	6"/12"
		Leaping:	6"/12"
		Swimming:	0"/0"

Cost	Powers & Skills
5	Bite:  HKA 1 point (1/2d6 w/STR), END 1
7	Claws:  HKA 1 point (1/2d6 w/STR), Penetrating (+1/2), END 1
30	Bulletproof/Fireproof:  Damage Resistance (30 PD/30 ED)
20	Can Catch A Plasma Bolt:  Missile Deflection (Any Ranged Attack), Missile Reflection, 
	Reflect At Any Target; Only Works Against Plasma Bolts (-1), Extra Time (Full Phase, -1/2)
-2	Can't Swim:  Swimming -2"
8	Clawed Fingers:  Clinging (normal STR); Cannot Resist Knockback (-1/4)
16	Wriggle Through The Cracks:  Desolidification  (affected by any attack); Does Not 
	Protect Against Damage (-1), Cannot Pass Through Solid Objects (-1/2), END 4
20	Sharp Hearing:  Enhanced Perception +4 With Hearing Group, +4 Versus Range Modifier
6	Six Arms:  Extra Limbs  (2), Inherent (+1/4)
8	Sharp Hearing:  +4 PER with Hearing Group
6	Sharp Hearing:  +4 versus Range Modifier for Hearing Group
5	Can See In The Dark: Nightvision
10	Disney Luck:  Luck 2d6
9	Mutable Form:  Shape Shift into a single form:  "dog"  (Sight and Touch Groups), Costs 
	END Only To Change Shape (+1/4); Affects Body Only (-1/2), Extra Time (Full Phase, 
	Only to Activate, -1/4), END 1

9	Ambidexterity (no Off Hand penalty)

20	Small:  +4 with DCV

3	Climbing 13-
3	Combat Piloting 13-
3	Concealment 15-
3	Demolitions 15-
3	Fast Draw (pistol) 13-
2	Language:  English (fluent conversation; literate)
0	Language:  Galactic (idiomatic; literate)
7	Stealth 15-
2	TF:  Large Motorized Ground Vehicles (tractor trailer), Military Spacecraft (Red Police 
	Cruiser), Two-Wheeled Muscle-Powered Ground Vehicles (Big Wheel)
10	Two [Four]-Weapon Fighting (Ranged) 
3	WF:  Blaster Pistol, Chainsaw, Red Police Cruiser Weapons
3	Jack of All Trades
2	1)  PS: Build Model Of San Francisco Out Of Common Household Items 15-
2	2)  PS: Cooking 15-
2	3)  PS: Dancing 15-
2	4)  PS: Imitate Elvis 15-
2	5)  PS: Imitate Godzilla/Giant Rubber Monster 15-
2	6)  PS: Juggling 13-
2	7)  PS: Play Guitar 13-
213	Total Powers & Skills Cost
404	Total Character Cost

200+	Disadvantages
25	DNPC:  Stitch's Family (Lilo & Nani Pelekai) 14- (Normal; Group DNPC: x2 DNPCs)
15	Distinctive Features:  Ugly Little Blue Bear/Dog (Not Concealable; Noticed and 
	Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses)
10	Hunted:  United Galactic Federation 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Watching)
15	Physical Limitation:  Increased Body Density—can't swim and sinks like a rock in water 
	(Infrequently, Fully Impairing)
5	Physical Limitation:  Reduced Leap, can only leap half as far as STR indicates 
	(Infrequently, Slightly Impairing)
5	Physical Limitation:  Small (1m tall; with short arms) (Infrequently, Slightly Impairing)
5	Psychological Limitation:  Dislike For Water (Uncommon, Moderate)
10	Psychological Limitation:  Dislikes Bright Lights/Crowds (Uncommon, Strong)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Wants A Family/Protective Of His Family (Common, Strong)
10	Reputation:  Genetically Engineered Engine Of Destruction, 11- (Extreme;  Known Only 
	To A Small Group)
94	"Oh Good! My Dog Found The Chainsaw!" Bonus
404	Total Disadvantage Points

	Optional Disadvantages
15	Psychological Limitation:  Bad Tempered (Common, Strong)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Destructive Programming ("He will be irresistibly drawn to 
	large cities where he will back up sewers, reverse street signs, and steal everyone's left 
	shoe.") (Common, Strong)

Background/History: Genetic Experiment 626 is the creation of that Evil Genius Dr. Jumba Jookiba. Why he built 626 is unknown, although as an Evil Genius, it's not like he really needs a reason, right? Anyway, as Jumba's experiments were against the laws of the United Galactic Federation, He ended up in prison, while Experiment 626 was sent off to exile on a distant asteroid. Unfortunately for the Federation, Experiment 626 escaped en route.

Stealing a hyped-up police cruiser (the "red" one), 626 hit the hyperdrive and took off, scarcely bothered that his ship was damaged and he'd not set a destination into the autopilot. So, as luck would have it, he (crash) landed on Earth—specifically the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Leaving the wreckage of his spaceship, 626 is promptly run over by several tractor trailers, at which point he is dropped off at the local animal shelter. There, he is adopted by a little five-year-old girl named Lilo, who wants a dog to be her friend and guardian. Although her older sister and the shelter's operator are less than thrilled about little Lilo adopting a "dog" that was basically dead that morning, they don't stand in her way. Of course, they'd been even less thrilled to learn that Jumba (accompanied by Earth "expert" Agent Pleakley) have arrived intent on capturing Experiment 626 and returning him to the aforementioned asteroid. And so the fun begins....

Personality/Motivation: As created by Jumba, Experiment 626 has only one real mission: "to destroy everything he touches!" And for a while, that's all he does. However, life with Lilo has an interesting affect on 626. She gives him a name ("Stitch") and a sense of family—or more accurately, a sense of loss for not having a family. This causes his destructive programming (defined as being irresistibly drawn to large cities, backing up sewers, reversing street signs, and stealing everyone's left shoe) to breakdown, so that he stops destroying and even voluntarily goes near water (which he normally hates). Eventually, Stitch adopts Lilo and her older sister Nani as his family, becoming their caretaker (in a sense).

For those who wish to simulate a "pre-Lilo" version of Stitch, just add in the two optional Psychological Limitations, remove his DNPC and current "protective of family" Psych Lim, and you're all set.

Quote: "Meega na la Kweesta!"
"This is my family. I found it all on my own. It's little and broken, but still good. Yeah... still good."

Powers/Tactics: While explaining his creation to the Galactic Council early on in the movie, Dr. Jumba gives the following rundown of Stitch's powers: "he is bulletproof, fireproof, and can think faster than super computer. He can see in the dark and can move objects 3,000 times his own size."

Although we never see Stitch shot at with a bullet, he does survive the crash of his space ship with nary a scratch, is only briefly stunned by a fall of several thousand feet, and has to be run over by three tractor-trailers in succession to be knocked out. As for fireproof—well, he does drive a tanker truck of gasoline into a volcano and ends up only a little singed. Thinking faster than a super computer is harder to quantify, but he does figure out how to escape from captivity fairly interestingly, builds a model of San Francisco after only glancing at a postcard, learns to play guitar in just a few minutes, builds a bomb out of a doll and a roller-skate, and generally picks up quick on what is happening around him. I can only guess about seeing in the dark, as it never really comes up as a power. However, his ability to lift objects 3,000 times his own size (meaning if he weighs 50 kgs, he can lift 150,000 kgs!) is demonstrated amply when he picks up the descending blast door, smashes Dr. Jumba with a Volkswagen Beetle ("Blue punch buggy! No punch back!"), and stops an 18-wheeled tanker of gasoline dead in its tracks.

Although Stitch has an amazing 63 STR, he can't really use it as effectively as other bricks. His size (about 3' tall—if that) makes it difficult for him to punch and leap with the same power as a taller person would. So his two Physical Limitations are meant to limit his physical abilities. He can lift, grab, and hurl objects with his full 63 STR, but can't really punch at all, can only leap a fraction of what he should, and has trouble with anything requiring leverage (such as many entangles). Exactly how much STR he can really use in these situations is up to you, but I'd say only half (i.e. 30) sounds about right.

Appearance: Normally, Stitch is a short (2'-3' tall) blue bear-like creature with six limbs. He can change shape into a four-limbed ... uhm... bear/dog form as well.

Designer's Notes: Lilo and Stitch has to be one of the funniest, if not the funniest, Disney films ever made. It certainly is the most whacked animated film they've ever done (Although, The Emperor's New Groove comes close on both accounts). You pretty much know what kind of film it will be when Lilo gives her reason for feeding Pudge the fish a sandwich: "Pudge controls the weather." And it just gets stranger from there...

Building Stitch was fairly easy, as Jumba rattles off everything he can do about 5 minutes into the film. Of course, you can tinker with Stitch's abilities, adding such things as his four blaster pistols (lost when he was hit by a truck), or upping his Missile Deflection to include any attacks. Dump his silly skills (like most of his PS's), make him around 6' tall, and you have a frightening alien brick (a new gladiator from Malva perhaps?)

Oh, and McCoy from the HERO Message Boards writes:
Don't remember if it was Gantu or Hämsterviel that pointed out that [...] Stitch can lift 3000 times his weight, "and not one ounce more." [Stitch] [h]as absolutely no ability to Push STR.

Apparently, this Physical Limiation is revealed in the animated series

Stitch's Hero Designer File

(Stitch created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba, Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois, character sheet created by Michael Surbrook)

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