Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
10	STR	0	11-	100 kg, 2d6
14	DEX	12	12-	OCV:  4/DCV:  4
15	CON	10	12-
10	BODY	0	11-
18	INT	8	13-	PER Roll:  13-
20	EGO	20	13-	ECV:  7
15	PRE	5	12-	PRE Attack:  3d6
10	COM	0	11-
3	PD	1		Total:  6 PD/3r PD
3	ED	0		Total:  3 ED
3	SPD	6		Phases:  4, 8, 12
5	REC	0	
30	END	0
23	STUN	0
Total Characteristics Cost:  62

Movement:	Running:  6"/12"
		Swimming:  2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
Combat Training:
3	Combat Skill Levels:  +1 With Mental Powers Multipower
Evil Psi Powers:
101	Mental Powers Multipower:  101 Point Pool
6	u Mind Control:  12d6, END 6
6	u Telepathy:  12d6, END 6
5	u Psi Wave:  RKA:  3d6, AoE; Radius (+1), Personal Immunity (+1/4), No Range (-1/2),		Only vs Organic targets (-1/2), END 10

16	Mental Defense:  20 DEF

4	Armored Coat:  Armor:  + 3 PD, OIF (-1/2)
3	Communicator:  Radio, Listen and Transmit, OIF (-1/2)

3	Climbing 12-
0	Language:  Russian (Native)
3	Stealth 12-
3	Survival 11-
2	TF:  Small Ground Vehicles, Tracked Vehicles
2	WF:  Small Arms
157	Total Powers & Skills Cost
219	Total Character Cost

100+	Disadvantages
15	Distinctive Features:  Bald head, tattoo, cybernetics (C)
25	Hunted:  Allied Army (MoPow, NCI, 11-)
5	Reputation:  Psychic Soldier (8-)
15	Soviet Army (MoPow, NCI, 14-)
10	Yuri Army (MoPow, NCI, 11-)
49	Spoon-Bender Bonus
219	Total Disadvantage Points

Background: Yuris (also known as Psi-Core Soldiers and Yuri Clones) are special psychic troopers, used by the Soviet Army. They are all low-powered clones of Yuri himself, a powerful psychic. While the individuals aren't as powerful as he is, they are still a force to contend with. Each one is a trained psychic soldier, skilled in the use of their psychic abilities in combat.

The Psi-Corps was developed by the Soviet Union as part of their plans for vengeance on the West, following their defeat in the Great War. Yuri himself was in the service of the Soviet Union long before that, being a special agent of Stalin even before the war. The origins of Yuri's powers are unclear; they may have been naturally occurring, and augmented over time by strange experiments.

Yuris are intelligent, loyal and brave. They are experts at the use of their abilities in the field. Typical tactics for Yuri include using mind controlled civilians to hunt for enemy forces, turning enemy troops on their own allies, and working with Crazy Ivan saboteurs to produce exploding kamikaze cows.

Quote: "Show me your thoughts."

"His mind is weak."

"There's no resistance."

Yuri doesn't carry weapons; he doesn't need them. Yuri's primary attack is their mind control. Standing well clear of enemy forces, they can pick out and control enemy troops, effectively changing the target's allegiance. Yuri can then stand back, and order the enemy to do what they wish. This mind control works on humans, other mammals and reptiles, but not on robots or machines. It can even be used to take control of the crews of armored vehicles. Yuris are immune to each other's mind control.

Yuris are also capable of creating a wave of psychic energy around them, frying the brains of any infantry around them. Troops inside tanks and structures are safe, but all others are usually instantly killed. The Yuri trooper himself is immune to this attack, but they rarely use it.

Appearance: Yuri has a large, bald head with a small black tattoo on the forehead, and an odd cybernetic attachment along the back. He has dark eyes and a goatee beard. The typical uniform consists of an armored longcoat, black gloves and army boots.

Design Notes:
Most of this conversion comes form the in-game capabilities of the unit, enhanced by some fluff-text. Figuring that the average trooper has an EGO of 10 and no mental defense, 12d6 Mind Control was deemed to be enough to get them to do, well, most anything. Attack Dogs are immune to Yuri's mind control; my guess is that they have lots of mental defense as Yuri can control cows, chimps, polar bears and alligators with no problems.

Yuri Clone: These are the Psychic troopers used by Yuri's army. They are functionally identical to the Psi-Cops Trooper above. The only changes are in the disadvantages; replace "Watched: Soviet Army" with "Hunted: Soviet Army" (MoPow, NCI, 11-)

(Yuri created by Westwood, Character Sheet by Alex Fauth)

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