Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
35	STR	25	16-	Lift 3200 kg; 7d6 HTH Damage [3]
23	DEX	39	14-	OCV:  8/DCV:  8
15	CON	10	12-
9	BODY	-2	11-
10	INT	0	11-	PER Roll 11-
10	EGO	0	11-	ECV:  3
13	PRE	3	12-	PRE Attack:  2 1/2d6
14	COM	2	12-

11	PD	4		Total:  11 PD (0 rPD)
6	ED	3		Total:  6 ED (0 rED)
4	SPD	7		Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12
10	REC	0
40	END	5
35	STUN	0		Total Characteristic Cost:  96

Movement:	Running:	7"/14"
		Leaping:	14"/28"
		Swimming:	4"/8"

Cost	Powers & Skills
	Martial Arts:  Anchor-Fu
	Maneuver	OCV	DCV	Damage
3	Bash		+1	+0	Weapon +2 DC Strike
5	Giant Anchor	+1	+3	Block, Abort
5	Jab		+1	+3	Weapon  Strike
5	Overhead Kiss	+0	+0	Weapon  +v/5; Target Falls; FMove
5	Slash		-2	+1	Weapon +4 DC Strike
3	Sweep		+2	-1	Weapon +1 DC Strike, Target Falls
0	Weapon Element:  Anchor

31	Giant Anchor:  HKA 2 1/2d6 (4d6+1 w/STR), +1 Increased STUN Multiplier (+1/4), Reduced Endurance 
	(0 END; +1/2); OAF (-1), Required Hands Two-Handed (-1/2) plus Stretching 1", Reduced Endurance 
	(0 END; +1/2); Only To Cause Damage (-1/2), Always Direct (-1/4), No Noncombat Stretching (-1/4), 
	No Velocity Damage (-1/4)
22	Ultimate Unmanageable Child:  Autofire (10 shots; +1) for up to 45 Active Points of Giant Anchor; 
	Extra Time (Full Phase, -1/2), No STR Bonus Allowed On The HKA (-1/2), END 4
	Notes:  This allows May to do 2d6 HKA at 0 END. She doesn't get +1 STUN and can't use her STR to 
	increase the damage any.
7	Armor Plate:  Armor (8 PD/8 ED); Activation Roll 8- (Locations 6 and 9; -2), OIF (-1/2)
7	Restive Rolling:  Leaping +7" (14" forward, 7" upward), END 1
2	Swift:  Running +1" (7" total), END 1
2	Powerful Swimmer:  Swimming +2" (4" total), END 1

9	Contact:  Johnny (Contact has very useful Skills or resources, Very Good relationship with 
	Contact) 14-
15	Mr. Dolphin:  Follower
	Notes:  Use the Bottlenose Dolphin from HERO System Bestiary on page 162. Add the Smart package 
	and +17" of Leaping (Total 20" Leaping). Mr. Dolphin now costs 101 points.

20	+4 with HTH Combat
5	Small:  +1 with DCV
3	Acrobatics 14-
2	Animal Handler (Aquatic Animals) 12-
3	Climbing 14-
1	KS: The Martial World 8-
0	Language:  English (idiomatic; literate)
3	Navigation (Air, Marine) 11-
2	PS: Air Pirate 11-
3	Survival (Marine Surface, Urban) 11-
1	WF:  Giant Anchor

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  164
Total Cost:  260

150+	Disadvantages
10	Hunted:  Law Enforcement Officials 8- (As Pow, Capture)
25	Psychological Limitation:  Adores Johnny To The Exclusion Of Everything Else (Very Common, Total)
10	Psychological Limitation:  Happy-Go-Lucky (Common, Moderate)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Selfish And Single-minded (Common, Strong)
5	Reputation:  super-strong air pirate, 11- (Known Only Other Martial Artists)
10	Rivalry:  Romantic (with anyone and everyone for Johnny's affections; Rival is As Powerful; Rival 
	Can Be A Player Character; Seek to Outdo, Embarrass, or Humiliate Rival; Rival Aware of Rivalry)
35	Experience Points

Total Disadvantage Points:  260
May with Anchor

Background/History: Not much is known about May's history. She was found as a very young child by the air pirate Johnny, and raised to be just another one of the crew. It's not known where exactly she was born, although Japan is suspected since May is of Japanese descent. In fact, her birthday (May 5) is simply the day Johnny found her.

On thing that can be said about May, however, and that shes strong. Very, very strong. She can hoist up a ship's anchor by herself, and can even swing it around as weapon. As May is about 10 or 11 right now, one has to wonder who strong May will be when she reaches her full growth.

Personality/Motivation: The strongest element of May's character is her overwhelming love for the air pirate Johnny. In her eyes he can do no wrong, and she would (and will) do anything for him. On the other hand, she is still a only 11, and still a child in many ways, with a child's mischievous spirit as well as a happy-go-lucky attitude and outlook. Of course, being 11, she is also quite stubborn, and nothing can stop her once she gets an idea into her head.

Quote: "Hey, don't think of me as a kid!"

Powers/Tactics: As stated, May can lift a thousand-pound ship's anchor by herself. She can also use this anchor as a weapon (and often does) and has developed a whole repertoire of jabs, hooks, and smashes to be specifically used with a ship's anchor. She has also developed a few specific techniques that capitalize on both her strength and the anchor's mass. The first is the Overhead Kiss, in which May leaps anchor-first at her opponent. She usually combines this with her Restive Rolling technique to gain greater distance and impact power. Her most damaging technique is quite properly titled "Ultimate Unmanageable Child." Here, May goes into a frenzy of anchor swings, quickly battering her target to a pulp. This technique is highly useful on gears and vehicles.

Those who wish a somewhat less lethal May could make her anchor a Normal Attack. In this case her Giant Anchor is +10d6 of Hand-to-Hand Attack, while her Ultimate Unmanageable Child is +6d6 of Hand-to-Hand Attack. Game Masters may want to make her Basic Anchor Penetrating, in which case she has +6d6 of Hand-to-Hand Attack.

As a final note, May has a pet dolphin (named "Mr. Dolphin"). He will often give May a ride on his back and will help her in a fight—usually by leaping nose-first into a foe.

Appearance: May stands 5'2" and weighs about 105 pounds. She seems to be about 11 years old. May has black eyes and straight dark brown hair that falls to her waist. She wears a black leotard that leaves her arms bare. Over that goes an orange ankle-length "coat" with black trim that also leaves her arms bare. On her feet wears orange boots with black trim, while on her hands she has black fingerless gloves. Steel-plate armor protects her hands and throat/neck. A tricorner "pirate" hat (complete with skull and crossed bones) completes her outfit.

May's anchor is around 5' in length (or longer) and about that wide across the flukes. It weighs close to 1000 pounds and is considered a "Personal" Focus as it's too heavy for anyone else to be able to use properly (unless they have a 35+ STR as well).

Designer's Notes: May s from a video game titled Guilty Gear X" The game is set in the future (roughly 2200 AD) after a prolonged war between humanity and biological weapons known as "gears." I've not played the game myself, but felt the character designs and descriptions were far to interesting to not turn into useful (and playable) HERO System characters.

I eliminated a number of May's game powers as they were too "game" specific. Thus, she can't summon Mr. Dolphin out of thin air or drop a whale on her foes.

May's ending scene shows her presenting Dizzy (a final boss) to Johnny. The implications here are a tad disturbing... In addition, Johnny's victory scene has Dizzy joining his pirate crew as well. To understand how bizarre this is, see Dizzy's character sheet.

(May created by Sammy Company, Limited, character sheet created by Michael Surbrook with assistance from Max Fauth)

May's Hero Designer File

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