Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
50	STR	40	19-	25 tons, 10d6
25	DEX	45	14-	OCV:  8/DCV:  8
25	CON	30	14-
20	BODY	20	13-
20	INT	10	13-	PER Roll:  13-
25	EGO	30	14-	ECV:  8
20	PRE	10	13-	PRE Attack:  4d6
26	COM	8	14-
10	PD	0		Total:  38 PD/8r PD
10	ED	5		Total:  38 ED/8r ED
6	SPD	25		Phases:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
15	REC	0
60	END	5
60	STUN	2
Total Characteristics Cost:  230

Movement:	Flight:  20"/40"
		Running:  6"/12"
		Swimming:  2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
Combat Training:
8	Combat Skill Levels:  +4 OCV with Masamune
24	Combat Skill Levels:  +3 with All Combat

Materia Powers:
63	Magic Spells Multipower:  127 point reserve, OIF:  Materia (-1/2), 
	Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4)
6	u Fire, Ice & Lightning:  EB:  17D6, Variable SFX (+1/4), 1/2 END (+1/4), END 6
5	u Quake:  EB 14D6 [physical], Explosion (+1/2), 1/2 END (+1/4), Target must be 
	touching ground (-1/2), 6 END 
2	u Life:  Aid:  8D6 to BODY, Only to Starting Values (-1/2), END 4
3	u Cure:  Aid:  12D6 to STUN, END 6
4	u Regen:  Regenerate:  1 BODY/Turn, Usable Against Others (+1), Usable at 
	Range (+1/2), Continuous (+1) Uncontrolled (+1/2), Costs END (-1/2), END 4

60	Flight:  20", IPE:  sight (+1/2), END 1/5"
105	Summon:  482 point creatures, Limited Group:  Jenova spawn (+1/4); Extra 
	Time:  Full Phase (-1/2), END 16
27	Mind Control:  16D6, Only against Jenova-mutated beings (-2), END 8
2	Mind Link:  Group of minds, only to Jenova-mutated beings (-2), Only for 
	mind control (-1)
25	Detect Mako Energy:  Detect, Sense, Ranged, 360 degrees, 13-

44	Masamune:  HKA:  3D6 (4D6+1 w/STR), Armor Piercing (+1/2), +2 OCV, 
	0 END (+1/2), OAF (-1), STR min 30 (-1/4)
19	Gold Armlet:  Armor:  +8 DEF, IIF (-1/4)
32	Touph Ring:  +20 PD & ED, IIF (-1/4)

3	Acrobatics 14-
3	AK:  Midgar 13-
5	Breakfall 15-
5	Climbing 15-
3	Deduction 13-
3	Interrogation 13-
3	Oratory 13-
3	Persuasion 13-
2	PS:  Solider 11-
10	SL:  +1 Overall Level
3	Streetwise 13-
5	Survival 12-
3	Tactics 13-
3	Tracking 13-
1	SC:  Mako Engineering 8-
1	WF:  Blades
3	Scholar
1	KS:  Ancients 11-
3	KS:  Magical theory 14-
1	KS:  Mako energy 11-
4	KS:  Shinra corporation 15-
494	Total Powers & Skills Cost
724	Total Character Cost

100+	Disadvantages
	Distinctive Features:
10	Glowing Mako eyes, long white hair (Con)
10	SOLDIER uniform (Easy, Ext)
10	Cloud Strife (LessPow) 11-
20	Shinra corporation (As Pow, NCI) 11-
	Psychological Limitation:
20	Extremely arrogant and domineering (C, T)
20	Casual killer (VC, S)
25	Megalomania (VC, T)
15	Reputation:  Sephiroth, the world's greatest soldier (14-)
494	Jenova Project Bonus
724	Total Disadvantage Points

Background/History: Sephiroth is the arch-villain from Final Fantasy 7, and rates as one of the best villains of all time.

He was created in a lab using an unborn human child, infused with cells of Jenova (a being discovered in two thousand year old geological strata) and showered with Mako energy. He grew up isolated, eternally being studied. Even from his childhood, he new he was different to all those around him.

He was inducted into SOLDIER at the start oif the war, and quick rose through the ranks and in renown, until he was known world-wide as the best soldier ever. Such was his fame that people were inspired to join Soldier, just to be like him.

However, on one mission to the small town of Nibelheim, Sephiroth discovered the truth of his origins. This apparently drove him mad, sending him on a rampage across the town, cutting down everyone he came across and burning the whole town to the ground. This culminated with, in the town's Mako reactor, a confrontation with his comrade-in-arms, Cloud Strife.

Sephiroth disappeared. Shinra covered up the whole incident, and reported him dead. Yet he returned, cutting down the president of Shinra Inc. and stealing Jenova away from their lab.

Personality/Motivation: Sephiroth is defined by his psychological limitations. After his discovery, he believes himself separate from everyone else. He becomes extremely arrogant, and regards all humans as traitors who stole the planet from his kind. He holds no regard for human life, as evidenced by his rampage through Nibelheim and later the Shinra tower. He is driven by his desire to find the fabled "promised land," regardless of what he has to do to reach it.

For his crimes in Nibelheim, Sephiroth is wanted by both the Shinra corporation and his former comrade, Cloud Strife.

Powers/Tactics: Sephiroth has no innate powers per se, other than his uncanny ability to detect mako energy (he describes a reactor as "stinking of Mako"). He is, however, well equipped with some very powerful materia orbs, enabling him to cast a variety of devastating attack spells as well as powerful healing spells. His main weapon is his sword, a one-of-a-kind blade named Masamune, which only he can wield. The sword can slice through anything.

Appearance: Sephiroth is tall and lean, with a narrow, handsome face. He has waist-length white hair that tails straight down his back, and intense, glowing green Mako eyes. He wears a black uniform, consisting of trousers and a long coat. Black gloves, knee-length boots and white shoulder pads top off the outfit.

(Sephiroth created by Squaresoft. Character sheet by Max Fauth)

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