Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
10	STR	0	11-	100 kg, 2d6
13	DEX	9	12-	OCV:  4/DCV:  4
10	CON	0	11-
10	BODY	0	11-
20	INT	10	13-	PER Roll:  13-
18	EGO	16	13-	ECV:  6
18	PRE	8	13-	PRE Attack:  3 1/2d6
12	COM	1	11-
3	PD	1		Total:  3 PD/8r PD
3	ED	1		Total:  3 ED/8r ED
3	SPD	7		Phases:  4, 8, 12
5	REC	2
30	END	5
20	STUN	0
Total Characteristics Cost:  60

Movement:	Running:  6"/12"
		Swimming:  2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
Combat Training:
9	Combat Skill Levels:  +3 with Lore Multipower

53	Lore Multipower:  80 Point Pool, Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4)
5	u Aqua Rake:  RKA:  1D6+1, NND (Life support:  need not breathe; target holds 
	breath; +1), Does BODY (+1), AoE:  Radius (+1) END 8
5	u Revenge:  RKA:  2 1/2D6, +1 STUN (+1/2), 
	Invisible Power Effects:  Sight (+1/2), Reduced Penetration (-1/4) END 8

8	Mithril Rod:  HA:  +5D6 (5 1/2D6 w/STR), 0 END (+1/2), STR min 8 (-1), 
	OAF (-1)
12	Enchanted Robes:  Armor+5 DEF, IIF (-1/4)

3	High society, 13-
5	Inventor (spell research), 14-
4	KS:  Magical theory (INT), 14-
3	KS:  Monsters (INT), 13-
3	SC:  Monster biology (INT), 13-
3	Survival, 11-
3	Tracking, 13-
1	WF:  Staff
116	Total Powers & Skill Cost
176	Total Character Cost

75+	Disadvantages
5	Age:  40+
10	DNPC:  Relm Arrowny (Less pow, 11-)
	Psychological Limitation:
10	Refuses to act his age (Common, moderate)
15	Hunting the Hidon (Uncommon, total)
61	Youngster bonus
176	Total Disadvantage Points

As the elder of the far-away village Thamasa, Strago guards the secret of his village; that they are all the descendants of the mages who nearly destroyed the world one thousand years ago. When the returners arrived in town, his fellow villagers quietly forbade the use of magic during their visit, fearing that a demonstration of their power would turn the returners against them.

Disaster however forced their hand. A mishap in a neighbors house set it ablaze, causing the villagers to use their powers to fight the fire and, with the returners' help, rescue Strago's granddaughter Relm. His secret blown, Strago joined the team to help them find the last surviving Espers ho had taken refuge near his town.

Strago absolutely refuses to act his age. He is spry, energetic and has a seemingly youthful air to him, despite his short stature and clear age. He takes his responsibility to his village seriously, and is willing to do anything to protect his townspeople.

His study of monsters brought him to the legend of a particular beast known as the Hidon. A supposedly rare, elusive and powerful creature, the Hidon is said to wield the greatest blue magic known to man. Strago has been obsessed with its legend all his life, and is determined to find and do battle with the creature.

Quote: "A young man like me doesn't know the meaning of the word defeat!"

Although physically weak (despite his unending claims to the contrary), Strago wields powerful blue magic, derived from the attacks of certain magical monsters. His two main attacks are Aqua Rake, which creates frothing, bubbling water in the air, especially in the victims lungs, and Revenge, which assails the enemy with rapid, invisible blows. Throuygh studying and experiencing monsters' attacks, Strago can increase his repertoire of blue magic.

Strago is a short, hunched-over elderly gentleman, although he will refuse to admit that he is anything but a spry and healthy youngster. He has a narrow row of grey hair on his otherwise bald head, thick, bushy eyebrows and a short white beard. He wears plain travelers robes and a cape.

(Strago Magus created by Squaresoft. Character sheet by Max Fauth)

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