Val	CHA	Cost	Notes
8	Size	40	Length 12.7m, Width 6.35m, Height 6.35m, Volume 512m^3, Mass 25.6 ton, OCV +5, KB -8
38	STR	-12	HTH Damage 7 ½d6
15	DEX	10

4	PD	3	4 PD (4 rPD)
4	ED	3	4 ED (4 rED)
3	SPD	10	Phases:  4, 8, 12
5	OCV	10
5	DCV	10

18	BODY	0
Total Characteristic Cost:  74

Movement:	Ground:		12m/24m
		Flight		54m/216m
		Leaping:	0m/0m
		Swimming:	12m/24m

Cost	Abilities and Equipment
	Propulsion Systems
21	1)  Propeller-Driven Transport:  Flight 54m, x4 Noncombat; Takeoff/Landing (-1), Side Effects, 
	Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (Side Effect only affects the environment 
	near the character; KA 1d6 to anyone who comes in contact  with the propellers; -½), Stall Velocity 
	(26m; -¼), 1 Continuing Fuel Charge lasting 6 Hours (-0), [1 cc]
-2	2)  Aircraft:  Leaping -4m
1	3)  Floats:  Swimming +8m (12m total); Surface Only (-1), Limited Maneuverability Only 1 turn per 
	Phase at Combat speed; only 1 turn per Turn at Noncombat speed (-½), Cannot Move Backwards (-¼)

	Operations Systems
4	1)  Radio:  Radio Perception/Transmission (Radio Group); OIF Bulky (-1), Affected As Hearing 
	Group As Well As Radio Group (-¼)

Total Abilities & Equipment Cost:  26
Total Vehicle Cost:  98

Value	Complications
Total Complication Points:  0
Total Cost:  98/5 = 20
Sikorsky S-38a.jpg

Description: Also known as "The Explorer's Air Yacht," the S-38 was the Sikorsky Aircraft Company's first flying boat to see wide production. Introduced in May of 1928, Sikorsky produced somewhere between 90 and 100 of these planes, and they saw service with Pan American Airways and the US Army. Numerous private individuals bought and flew the S-38 as well, including: Charles Lindbergh, who surveyed part of South American and the Pacific for Pan Am; filmmakers Martin and Osa Johnson, who used a the zebra-striped S-38 called Osa's Ark, and a giraffe-patterned S-39 named Spirit of Africa to explore Africa from the air, and famous aviator Howard Hughes, who intended to fly his S-38 around the world.

The S-38 has a boat-like fuselage with two sets of wings. One pair of wings are attached to the hull, the second wing is a single unit mounted above the fuselage and supported by an arraignment of angled struts and spars. Two engines are mounted under the upper wing, each in line with the paired booms supporting the tail. The arraignment is almost identical to that of the Consolidated Model 16-1 Commodore seen in the HERO System Vehicle Sourcebook, page 47. However, unlike the Commodore the S-38 has wheels and can land on either land or water.

A Sikorsky S-38-A has a 40' hull, a 71' foot wingspan, and is just under 14' in height. It weighs 6,000 lbs (2,727 kg) empty, and has a maximum takeoff weight of 10,480 lbs (4,764 kg). It's top speed is 120 mph, can reach an altitude of 16,000 feet, and has a range of 750 miles on a single load of fuel. The plane has a crew of two and can carry 10 passengers.

Sikorsky S-38a.jpg

Sikorsky S-38-A's Hero Designer File

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