Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
13	STR	3	12-	Lift 151.6 kg; 2 1/2d6 HTH Damage [3]
19	DEX	27	13-	OCV:  6/DCV:  6
16	CON	12	12-
16	BODY	12	12-
20	INT	10	13-	PER Roll 13-
17	EGO	14	12-	ECV:  6
16	PRE	6	12-	PRE Attack:  3d6
16	COM	3	12-

3	PD	0		Total:  3 PD (0 rPD)
3	ED	0		Total:  3 ED (0 rED)
3	SPD	1		Phases:  4, 8, 12
6	REC	0
32	END	0
31	STUN	0		Total Characteristic Cost:  88

Movement:	Running:	6"/12"
		Leaping:	2"/4"
		Swimming:	2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
40	Spirit Magic:  Multipower, 60-point reserve,  (60 Active Points); Requires A Skill Roll 
	("magic skill"; -1/2)
4u	1)  Healing:  Healing BODY 6d6; Requires A Skill Roll (-1/2), END 6
	Notes:  Simplified Healing Option
1u	2)  Multimissile:  Killing Attack - Ranged 1 1/2d6, Autofire (5 shots; +1/2); OAF (Bow 
	and Arrows; -1), Requires A Skill Roll (-1/2), END 4
1u	3)  Invisibility:  Invisibility to Sight Group , Costs END Only To Activate (+1/4); Only 
	When Not Attacking (-1/2), Requires A Skill Roll (-1/2), END 2
1u	4)  Speedart:  Aid  DEX 3d6; Limited Power (Only to add to OCV and ability to strike 
	first with bow attacks; -1), Requires A Skill Roll (-1/2), Costs Endurance (-1/2), END 3
1u	5)  Repair:  Minor Transform 2d6 (Broken Object into Fixed Object); Requires A Skill 
	Roll (-1/2), Limited Target ([Slightly Limited]; Inanimate objects; -1/4), END 2
1u	6)  Aid  HKA 3d6; OAF (Bladed Weapon; -1), Requires A Skill Roll (-1/2), Costs 
	Endurance (-1/2), Limited Power (May not exceed double weapon's base RKA; -1/4), END 3
1u	7)  Aid  STR 3d6; Requires A Skill Roll (-1/2), Costs Endurance (-1/2), END 3
	Notes:  Succor Option
1u	8)  Detect Magic:  Detect A Single Thing 13- (Unusual Group), Sense; Requires A Skill 
	Roll (-1/2), Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4), END 1
41	Mind Blast:  Drain INT 6d6, Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per 
	Minute; +1/4), Ranged (+1/2), Based On EGO Combat Value (Mental Defense 
	applies; +1); 1 Charge which Recovers every 1 Month (-3), END [1]
1	Wand of Gold Detection:  Detect A Single Thing 13- (Unusual Group), Sense; 
	Independent (-2), OAF (Wand; -1), Requires A Skill Roll (-1/2), Costs Endurance (Only 
	Costs END to Activate; -1/4), END 1

3	AK: Elvish Lands 12-
3	Breakfall 13-
3	Climbing 13-
7	Concealment 15-
2	KS: Botany 11-
1	KS: Cartography 8-
3	KS: Elvish Lore 12-
1	KS: Healing Plants 8-
1	KS: Poison Plants 8-
2	KS: Seven Mothers Mythology 11-
1	KS: Treasure 8-
3	Language:  Balzaring (completely fluent)
1	Language:  Beast Speech (basic conversation)
0	Language:  Elvish (idiomatic) (4 Active Points)
4	Language:  Lunar (completely fluent; literate)
2	Language:  Mostali (fluent conversation)
1	Language:  Sartar (basic conversation)
2	Language:  Tradetalk (fluent conversation)
1	Lockpicking 8-
3	Magic:  Power 13-
1	Riding 8-
3	Security Systems 13-
1	Sleight Of Hand 8-
3	Stealth 13-
1	Tracking 8-
1	Trading 8-
4	WF:  Common Melee Weapons, Common Missile Weapons
151	Total Powers & Skills Cost
239	Total Character Cost

75+	Disadvantages
15	Hunted:  Elves 8- (As Pow, NCI, Harshly Punish)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Hates Elves (Common, Strong)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Self-Centered (Common, Strong)
10	Reputation:  Renegade Elf, 11-
20	Vulnerability:  2 x STUN Iron (Common)
89	Experience
239	Total Disadvantage Points

Background/History: Cracktwig's early life was fairly normal for a young elf training to become a magically-enhanced warrior of his forest. But something happened at this coming of age ceremony which caused Aldrya, god of elves and plants, to reject Cracktwig. Unable to become a full member of elven society, Cracktwig fled his native forest.

He wandered among the humans, trying his hand at thievery when he could not find work. Eventually, he joined the Temple of the Seven Mothers, part of the Lunar Empire's Red Moon religion. Fortune favored Cracktwig then, and he became the most notorious traitor the elves have ever known, gladly betraying their sacred places and defense secrets to the Lunar invaders. Right now, the Lunar Empire and the elves are at a truce, so Cracktwig is free to pursue his private desires.

Personality/Motivation: Cracktwig is a bitter, bitter elf. He hates all elves, and himself for being one. He views humans with contempt, and isn't too fond of trolls. Strangely enough, Cracktwig gets along well with dwarves. Other than his prejudices, Cracktwig's favorite possession is his own life, and he will act to preserve it at any cost to others.

Cracktwig is amenable to being hired by adventurers, provided they do not already have an elf with them, and may even provide a price break if the party's avowed intentions would harm the elves. But he works for the highest bidder, and will gladly sell out his employers for more money or to save his own skin. He will often provoke fights with other elves if he thinks his current grouping can win.

Quote: "The Stone of Silver Moonlight? Yes, I know of it, and where it was last kept. I can guide you there... but it will cost you dearly."

Powers/Tactics: Cracktwig is a skilled archer, and is adept with a number of melee weapons as well. He knows a variety of spells, most designed to enhance his combat abilities. His most fearsome bit of magic was granted to him directly by the Seven Mothers. The Mind Blast sends a flood of insane thoughts into the victim's mind, reducing him to idiocy for a short period. This powerful magic can only be recharged at a Seven Mothers temple. (Gamespeak: The once a month charge represents the time and effort it takes to get to such a temple, plus the week of meditation necessary once Cracktwig gets there.) The only magic item Cracktwig currently possesses is a wand matrix for gold detection; he would be very interested in acquiring items that are either elf-only or that target elves.

Unlike other elves, Cracktwig is cut off from the "elfsense" that allows them to know instantly about any event in the forest. But like them, he is vulnerable to iron, so he does not carry that metal. (Gamespeak: In Glorantha, iron is extremely rare, and most metal weapons are made of bronze.) He generally wears brigandine armor and carries a variety of weapons, including a composite bow.

Cracktwig prefers ranged combat, using his Multimissile spell if he wants to target a group, or Speedart if accuracy is preferred. If melee combat seems inevitable, he will cast Bladesharp before closing. (If he absolutely must take a target alive, he will use Strength to enhance his barehanded strikes instead.) If severely wounded, or if defeat is likely, Cracktwig will cast Invisibility and sneak off to heal himself and repair his gear.

Campaign Use: Naturally, to be switched into any other campaign world, the names in Cracktwig's background will need to be changed. Some of his abilities will be affected by an "elf racial package" if you campaign has one. And most of his magic should be altered to fit the campaign's rules for such. (The Mind Blast should stay relatively intact, to show its uniquness.) If Cracktwig is still too overpowered, trim or eliminate some of his spells. If he's not powerful enough, give him a point of Speed, a few combat skill levels and a higher Magic Skill.

Cracktwig will Hunt player characters if he is hired to, or if an elf in the party has particularly offended him. He will often work with other hunters, but is not a reliable partner.

Appearance: Cracktwig is short, even for an elf, but very muscular. He is handsome by elvish standards, but often spoils it with a gloomy or hateful expression. His clothing is in the style of the Lunar Empire; it shows the wear and tear of constant Repair spells.

(Cracktwig created by Rudy Kraft, Paul Jaquays, and Greg Stafford, character sheet created by Scott Jamison)

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