Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
30	STR	20	15-	Lift 1600 kg; 6d6 HTH Damage [3]
21	DEX	22	13-
25	CON	15	14-
10	INT	0	11-	PER Roll 11-/12-
10	EGO	0	11-
25	PRE	15	14-	PRE Attack:  5d6

7	OCV	20
7	DCV	20
3	OMCV	0
3	DMCV	0
4	SPD	20		Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12

10	PD	5		Total:  10 PD (3 rPD)
10	ED	5		Total:  10 ED (3 rED)
10	REC	6
50	END	6
15	BODY	5
40	STUN	10		Total Characteristic Cost:  169

Movement:	Running:	18m/36m 
		Leaping:	8m/16m
		Swimming:	4m/8m

Cost    Powers & Skills
3	Big Bruiser:  +10 BODY; Only To Stave Off Exact Point Of Death (-2)
25	Buro Godhammer:  RKA 2d6+1, +1 Increased STUN Multiplier (+¼), Autofire (5 shots; +½); OAF (-1), 
	Beam (-¼), 4 clips of 5 Charges (-¼), Real Weapon (-¼) plus +1 OCV; OAF (-1), Real Weapon (-¼), [5]
2	Powerful Leaper:  Leaping +4m (8m forward, 4m upward), END 1
6	Move!:  Running +6m (18m total), END 1
2	Observant:  +1 PER with Sight Group

4	Contacts (4 points' worth)
3	Fringe Benefit:  Federal/National (i.e. PubOrd) Police Powers
3	Fringe Benefit:  Law Enforcement Rank
3	Fringe Benefit:  Concealed Weapon Permit (where appropriate), Weapon Permit
12	Positive Reputation:  hero of the Buro (hey, he has his own TV show!) (everyone in the 2054 
	juncture) 14-, +4/+4d6

6	Big Bruiser:  Combat Luck (3 PD/3 ED)
3	Blond Adonis:  +1/+1d6 Striking Appearance (vs. all characters)
12	Signature Weapon:  Weapon Master:  +1d6 (Buro Godhammer)

20	Carnival Of Carnage:  +2 with All Attacks
6	Carnival Of Carnage:  +2 with Autofire attacks

5	Accurate Sprayfire
3	Acrobatics 13-
3	Breakfall 13-
1	Combat Driving 8-
5	Concentrated Sprayfire
3	Criminology 11-
5	Lighting Reload:  Fast Draw 15-; Only To Reload Weapons (-½)
3	Interrogation 14-
2	KS: Buro Criminal Law And Procedure 11-
2	KS: The Jammers 11-
2	KS: The Law Enforcement World 11-
2	PS: Buro Public Order Officer (i.e. "PubOrd" cop) 11-
5	Rapid Autofire
3	Streetwise 14-
2	TF:  Common Motorized Ground Vehicles, Two-Wheeled Motorized 
	Ground Vehicles
4	WF:  Common Melee Weapons, Small Arms

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  160
Total Cost:  329

300+	Matching Complications
5	Distinctive Features:  Uniform and/or Badge (Easily Concealed)
20	Hunted:  Buro Public Order Frequently (Mo Pow; NCI; PC has a Public ID or is otherwise very easy 
	to find; Watching)
20	Psychological Complication:  Hatred Of The Jammers (and anyone else who disrupts life in 2056) 
	(Common; Total)
20	Social Limitation:  Subject To Orders (Very Frequently; Major)
29	Experience Points

Total Complications Points:  329

Background/History: Dan is a survivor of one of the many wars the Bureau of Tactical Management fought to bring the world under Buro control in the year 2056. He was only a young boy when the fighting happened, and it left scars that took years of therapy to heal. But that’s all behind him now. Dan’s currently one of the Buro’s most popular propaganda stars, with one of the highest-rated shows on the Cop Channel: Dan Dammer, Jammer Slammer.

Personality/Motivation: Dan is a man with a mission, and that mission is eradicating Jammers, resistance fighters, and malcontents of all stripes. You see, his parents (and sister) died during the fighting, and Dan feels the Jammers (an anti-Buro resistance group) were directly responsible for leading his parents astray and turning them into resistance fighters. At the same time, he still suffers nightmares of himself and his sister Cindy running from... well... something. Dan has no idea what is is, only that it kills Cindy and he runs away... to live.

What Dan doesn’t know is that the something is an early Buro cyborg squad, sent to kill his parents (and the rest of his family if possible.) No one’s sure what he’ll do if he ever finds out, and most everyone agrees it’s best for the Buro if he never does.

Quote: “Hold it, punk!” BLAM BLAM BLAM! “I’m authorized for deadly force!”

Powers/Tactics: Dan’s tactics are pretty simple—hit ‘em fast and hard. He’s incredibly tough (and knows it), and has survived being knifed, tossed out of a window, and even shot in the face. So he’s not much for subtly, and prefers to tackle problems head on, usually with his trusty Buro Godhammer in hand. However, he’s been known to equip himself with additional weaponry, usually of the heavy battle rifle type.

Appearance: Dan is a towering 7’6” in height, with the body of a dedicated weightlifter (and possible steroid abuser). His hair is blond, and kept cropped short. He wears the standard PubOrd uniform while on duty and tends to carry a variety of ordinance.

Designer's Notes: Dan, who happens to have one of the best names in Feng Shui, is found in the supplement Seed of the New Flesh. As written, he makes a great cyberpunk cop, whose incredible physical capabilities can be explained as either implanted cybernetics or genetic augmentation. He could also be more of a Dark Champions character, in the style of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie characters, although you might want to drop his STR down to 25 or so.

Dan Dammer's Hero Designer File

(Dan Dammer created by Greg Stolze, character sheet created by Michael Surbrook)

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