Some time ago, before HERO System 4th Edition was published, Ken Rolston wrote an adventure titled Bad Medicine For Dr. Drugs. What made the adventure rather interesting was that there were two sets of character sheets inside—one for Superworld and one for Champions. I present here the same characters, updated to 5th Edition.

The update is being handled in the exact same way as my "debugging" of European Enemies:

1) The printed values are not to be altered.

2) Powers that logically and legally belong in a framework will placed in one.

3) If the figured value is higher than the original, printed value, use the figured value. This goes for figured characteristics and skills. Conversely, if the skill roll is higher than the points allow, the points are increased to permit the higher value.

4) Disadvantages will be edited so that they conform to the rules and logic (Hunteds for example) with a maximum of 50 points in any one category. All characters will be built on a base of 150 points and are not assumed to have Normal Characteristic Maxima (unless listed as a Disadvantage).

Of course, the big difference between Dr. Drugs and European Enemies is that the former is far better written than the latter. Granted, the characters in Dr. Drugs do suffer from the same problems that afflicted a lot of pre-4th Edition characters—namely a lack of logical skills and/or depth in powers and abilities, but on the other hand, they are creative and colorful concepts. They also provide ready-made bases from which to build much more detailed characters. In the Designer's Notes section of each character sheet, I'll comment on the build itself and also give my thoughts on ways to expand on the basic character sheet.

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