The following conversion contains language that some might find offensive. Belial is the copy written property of White Wolf game studios, as is Aberrant and


The Mind of the Beast

Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
15	STR	5	12-	Lift 200 kg; 3d6 HTH damage
15	DEX	15	12-	OCV:  5/DCV:  5
15	CON	10	12-
10	BODY	0	11-
15	INT	5	12-	PER Roll 12-
10	EGO	0	11-	ECV:  3
30	PRE	20	15-	PRE Attack:  6d6
25	COM	8	14-

3	PD	0		Total:  3 PD (1 rPD)
3	ED	0		Total:  3 ED (1 rED)
3	SPD	5		Phases:  4, 8, 12
6	REC	0
30	END	0
26	STUN	0		Total Characteristics Cost:  68

Movement:	Flight:  25"/50"
		Running:  6"/12"
		Swimming:  2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
50	Weather Manipulation:  Multipower, 50-point reserve
5u	1) Summon Storms:  Change Environment 128" radius (-2 PER Roll:  Normal Hearing, -3 
	PER Roll:  Normal Sight), END 5
4u	2) Call Lightning:  RKA 2d6 (vs. ED), Indirect:  Above (Same origin, always fired away 
	from attacker; +1/4), END 4
5u	3) Wind Riding:  Flight 25", END 5

	Martial Arts:  Fencing
	Maneuver	OCV	DCV	Damage
5	Slash		+1	+3	STR Strike
4	Disarm		-1	+1	Disarm; +10 STR to Disarm roll
4	Riposte		+2	+2	STR +2d6 Strike, Must Follow Block
4	Block		+2	+2	Block, Abort

32	Mind Blasting Magic:  Ego Attack 4d6; Gestures (-1/4), END 4
25	Soul Sword:  HKA 2d6 (3d6 with STR) (vs. PD), Reduced Endurance (Half END; +1/4); 
	Restrainable (-1/2), END 1
22	Hypnosis:  Mind Control 10d6 (50 Active Points); Eye Contact Required (-1/2), Hypnosis Only ( -1/2), 
	Incantations (-1/4), END 5
1	Nova Toughness:  Damage Resistance (1 PD/1 ED)  
10	Extra Sensory Perception:  Clairsentience (Sight Group); Concentration, Must Concentrate Throughout 
	Use Of Constant Power (1/2 DCV; -3/4), Character Is Totally Unaware Of Nearby Events (-1/4), END 2
7	Visions Of The Future:  Clairsentience (Sight Group; Precognition); Concentration, Must Concentrate 
	Throughout Use Of Constant Power (0 DCV; -1 1/4), Character Is Totally Unaware Of Nearby Events (-1/4), 
	Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12); -1 1/4), Character May Take No Other Actions (-1/4), Precognition/
	Retrocognition Only (-1), Vague And Unclear (-1/2), END 4
17	Quantum Awareness:  Detect:  Quantum Signatures A Class Of Things 16- (Analyze, Discriminatory, 
	Sense); Sense Affected As Another Sense (-1/4)
12	Enhanced Perception:  Enhanced Perception (+4 to PER Rolls for All Sense Groups)
5	Enhanced Perception:  Increased Arc Of Perception (240-Degree) (Sight Group)
15	The Devil's Own Luck:  Luck 3d6 
20	Dormancy:  Multiform (100 Character Points in the most expensive form)
14	Mind Sifting:  Telepathy 10d6; Concentration, Must Concentrate Throughout Use Of Constant Power 
	(1/2 DCV; -3/4), Character Is Totally Unaware Of Nearby Events (-1/4), Gestures (-1/4), Requires 
	Gestures Throughout (-1/4), Requires Both Hands (-1/4), 
	Receive Only (-1/2), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-1/4), END 5
27	Natural Empathy:  Telepathy 6d6, Invisible Power Effects (Fully Invisible; +1); Empathy (All 
	Emotions; -1/2), Must Be Engage In Close Social Interaction With Target (; -1/2), Does Not Provide 
	Mental Awareness (-1/4), END 6

25	Follower:  Church of Astaroth flunkies and ex-lovers (x16, 25 Base, 25 Disad)
5	Money (Well Off)
3	Well-Connected
6	1) Contact:  Former Romantic Conquest (13-) (Contact has:  useful Skills or resources, Very Good 
	relationship with Contact)
5	2) Contact:  Former Romantic Conquest (8-) (Contact has:  very useful Skills or resources, Contact 
	is slavishly loyal to character)
2	3) Contact:  Open Slot (12-)
8	4) Contact:  Satanist Underground (11-) (Good relationship with Contact), Organization Contact (+2)
5	+1 with HTH Combat
6	+2 with Pistols
6	+2 with Swords
10	Trickster:  Skill Levels:  +4 with Persuasion, Seduction and Conversation; Costs Endurance (-1/4)

3	Acting 15-
3	Combat Driving 12-
3	Conversation 15-
3	High Society 15-
4	Language:  French:  Idiomatic, native accent
3	Language:  Latin:  Completely Fluent, w/Accent
4	KS:  The Occult 13-
4	KS:  Satanic Underground 13-
3	Persuasion 15-
2	PS:  Gothic Romance Author 11-
3	Seduction 15-
3	Sleight Of Hand 12-
5	Stealth 13-

463	Total Powers & Skills Cost
530	Total Cost

300+	Disadvantages
5	Distinctive Features:  Bishounen Good Looks, Extreme Beauty, Easily Concealed, Noticed And Recognizable, 
	Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses
5	Enraged:  Accused Of Being Homosexual, Uncommon, Go 8-, Recover 14-
5	Hunted:  Church Of The Archangel Michael., Less Powerful, 8- (Occasionally), Harshly Punish
10	Physical Limitation:  Nova Physique, Frequently, Slightly Impairing
15	Psychological Limitation:  Considers Everyone Else But Astaroth Tools Or Victims, Common, Strong
10	Psychological Limitation:  Despises "Rednecks" And Goes Out Of His Way To Hurt And Humiliate Them, 
	Common, Moderate
15	Psychological Limitation:  "Lover Not A Fighter" Likes To Be Low Key And Quiet, Very Common, Moderate
165	Weird Gothic Pretty Boy Bonus

530	Total Disadvantage Points

Background: "Son," asked Brian Petford's father,"Are you a faggot?" Most people just assumed the elfin effeminate child was and he caught the required ton of abuse for it from peers and family unlike. In his teenager years, he became quite the "pretty boy" and despite the questioning of his sexuality, girls still giggled when they whispered about him. But by that time, Petford had retreated into his own little world, withdrawing from the taunts and frequent beatings his looks brought him.

It wasn't long after that he was "adopted" by the local goth community. And there, Petford came into his own. He soon discovered he was anything but gay. Surrounded by women that found his good looks and gothic manner charming, Brian went from hermit to satyr. He collected quite a library of occultism (most of it bull) as an additional lure for young girls interested in a "black magic". High School blurred into college and a series of "undeclared" majors. After being thrown out of college, Petford was disowned by his parents and lived for awhile as a vagabond, drifting from Ren fair to Ren fair between leeching of his romantic conquests. During this time, he renamed himself Belial, Demon Prince of sensuality. Women seemed to like it.

Belial met the future Astaroth at The Burning Man festival in 2000 in an orgy tent. After ingesting a great deal of drugs both men went on a "vision quest" across the desert. Neither erupted at that time but it did forge a bond between them that remains to this day. They remained in touch over the internet when Thor returned to Norway. The visions he'd had during the journey struck Belial deeply. He'd see himself stretched across the face of the world like the Crawling Chaos described by Lovecraft, howling with mad joy at the capering hordes beneath him. All the while Astaroth burned with cold fire. Obsessed, he returned to his reclusive ways trying to grasp the vision yet again.

One night, he succeeded.

His eruption was quiet and subtle. He sees himself as the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotepe (though he's given up using that name. No one can pronounce it). When he found his "brother" Thor had found revelation at approximately the same time he knew their destinies were intertwined. Belial is completely unaware of the murderous climax of Belilal's plans. Exactly how he would react if he did find out is anyone's guess.

Appearance: Belial remains tall and effeminate with elfin tendencies. His white blonde hair streams pasts his shoulders and his pale skin seems to glow by candlelight. Clothing wise his prefers black lace and metal, with touches of red to contrast against his pale skin. Unlike his brother and Devil Head peers he doesn't got for body art and has no tattoos of any kind. To gothic tastes, Belial is an entrancing specter and he milks it for everything its worth

(Belial created by White Wolf, character sheet created by Kim Foster [])

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