(Croza Chrugesh)

> Val CHA Cost Roll Notes 53 STR 43 20- Lift 37.5 tons 10 1/2 d6 HTH Damage 13 DEX 9 12- OCV: 4/DCV: 4 38 CON 56 17- 25 BODY 30 14- 6 INT -4 10- PER Roll: 10- 7 EGO -6 10- ECV: 2 6 PRE -4 10- PRE Attack: 1d6 8 COM -1 11- 15 PD 4 Total: 15 PD 15 ED 7 Total: 15 ED 4 SPD 15 Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12 19 REC 0 76 END 0 71 STUN 0 Total Characteristics Cost: 149 Movement: Running: 10"/20" Swimming: 2"/4" Cost Powers & Skills Martial Arts: Boxing, Wrestling Maneuver OCV DCV Damage 4 Block +2 +2 Block, Abort 5 Choke Hold -2 +0 Grab One limb, 2d6 NND 4 Cross +0 +2 12 1/2d6 Strike 4 Escape +0 +0 68 STR Escape 3 Hold -1 -1 Grab Two limbs, 63 STR 5 Hook -2 +1 14 1/2d6 Strike 3 Sacrifice Throw +2 +1 10 1/2d6 Strike, Target Falls, you fall 3 Slam +0 +1 10 1/2d6 +v/5, Target falls 19 Multiple Lives: Healing 3d6 (Regeneration; 3 BODY per Turn), Resurrection, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2); 9 Non-Recoverable Charges (-2 1/4), Extra Time (1 Turn; -1), Resurrection Only (-1/2), Self Only (-1/2), 2 Massive: -1" Knockback resistance 8 Running: +4" Skills 5 Combat Skill Levels: +1 with Hand-to-Hand Combat 0 AK: Century Station 8- 3 Climbing 12- 3 Interrogation 10- 0 Language: English (Native) 3 Mechanics 10- 3 Persuasion 10- 3 Shadowing 10- 3 Stealth 12- 3 Streetwise 10- 0 TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles 4 WF: Common Melee Weapons, Small Arms 90 Total Powers and Skills Cost 239 Total Character Cost 150+ Disadvantages 15 Distinctive Features: Very Large (NC) 20 Hunted: Century Station Police (More Powerful, NCI, Limited area, 11-) 5 Physical Limitation: Very Large And Heavy (2.1 meters, 250 kg) (Occasionally, slightly impairing) 15 Psychological Limitation: Just Plain Stupid (Common, strong) 15 Psychological Limitation: Overconfident (Common, strong) 20 Psychological Limitation: Unaware Of Limited Lives (Common, total) 5 Reputation: Looser Supervillain, 8- 10 Unluck: 2d6 5 Wealth: Poor -21 Dead Again Bonus 239 Total Disadvantages Cost

Background: Croza Chrugesh, better known as Strongarm, is a mutant born with powers that set him apart from normal men. In his case, the power that first manifested itself was his extreme strength and stamina. Having barely made it through high school and finding himself unable to gain employment, he decided to use his mutant powers to turn to a life of crime. A few "smash and grab" robberies went well, up until the police cornered him. The raid went bad, and Strongarm ended up dead.

Except he wasn't.

Much to his surprise, Strongarm got up from being dead. Figuring that his mutant powers made him immortal, he went back to his life of crime. Initially successful, he suffered a severe setback when a bank robbery went bad. The safecracker used too much explosive, and ended up killing both himself and Strongarm. Undeterred, he got back up and started his career anew.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out. Moving down to Texas, he began his career anew in a new location. A new crime sp>e involving knocking over armored cars (literally) was going well until a raid went wrong and a bus load of nuns ended up dead. App>hended by the Texas state police, he was found guilty and sent to the chair. Ten minutes—and a brown out—later, he was dead. Again.

Getting back up, Strongarm decided to move back to his hometown of Century Station. He's hooked up with the Quartet, a small time supervillain gang, hoping to make it big. Or at the very least, stop dying.

Personality/Motivation: Strongarm is, simply, put, a moron. He thinks he's big, tough and powerful. While this is true to a certain extent, he is very overconfident in his abilities. He doesn't believe in prior planning, p>ferring to simply charge in there, get what he wants and smash whatever gets in his way. This usually results in him getting beaten up, captured or occasionally killed. Rather than think things through, hell often end up working as 'hired muscle" for supervillain teams, often providing little more than a target to draw enemy fire.

His biggest weakness is that he doesn't know about his limited lives. As far as he's concerned, he's immortal. One of these days, this oversight going to catch up with him.

Powers/Tactics: Strongarm has two significant powers. The first is his incredible strength and resilience. He is capable of lifting about 30 tons, and can take incredible amounts of punishment without being stunned or injured. The second, less well known, is his power of Multiple lives. Strongarm has the ability to recover from dying, with his system regenerating him to the point where he is alive again, before letting natural healing take over. This ability has the drawback that it can only be used nine times. When he dies the tenth time, Strongarm will stay dead. At p>sent, Strongarm is unaware of this limitation, and caries on as if he is completely unkillable. So far, he's used up three of his lives, and looks to be heading towards the fourth.

Appearance: Strongarm is very tall (2.1 meters) and broad. He's also considerably overweight (225 kilos), even accounting for his large size. He has small brown eyes, a rather large nose, short black hair and a goatee beard. He wears a white costume with black shoulders and boots and no sleeves or mask.

Conversion Notes/Disadvantages Notes/Campaign Use: Strongarm was converted from the Palladium Heroes Unlimited system. I took a few "creative leaps" with the conversion.

Firstly, Palladium makes no distinction between lethal (BODY) and non-lethal (STUN) damage. Since there was nothing on his Palladium character sheet to suggest that he's resistant to Killing attacks (no amour, for example), I assumed that he has no resistant defenses.

Secondly, there is no circumstances given that will p>vent him from reviving after death, unlike the normal condition for the HERO power. I could find nothing in either his description, or the write-up of the power, to p>vent him from reviving. Given that he has been shot, blown up, and electrocuted, it's p>sumably nothing mundane. Strongarm has a total of 9 lives, but had used up 3 of them by the time of his write up in Century Station. I suppose you could adjust the number of charges to reflect this.

The attributes were derived form the Palladium attributes mostly on a one-for-one basis; IQ to INT, ME to EGO, MA to PRE, PP to DEX, PE to CON, PB to COM. STR was determined by taking his total lifting ability form his Palladium PS attribute; BODY was from dividing his HP by two and his movement from multiplying his SPD by 0.8 (Palladium's 15 second round versus HERO's 12) to get his total running speed. This conversion should work for all Palladium games into HERO. His SPD was derived from his attacks per round multiplied by 0.8 and rounding. Actual milage may vary. The end result in his case was a stupidly high CON and BODY. I feel this does balance his relative lack of defenses and low DEX. The combat maneuvers were taken from what the Palladium "Boxing" and "Wrestling" Skills provide.

Strongarm could easily fit into a "vanilla" Champions game. You'd probably want to reduce his CON and BODY, up his DEX and PRE and add some resistant defenses though. You'd also need to think of some way to p>vent him from reviving.

(Strongarm created by Bill Coffin, Character sheet by Alex Fauth)