WARNING: Contains Spoilers!!!

For those who haven't seen (or heard of) the French film Brotherhood of the Wolf, all I can say is "find it!" I will admit it its of a genre that one doesn't often see in cinema, the scarcely exploited "period costume drama/action-adventure/kung fu/conspiracy/occult/supernatural/werewolf" genre, but if you're looking for equal parts of suspense, action, and martial arts, Brotherhood of the Wolf is a pretty good choice. Just keep in mind this is a fantasy film and such questions as "why does the 18th century American Indian known kung fu" won't really be a problem.

Thus, I present Sir Gregorie de Fronsac and his "valet" Mani, the heroes of Brotherhood of the Wolf. As for the Bete de Gevaudan... maybe later, although you could try checking issues of Hero Game's Digital Hero.

Sir Gregorie de Fronsac | Mani

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