Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
13	STR	3	12-	Lift 151.6 kg; 2 ½d6 HTH Damage [3]
15	DEX	10	12-
13	CON	3	12-
13	INT	3	12-	PER Roll 12-/14-
12	EGO	2	11-
15	PRE	5	12-	PRE Attack:  3d6

5	OCV	10	
5	DCV	10	
3	OMCV	0	
4	DMCV	3	
4	SPD	20		Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12

6	PD	4		Total:  6 PD (0 rPD)
5	ED	3		Total:  5 ED (0 rED)
6	REC	2
26	END	2
12	BODY	2
26	STUN	3		Total Characteristics Cost:  85

Movement:	Running:	14m/28m
		Leaping:	4m/8m
		Swimming:	4m/8m

Cost	Powers & Skills
10	Double Tap:  Autofire (2 shots; +¼) for up to 60 Active Points of RKA, Both Shots Must Be At Same 
	Target (-0); OIF (handguns of opportunity; -½)
15	Quick Firing:  Autofire (5 shots; +½) for up to 60 Active Points of any non-Autofire firearm; OIF 
	(any non-Autofire firearm of opportunity; -½), Cannot Use Targeting (-½)
2	Move Soldier!:  Running +2m (14m total), END 1
2	Observant:  +2 PER with Normal Sight

	Martial Arts:  Kickboxing
	Maneuver	OCV	DCV	Effect
4	Block		+2	+2	Block, Abort
4	Disarm		-1	+1	Disarm; 23 STR to Disarm roll
4	Dodge		--	+5	Dodge, Affects All Attacks, Abort
4	Elbow Strike	+2	+0	4 ½d6 Strike
4	Escape		+0	+0	28 STR vs. Grabs
4	Joint Lock/Throw
			+1	+0	Grab One Limb; 1d6 NND ; Target Falls
3	Joint Lock	+0	-1	Grab One Limb,  23 STR  for holding on
5	Knee Strike	-2	+1	6 ½d6 Strike
3	Legsweep	+2	-1	3 ½d6 Strike, Target Falls
4	Punch/Snap Kick	+0	+2	4 ½d6 Strike
5	Side Kick	-2	+1	6 ½d6 Strike

1	Contact:  Doctor Oatman 8-
8	Contact:  Marcella (Contact has useful Skills or resources, Very Good relationship with Contact) 14-
2	Pacific Trident Global:  Deep Cover
5	Money:  Well Off

3	Handsome:  +1/+1d6 Striking Appearance (vs. all characters)

20	+2 with All Combat
10	+2 with Small Arms

3	Acting 12-
3	Breakfall 12-
3	Combat Driving 12-
3	Concealment 12-
3	Demolitions 12-
3	Fast Draw:  Handguns 12-
0	Language:  English (idiomatic; literate)
3	Lockpicking 12-
2	PS: Professional Assassin 11-
3	SS:  Pharmacology/Toxicology 12-
3	Streetwise 12-
3	Tactics 12-
0	TF:  Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
3	WF:  Small Arms, Knives
3	Scholar
2	1)  KS: Professional Assassins Of The World 12-
2	2)  KS: The Espionage World 12-
2	3)  KS: The Military/Mercenary/Terrorist World 12-
1	4)  KS: U.S. Army History And Customs 11-
3	Traveler
1	1)  AK: Burma 11-
1	2)  AK: California 11-
1	3)  AK: Paruguay 11-
1	4)  AK: Persian Gulf 11-
1	5)  CK: Budapest 11-
1	6)  CK: Grosse Pointe, Detroit, Michigan 11-
1	7)  CK: Lisbon 11-

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  178
Total Cost:  262

175+	Matching Complications
15	Hunted:  US Government (and/or) A Dissatisfied Former Customer Infrequently (Mo Pow; NCI; Limited 
	Geographical Area; Harshly Punish)
10	Psychological Complication:  Feels Angst Over The People He's Killed, Uneasy About His Life Choices, 
	Somewhat Dispassionate (Common; Moderate)
15	Psychological Complication:  In Love With Debra "Debi" Newberry (Common; Strong)
15	Psychological Complication:  Professional Paranoia (Common; Strong)
87	Experience Points

Total Complications Points:  318
Martin Q Blank

Background/History: When he was eighteen, Martin Blank “freaked out” and “joined the Army” (his own words), leaving his high school prom date Debi Newberry high-and-dry. In time, Debi came to grips with what happened (she wasn’t happy about it, but she could deal with it); as for Martin....

While in the Army, it was determined that Martin’s psychological profile revealed a certain “moral flexibility,” which resulted in his being loaned out to a CIA-sponsored program. There he was trained to be a professional hit-man, responsible (as Martin puts it) for “taming unchecked aggression.” After five years of this, he left the CIA and went into business for himself. He now works as a freelance hitman, traveling the world doing in people Martin figures (or hopes anyways) are better of dead.

Personality/Motivation: After ten years of killing people for money, Martin has started to have second thoughts. He wonders if he’s made the right choices in his life and frets over all of the lives he’s ended. He’s tried seeing a psychiatrist (Doctor Oatman), but his sessions haven’t been going to so well. As an added bonus, he become somewhat paranoid and doesn’t like to have his back exposed (thus, he tends to sit with his back to a wall if at all possible.) At the same time, Martin would like to think he’s done the right thing. He doesn’t kill simply to kill, but tries to take contracts only for those who, in his opinion “deserve it.” This has left him somewhat disconnected from most people. The upcoming arrival of his 10th High School reunion doesn’t help matters any, as it shows him just how little he has in common with the people he grew up with.

Quote: “If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there.”

“I freaked out, joined the Army, worked for the government, then went into business for myself.”

“I killed for money. It’s a job. That didn’t sound right.”

Powers/Tactics: Although Martin seems on the verge of a mid-life crisis (even if he’s only in his late 20s), years of training have made him a capable combatant who’s fairly cool under fire. He’s skilled with a wide variety of firearms, including sniper rifles and handguns, as well as knives, and once killed a man with a ballpoint pen in hand-to-hand combat. He seems to prefer firearms, although he did attempt a hit by drilling a hole through the ceiling of a target’s bedroom and lowering a thread down to the target’s mouth as a delivery system for poison.

When on the job Martin apparently likes to take his time, ensuring he knows both the area and the target before moving in for the kill. When he does make a kill, he tries to make it a unobtrusive as possible (to avoid attracting attention) and will leave the area as quickly as possible.

Appearance: Martin Blank stands 6’3” with a lean build. His dark hair is kept short and he tends to dress in dark-colored “business casual” attire.

Designer’s Notes: Martin Q. Blank is from the 1997 film Grosse Point Blank, a breakout film for star John Cusack. The character sheet is based off his on-screen actions, with some additional material taken from 5th Edition Dark Champions. Game Masters could pad out Martin’s character sheet with such powers as defensive Presence, more (or better defined) Area Knowledges, and more combat skills (such as thrown knives and weapon elements of his martial arts).

As a side note, John Cusack did his own fighting in Grosse Point Blank, opposite his kickboxing instructor Benny Urquidez (who has done fight scenes with Jackie Chan). Technically, Martin should know Ukidokan (“way of life”) as it’s Urquidez’s style and that’s what John Cusack has been taught, but GMs can define Martin’s style however they wish.

Martin Q. Blank's Hero Designer File

(Martin Q. Blank created by John Cusack and Tom Jankiewicz, character sheet created by Michael Surbrook.)

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