Letalihydrus Despicatus
"Contemptible Deadly-Serpent"

Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
-20	STR	-30	5-	Lift 1.6kg; -4d6
11	DEX	3	11-	OCV:  4/DCV:  4
3	CON	-14	10-
3	BODY	-14	10-
5	INT	-5	10-	PER Roll 10-/13-
5	EGO	-10	10-	ECV:  2
10	PRE	0	11-	PRE Attack:  2d6
2	COM	-4	9-

1	PD	1		Total:  1 PD (0 rPD)
1	ED	0		Total:  1 ED (0 rED)
2	SPD	0		Phases:  6, 12
2	REC	2
6	END	0
5	STUN	0		Total Characteristics Cost:  -71

Movement:	Running:	0"/0"
		Swimming:	2"/6"/4"/12"

Cost	Powers & Skills
5	Bite:  HKA 1 point, END 1
-12	Only Swims:  Runniing -6"
2	Burst Of Speed:  Swimming +4" (2"/6" total); Increased Endurance Cost (x4 END; -1 1/2), END 4
6	Sharp Sense Of Smell:  +3 PER with Smell/Taste Group

2	+1 with Bite
10	Hard To Hit:  +2 with DCV

3	Easily Hidden:  +2 to Concealment ; Self Only (-1/2)
4	Hard To Perceive:  +2 to Stealth 

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  20
Total Cost:  -51

75+	Disadvantages
20	Physical Limitation:  Instinctive Intelligence (All the Time, Greatly Impairing)
5	Physical Limitation:  Small (1m, or 1/2", +3" KB) (Infrequently, Slightly Impairing)
15	Physical Limitation:  Very Limited Manipulation (Frequently, Greatly Impairing)
20	Susceptibility:  to acidic or cool water temperatures 1d6 damage per Segment (Uncommon)

Total Disadvantage Points:  -51

Ecology: Relatives of lampreys, Killer Eels are slow-moving scavengers of Skull Island's waterways. They tend to school in large numbers, with groups of one hundred not unknown. Remaining motionless in the water, they wait until a likely prey item blunders into their territory, at which points the Eels will rip the unfortunate victim into pieces with their razor-sharp teeth.

Killer Eels lay their eggs in large masses, usually in shallow water amid heavy vegetation. A popular food item for many other river dwellers, the high mortality rate of the young, as well as the Eel's lack of tolerance to cool or acidic water, helps keep its numbers in check.

Personality/Motivation: Typical animal motivations.

Powers/Tactics: Due to their inability to remain active for long periods, Killer Eels tend to sit and wait. They only become excited if they smell blood in the water, swimming for the source and then attacking whatever it is. Capable of reducing a small dinosaur to bones in a matter of minutes, Killer Eels live up to their names with their voracious appetites.

Appearance: A Killer Eel is a worm-like fish that greatly resembles a lamprey or hagfish.

Designer's Notes: The Killer Eel was based off the character sheet I did for a Nefacossus, which in turn was based off of the Eel character sheet found in the HERO System Bestiary. Killer Eels didn't appear in King Kong.

Killer Eel Hero Desigher File

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