"Flesh-Removing Bug"

Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
20	STR	10	13-	Lift 400 kg; 4d6 HTH Damage [2]
14	DEX	12	12-	OCV:  5/DCV:  5
20	CON	20	13-
15	BODY	10	12-
4	INT	-6	10-	PER Roll 10-/14-
5	EGO	-10	10-	ECV:  2
20	PRE	10	13-	PRE Attack:  4d6
4	COM	-3	10-

12	PD	4		Total:  12 PD (4 rPD)
11	ED	3		Total:  11 ED (4 rED)
3	SPD	6		Phases:  4, 8, 12
8	REC	0
40	END	0
35	STUN	0		Total Characteristics Cost:  56

Movement:	Running:	5"/10"
		Leaping:	0"/0"
		Swimming:	0"/0"

Cost	Powers & Skills
20	Bladed Forelimbs:  HKA 1d6+1 (2 1/2d6 w/STR), END 2
10	Razor-Sharp Mandibles:  HKA 1/2d6 (1d6+1 w/STR), END 1
12	Thick Exoskeleton:  Armor (4 PD/4 ED)
-2	Slow:  Running -1" (5" total)
-2	Can't Swim:  Swimming -2"
4	Insect Senses:  +2 PER with Smell/Taste Group
4	Insect Senses:  +2 PER with Touch Group
6	Insect Limbs:  Extra Limb (1), Inherent (+1/4)

5	+1 with HTH Combat

5	Concealment 11-
3	Stealth 12-

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  65
Total Cost:  121

75+	Disadvantages
20	Physical Limitation:  Instinctive Intelligence (All the Time, Greatly Impairing)
5	Physical Limitation:  Large (4m, or 2"; -2 DCV, +2 to PER Rolls to perceive) (Infrequently, 
	Slightly Impairing)
5	Physical Limitation:  Reduced Leap, cannot leap (Infrequently, Slightly Impairing)
15	Physical Limitation:  Very Limited Manipulation (Frequently, Greatly Impairing)
5	Vulnerability:  1 1/2 x Effect from Sight Group Flashes (Uncommon)

Total Disadvantage Points:  121

Ecology: These abyssal chasm dwellers feed on corpses and small animals, scavenging their meals from anything they can find. Larger and more powerful than the Arachno-claw, Decarnocimex are aggressive predators, and will readily attack anything smaller than themselves. Female Decarnocimex will cut corpses into small chunks, drag the meat to a small hole, and deposit it inside, along with a clutch of eggs, sealing the hole afterwards. The young will then hatch and subside off of carrion the until large enough to break through the seal and venture out into the chasm proper.

Personality/Motivation: Typical animal motivations. As with the Arachno-claw, Decarnocimex doesn't seem to care for bright light.

Powers/Tactics: While not very fast, the Decarnocimex is powerful, and comes equipped with sharp blades on its forelimbs and razor-like mandibles. Small prey items are often caught with a forelimb and then pulled to the mandibles to be devoured. Larger corpses are often torn into small, easier to digest, pieces.

Appearance: A Decarnocimex is an immense cricket-like creature measuring anywhere from five to ten feet long. They have a heavily-plated exoskeleton, four crawling legs, and two bladed forearms. The overall coloration is greenish-brown.

Designer's Notes: I'm not sure of the Decarnocimex appeared in King Kong or not, but I think it might have, in the background. I based Decarnocimex off of the Giant Crab found in the HERO System Bestiary.

Decarnocimex Hero Designer File

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