Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
13	STR	3	12-	Lift 100 kg; 3d6 HTH Damage
8	DEX	-6	11-	OCV:  3/DCV:  3
13	CON	6	12-
13	BODY	6	12-
5	INT	-5	9-	PER Roll 9-, 14- to Sense Uninfected
14	EGO	8	12-	ECV:  5
18	PRE	8	13-	PRE Attack:  4d6
8	COM	-1	11-
5	PD	2		Total:  5 PD ( 0 rPD)
5	ED	2		Total:  5 ED ( 0 rED)
2/3	SPD	10		Phases:  6, 12/4, 8, 12
10	REC	8
26	END	0
23	STUN	0
Total Characteristics Cost:  41

Movement:	Running:  6"/12"
		Swimming:  2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
	Martial Arts:  
	Maneuver	OCV	DCV	Damage
0	Bite		-2	-2	HKA 1 pip
0	Gouge/Rip	-2	-2	+2d6 Strike, 5d6 with STR
0	Grapple		+0	-2	Grab, +5 STR to Hold  
0	Pummel		+0	+0	Strike Damage 3d6 with STR

17	Hard to Stun:  +17 CON; Only To Resist Being Stunned (-1)
10	Crazed:  +5 with EGO Rolls
15	Fearless:  PRE +30; Defense Only (-1)
7	Maniacal While Berserk:  SPD +1, Only While Berserk (-1/2)
6	Sense Uninfected:  +3 PER All Sense Groups, Only To Detect Uninfected Human Activity (-1/2)
17	Tireless While Berserk:  Reduced END (0 END; +1/2), on 15 STR and 6" Running;Only While Berserk (-1/2)
87	Rage Infection:  Major Transform 2d6 Body and Mind; Continuous for 1 Minute (+1 3/4), 
	Cumulative (48 BODY Max; +1) Damage Shield (+1/2), Delayed Rate Of Return (1 BODY/Month ; +2), 
	Reduced END (0 END; +1/2), Uncontrolled (+1/2); Always On (-1/2), Activation Roll 8- (-2), Can Be 
	Stopped By Protective Clothing, Hazmat Suits, Masks, and so on (-1 1/2)
159	Total Powers & Skills Cost
200	Total Character Cost

75+	Disadvantages
15	Physical Limitation:  Animal Intelligence, Frequent, Greatly 
15	Physical Limitation:  Incapacitated by sunlight, Frequent, Greatly
20	Psychological Limitation:  Berserk When Sensing Non-Infected, Common, Total
20	Psychological Limitation:  Crazed Homicidal Maniac, Common, Total
20	Psychological Limitation:  Will Not Attack Other Infected, Common, Total
55	Experience
200	Total Disadvantage Points

Background/History: When Animal Rights Activist break into the primate research lab they free more than chimps... they free the Rage. The Research Lab was studying hostility and aggression, trying to discover what causes violence, murder and ultimately war. The Rage may be an engineered virus that inhibits most of the higher reasoning functions of the brain, while stimulating the sections that control anger, aggression and adrenaline. The Rage can be transmitted by bodily fluid exposure, especially blood. It is incredibly virulent, and generally takes effect within 20 seconds of infection. It does not seem to wear off even a month or more after exposure.

Personality/Motivation: The Infected have only one desire, to vent their fury upon the uninfected. They behave as though enraged constantly, and go absolutely berserk when they detect the presence of an uninfected human. They attack violently, but should their victim survive the attacks yet become infected, they will break melee to seek new, uninfected prey almost immediately. Their loss of their higher brain functions mean they cannot arm themselves even with clubs, or open doors, although they understand they can break through doors. It seems that the Infected are incapacitated by sunlight, or at the very least slumber heavy by day.

Quote:"Get away from me, Heather, just STAY AWAY! STAY AWARRRRGGHH!"

Powers/Tactics: The infected attack with fists, tooth and nail. They swing their fists like clubs, smashing them with incredible force and no regard for pain. They will bite like a wild animal and gouge and rip with their fingers. The Rage causes the infected to vomit, drool, and cry blood, every drop of which is highly infectious. Infection will occur immediately should a single drop make contact with your eye, become aspirated into your lungs, touch your tongue, or enter an open wound.

Appearance: The infected look like an ordinary person overcome with extreme rage. Often a bloody froth drools or vomit sprays from their mouth, and bloody tears drip from their eyes.

Designer's Notes: Based upon the Infected from the movie 28 Days Later. "Those foolish Animal Rights Activists would have probably been attacked by those Chimps even if they weren't infected with the Rage," states my wife, a former Primate Research Assistant herself.

I decided not to use Life Support as the movie never showed how long someone lives after becoming Infected. It showed us the Rage had been running rampant for about a month, but never that a particular Infected had been alive for a month or even a week. Disregarding the supernatural, let's assume the Infected are just crazed, suffering from something akin to homicidal dementia. Perhaps they can think clearly enough (when there's no Uninfected around to disturb them) to eat carrion or drink puddle water. Or perhaps they just starve or die of thirst, something that could take several days for a healthy person to die from; the movie never reveals either happening. The one captured Infected had persisted for three days or more. He was being kept alive to answer just this very question. But he was also a strong healthy soldier, probably with better stats than most Infected, and thus longer lasting.

In retrospect I perhaps made them a bit too tough physically and not virulent enough, as the melee encounters weren't a threat due to their STR or BODY but rather due to the copious amounts of Infected Blood they were dripping. The Transform was very fast, and thus probably more like 4 or 5d6. I used Damage Shield with an Activation Roll 8- to simulate the infectious potential just coming within arms reach could have. Would it be wrong to buy as a power "Vomit Bloody Rage: +5 Skill Levels with DA Shield Activation Roll"? I think this would best simulate the difference in just touching the DA Shield and having a portion of the DA Shield vomited on you. It's easy enough to don Universal Precaution gear (i.e., gloves, mask, goggles, faceshield, smock, booties, et al.), and prevent infection due to light contact, but fail to wear said gear and you are running a risk just touching most live infectious cultures. If the infectious matter were being flung about, sprayed into the air, and used to punch you in the form of a bloody fist you'd be running a considerable risk without said gear. But perhaps my mechanism for this power is wrong. Anyone have a suggestion?

There were very few (or no) dead bodies lying around in the streets, but a few caches of fresh corpses inside buildings. In at least one scene a few of the Infected are lying amongst the corpses, playing dead. I think why there are so few corpses is that the Rage spreads faster than an Infected can kill a victim. Maybe that's what they are so mad about.

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