Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
20	STR	10	13-	Lift 400 kg; 4d6 HTH Damage [2]
15	DEX	15	12-	OCV:  5/DCV:  5
25	CON	30	14-
18	BODY	16	13-
8	INT	-2	11-	PER Roll 11-
8	EGO	-4	11-	ECV:  3
20	PRE	10	13-	PRE Attack:  4d6
4	COM	-3	10-

8	PD	4		Total:  8 PD (4 rPD)
10	ED	5		Total:  10 ED (5 rED)
3	SPD	5		Phases:  4, 8, 12
9	REC	0
50	END	0
41	STUN	0		Total Characteristics Cost:  86

Movement:	Running:	6"/12"
		Leaping:	8"/8"
		Swimming:	2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
39	Lightning Generator:  RKA 2d6, Hole In The Middle (+1/4), Personal Immunity (+1/4), 
	Area Of Effect Nonselective (8" Radius; +3/4), Continuous (+1); No Range (-1/2), Cannot 
	Move While Continuous Advantage Is In Effect (-1/2), Extra Time (Full Phase, Only to 
	Activate, -1/4), No Knockback (-1/4), END 10
8	Claws:  HKA 1/2d6 (1d6+1 w/STR); Reduced Penetration (-1/4), END 1
8	Implanted Armor Plates:  Armor (7 PD/7 ED); Activation Roll 9- (or Locations 7, 9, 10; -1 1/2)
4	Bio-Mechanical Physiology:  Damage Resistance (4 PD/5 ED)
3	Can Throw Itself Across A Room:  Leaping +4" (8" forward, 4" upward); No Noncombat 
	Movement (-1/4), END 1
28	Bio-Mechanical Creation:  LS  (Eating: Character only has to eat once per week; 
	Immunity All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents; Immunity: All terrestrial poisons 
	and chemical warfare agents; Safe in High Radiation; Safe in Intense Cold; Safe in Intense 
	Heat; Sleeping: Character only has to sleep 8 hours per week)
16	Tesla Generator:  Endurance Reserve  (60 END, 10 REC)
	Notes:  Powers the Lightning Generator

2	+1 OCV with Claws
3	Acrobatics 12-
3	Breakfall 12-
114	Total Powers & Skills Cost
200	Total Character Cost

75+	Disadvantages
15	Physical Limitation:  Animal Intelligence (Frequently, Greatly Impairing)
10	Physical Limitation:  Limited Manipulation (Frequently, Slightly Impairing)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Mindlessly Aggressive (Common, Strong)
85	Experience
200	Total Disadvantage Points
Loper attacking Nazi researcher
A Loper attacks a Nazi scientist.

Ecology: Lopers are bizarre and horrific combinations of biological and mechanical engineering. Designed, grown, and assembled in a secret weapons facility located deep in Axis Territory (rumored to be somewhere in Norway), they are intended to be the vanguard of a Nazi push to win the war once and for all.

Personality/Motivation: Nearly mindless, lopers have only the most basic of needs and are incredibly hostile to anyone or anything that isn't a loper. This almost mindless aggression is the primary reason they haven't be used in combat yet.

Powers/Tactics: Lopers tend to literally hurl themselves at foes, and can leap great distances, both horizontally and vertically. Once in contact with an enemy, they will lash out with their claws and then fall back, seeming to retreat, at least until they activate their Lightning Generator. This weapon, mounted at the bottom of the Loper's torso, produces arcing bolts of electricity, delivering a lethal shock to anything within range. The weapon isn't the most accurate of devices however, and individual bolts may arc to conductive surfaces instead of targets, even if they are in range.

Appearance: A loper appears as a massively muscled human torso, arms, and head. It has no legs, instead having a Lightning Generator mounted at about the level of the waist. Lopers travel by running on their hands, and can hurl themselves great distances if needed.

Designers Notes: Lopers are one of the experimental Nazi weapons seen the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I based the stats of off several factors: the sheer size of a loper (even missing legs they are nearly 5' tall!); their speed (they are about as fast as your character and can leap farther than you can run); and their resistance to damage (I fired 45 rounds from a Thompson SMG into one at point blank range before it died). In fact, you might want to make them Automatons, to simulate how hard it is to kill them with small arms.

(Lopers created by Id Software, & Gray Matter Interactive, character sheet created by Michael Surbrook)

Loper Hero Designer File

Loper versus guards
A Loper attacks several Nazi guards.