The world of DOOM and DOOM II adapted to the HERO System

Before I present the material, lets get one thing straight: this is not an attempt to simulate DOOM or DOOM II. What I am presenting here is more of an "adaption" of the DOOM denizens for use in (say...) Fantasy Hero, Dark Champions, or an off-beat Champions setting. For example, I have made a few minor changes to some of the monster's powers (usually in terms of special effects).


DOOM was a ground-breaking first-person perspective action "shooter" released from ID Software in 1992 (The sequel, DOOM II was released in 1994.). It combined ambient lighting and sound with incredible graphics to immerse the player in a hellish netherworld where the only option was kill or be killed. It wasn't really a role-playing game in any sense of the word, but it was very, very popular, and ended up spawning a whole slew of imitations, as well as setting the standard for all similar games to be judged by.

DOOM is not a game for everyone, but elements of the setting can be highly useful for those Game Masters looking for unusual monsters for a Fantasy Hero encounter, or as minions for the forces of DEMON in a Champions setting.


The premise behind DOOM (and DOOMED Hero) is fairly simple. Experiments with a prototype matter transmission device (i.e. a teleporter) have gone wrong, opening a gateway to somewhere else.... Through this now-open gate are pouring hordes of demons, who are slaughtering anyone and everyone they can catch.

At the moment, the military has either been wiped out or is too far away to be of any help, so it is up to you (the player) to guide your single Space Marine (armed with only his pistol at the start) through the maze of ruined tunnels, corridors, and rooms, find the gateway, and turn it off.

Along the way one finds better and more powerful weapons, health kits, armor, caches of ammunition, and bigger and nastier monsters. There is also the environment to deal with, which includes toxic waste, corrosive slime, crushing ceilings, and explosive storage barrels.


The environment used for DOOMED Hero is very simple: anywhere. In the initial offering from ID Software, the game took place on the Martian Moon of Phobos, moved to the moon of Deimos, and then ended up in the depths of Hell. In DOOM II, the game started out at a starport, moved into the surrounding city, and then traveled (once again) into Hell. in DOOM III, the setting it placed on Mars itself, inside a huge research base.

For DOOMED Hero, the Game Master should feel free to place the action anywhere he wishes. An abandoned shopping mall, your old high school, the office building in which you work... all of these are suitable to be turned into a DOOMED Hero battleground. Personally, I have seen WADs (the name for a DOOM level) set in demon-infested suburbs, huge castles, wrecked military bases, burned out cities, infected starbases, and World War II battlefields.


The basic cast for a game of DOOMED Hero is a party of one to four (or more) Space Marines. Survivors of the initial assault, these battle-hardened men and women have only one option open to them; find the portal (or portals) the demons are using and close it—preferably with high-explosives.

The typical Space Marine should be built on a 50 to 75 point base and will be 100-150 points total (although you could go as high as 200 points, especially if the characters are members of the special forces). A sample Marine is presented below. Other character types are possible, and include scientists, technicians, and assorted refugees. Realistically, these characters should only be built on a 25 point base, but the Game Master should be generous in this regard—after all, these guys are the heroes of this adventure!


Player 1 Player 2 Player =3
15	STR	18	DEX	15	CON	13	BODY	10	INT
11	EGO	15	PRE	10	COM	5	PD	4	ED
4	SPD	6	REC	30	END	30	STUN

Abilities: Move Soldier!: Running +1" (7" total); Martial Arts: Commando Training (Akido Throw; Boxing Cross; Escape; Hold; Judo Disarm; Kung Fu Block; Weapon Element: Blades (Knives), Clubs)Contacts (4 points' worth); Fringe Benefit: Military Rank; +2 with Ranged Combat; Penalty Skill Levels: +2 vs. Range Modifier with All Attacks; Breakfall 13-; Demolitions 11-; KS: The Military/Mercenary/Terrorist World 11-; KS: US Space Marine Corp. History And Customs 11-; Mechanics 11-; PS: Space Marine 11-; Paramedics 11-; Survival 11-; Tactics 11-; TF: Wheeled Military Vehicles; WF: Common Melee Weapons, Energy Weapons, Small Arms, Chainsaw, General Purpose/Heavy Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, Shoulder-Fired Weapons

75+ Disadvantages: Distinctive Features: Uniform (Easily Concealed); Hunted: US Space Marines 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Watching); Social Limitation: Subject To Orders (Very Frequently, Major)

If you use the new military packages found in 5th Edition Dark Champions, it becomes fairly easy to build 200-point marines, but a lot of their Skills and Perks won't really apply to the setting, so don't worry about it much.

Sample Space Marine's Hero Designer File

THE ENEMY The monsters found in Doom and Doom II.

EQUIPMENT A run down of all the weapons, armor and other goodies one will find in Doom and Doom II

THE ENVIRONMENT Ideas for how to handle objects and the landscape found in Doom and Doom II.

GAME PLAY Design and campaining comments for a game of Doomed Hero.

SAMPLE LEVEL A sample level ment to give one a feel for Doomed Hero.


The material in DOOMED Hero can easily be adapted to other settings and/or genres. For example:

Weapons: These can be used in modern, near-future, or science fiction games with little or no modification. The chainsaw can be used for almost any chainsaw from any period.

Armor: Usable with modern, near-future, science fiction, and superhero campaigns.

Medical Gear: Useful for science fiction, near-future, and superhero games.

Other Gear: Can be used with modern, near future, science fiction, and superhero games. The Berserk Pack is especially well suited for super hero and even fantasy settings.

Artifacts: Perfect magical artifacts in a fantasy settings. You could also use the in a supers game.

Demons: These creatures can be used in virtually any genre or setting. Fantasy, horror, super heroes, even a science fiction setting. I have used the demons as monsters in my Silent Möbius Zeta campaign, and have heard of people using them for Fantasy Hero and Dark Champions games.


Well, there you have it. One Con Game in a Box. I realize that this game might be a bit sparse, but it is meant to be fast to set up and quick to play. Heavy background info and character histories would only slow things down.

The best way prep one's self to run a game of DOOMED Hero would be to play some DOOM or DOOM II. Barring that, watch Aliens or Predator. And if you can't do that... wing it.


DOOM and DOOM II are registered trademarks of ID Software. The Zombie Human, Zombie Sargent, Zombie Chain Gunner, Imp, Demon, Specter, Lost Soul, Revenant, Cacodemon, Pain Elemental, Arachnotron, Hell Knight, Mancubus, Archvile, Baron of Hell, Spider Mastermind, Cyberdemon are all the creations of ID Software. Used without ID Software's permission. No copyright violation intended. Character designs for HERO Games written by Michael Surbrook for private use only.

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