Val	CHA	Cost	Notes
3	SIZE	15	2" x 1"; -3" KB; -2 DCV
50	STR	25	Lift 25 tons; 10d6 HTH Damage
18	DEX	24	OCV:  6/DCV:  6
16	BODY	6
40	PRE	35
9	DEF	18
3	SPD	2	Phases:  4, 8, 12
Total Characteristics Cost:  135

Movement:	Ground:		3"/6"
		Swimming:	0"/0"

Cost	Abilities and Equipment
	Propulsion Systems
4	Mighty Servant's Limbs:  Extra Limbs (4—two arms, two legs); Limited 
	Manipulation (-1/4)
-6	Slow Movement:  Running -3" (3" Total)
-2	Land Vehicle:  Swimming -2" (0" Total)

	Tactical Systems
60	Weapons Systems:  Multipower, 90-point pool; all Side Effects (character is slowly 
	turned into a megalomaniac, see text; -1/2)
2u	1) Cone Of Cold:  EB 9d6, Area Of Effect (10" Cone; +1); 2 Charges (-1 1/2), 
	No Range (-1/2), Side Effects (-1/2)
3u	2) Fireball:  EB 12d6, Explosion (+1/2); 2 Charges (-1 1/2), Side Effects (-1/2)
2u	3) Disintegration:  RKA 1 1/2d6, AVLD (Power Defense; +1 1/2), Does BODY (+1); 
	1 Charge (-2), Side Effects (-1/2)
2u	4) Lightning Bolt:  RKA 4d6, Increased STUN Multiplier (+1/4); 2 Charges (-1 1/2), 
	Side Effects (-1/2)
3u	5) Tractor Beam:  Telekinesis (40 STR), Invisible To Sight Group (+1/2); 2 Charges 
	lasting 1 Turn each (-1), Side Effects (-1/2), Affects All Parts Of Target (-1/4),

33	Massive Fists:  HA +10d6; Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/2)
39	Invulnerable:  Energy Damage Reduction, Resistant, 25% plus Energy Damage 
	Reduction, Resistant, 50%; Not Versus Electrical Attacks (-1/4)
40	Invulnerable:  Physical Damage Reduction, Resistant, 50% plus Physical Damage 
	Reduction, Resistant, 25%, Resistant; Only Versus Cold, Vacuum, And Water 
	Attacks (-1/2)
6	Self Repair:  Healing 1d6 (Regeneration; 1 BODY per Turn), Reduced Endurance 
	(0 END; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2); Extra Time (1 Turn; -1 1/4), Self Only (-1)

	Operations Systems
75	Remote Viewing:  Clairisentience (Sight And Sound Groups), 16x Range (2,400"), 
	Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2)
5	Infravision:  Infrared Perception (Sight Group)
22	See Invisible:  Spatial Awareness
5	Ultravision:  Ultraviolet Perception (Sight Group)
10	X-Ray Vision:  N-Ray Vision (Not Through Force Fields, Force Fields, gold, or lead)

	Personnel Systems
45	Sealed Cockpit:  Life Support (Full)

	Side Effects
14	Yearning:  1d6 Major Transform (normal mind to one highly possessive of the servant; 
	heals back normally once the Servant is taken away); Based On Ego Combat Value (+1), 
	Works Against EGO, Not BODY (+1/4), Difficult To Dispel (+1/4), Invisible To Mental 
	Sense Group (+1/2), Trigger (initial use of item; +1/4); 1 Charge (-2), No Range (-1/2)
56	Consumes Treasure:  4d6 Major Transform (precious metals into dust), Area Of Effect 
	(6" Radius; +1), Invisible To Sight Group (+1/2), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), 
	Trigger (initial use of item; +1/4); 1 Charge (-2), No Range (-1/2)
19	Venting Excess Heat:  Change Environment 8" Radius, +2 Temperature Levels, Trigger 
	(starting up after 1 hour rest; +1/4), 1 Recoverable Charge Of 1 Hour (recovered by 
	resting for 1 Hour) (-0), No Range (-1/2)

437	Total Abilities And Equipment Cost
572	Total Vehicle Cost

25	Distinctive Features:  Huge Automaton Of Alien Design (NC)
10	Reputation:  Unstoppable war machine 14- (limited group -learned sages)
35	Total Disadvantage Points
107	Total Cost (537/5)

Description: This device takes the shape of a massive humanoid made from various unknown metals, crystals, and strange fibers. It is nine feet tall, six feet deep, and four and-a-half feet wide. There is space inside for two passengers, while another four to five people can ride on the outside of the Mighty Servant. It presents a fearsome aspect, and tends to terrify those who see it striding along.

Powers: The Mighty Servant is first and foremost a war machine and its various abilities are designed to allow it to command and rule a battlefield. The powers of the Mighty Servant can be broken down into three broad categories: offensive, defensive, and movement. These powers are detailed as follows:

Offensive Powers: The Mighty Servant's most basic form of attack is a blow from it's fist. Although not very accurate, the Mighty Servant's punches do an immense about of damage when they land. The Mighty Servant is also equipped with a number of devices allowing it to launch spells (or attacks that greatly resemble spells). These spells include blasts of cold, balls of fire, and bolts of lightning. It can also disintegrate matter and levitate objects at a distance. As these attacks originate from the chest area of the Servant, it is recommended they not be used while others are riding on the machine.

As a war machine, the Mighty Servant also has a number of intelligence gathering powers. It can see in the dark, in areas of very low light, see invisible objects, and be used to view remote areas directly. It can also see through objects. All of these visual aids are only available to someone riding inside the Mighty Servant, and then only if they don a specific helmet located inside the Servant. This helmet is connected by a long length of cable to the inside of the Servant and cannot be removed.

Defensive Powers: Due to its construction, the Mighty Servant is nearly invulnerable to attacks of all sorts. Most spells don't even effect it (due to some sort of anti-magic field inherent in the Servant), and those that do can barely damage it. In addition, any damage done is quickly repaired as the Servant heals itself. Finally, people riding inside the Mighty Servant are unaffected by any form of adverse environment they may be passing through.

Movement Powers: The Mighty Servant walks very slowly, and must rest for an hour after being active for 12 hours. The machine requires copious quantities of precious metals and gems to operate, and material of this sort must be fed into the Mighty Servant before it will run at all. In addition, any nearby precious metals and gems not fed into the machine will be devoured by the Servant anyway, leaving behind small plies of dust to mark their passing. Operating the Mighty Servant is a very expensive process.

If these difficulties were not enough, the Servant will vent great quantities of heated air when it is first started up after a rest of an hour or more. The heat generated by the Servant is sufficient to warm a cold day or make a hot day unbearable. Fortunately, the effect isn't great and will fade after the first hour of operation.

Rumors: It is said possession and use of the Servant will destroy the mind of its owner. First they will become highly protective of the Servant and refuse to leave it for more than a day. They will also become power-hungry, using the Servant to conquer more and more land, feeding the spoils to the Servant to continue their conquests.

Designer's Notes: The Mighty Servant of General Leuk-o is a rather interesting artifact found in the original Dungeon Masters Guide. Its description makes the Servant sounds like a fantasy "battlemech," which is what I've built here. I selected powers from the lists in the Dungeon Masters Guide that made sense for a war machine. These included attacks and information gathering abilities. For side effects I went with a certain theme; basically the Mighty Servant needs treasure to run, and has ways of ensuring it gets what it wants (which is why the powers are listed as powers and not Side Effects). You use the Servant for a while and you become highly possessive of it. Then it feeds your desire for power until you want more and more. So you feed it treasure, it sucks up more when you turn it on, and then you go on a conquering spree, gaining more riches, which must be fed to the Servant. Nice, vicious circle, isn't it?

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