Female Drow

Ecology: Drow live far underground, in great caverns and tunnels where they build huge cities that rival even those of the dwarves. There they dwell in perpetual twilight, growing various fungi and other subterranean creatures for their food. The drow are also great magicians and use various forms of magic to aid them in survival.

Drow society is a matriarchy, led by priestesses that directly serve the drow patron; a great demoness said to be named Loth. She is apparently a vain patron and has little liking for male priests. Some have also said that the drow serve the great Chaos lord Arioch, offering him captured surface elves as sacrifices.

Personality/Motivations: Because of the ages old enmity between the dark elves and their surface-dwelling kin, the drow are usually driven by a desire for revenge on their fairer brethren. The drow will consort with demons and other horrid monsters, and enact great schemes to wreck havoc among the surface elves, and their allies—the fairies and humans.

Powers/Tactics: As creatures of darkness, the drow prefer to strike from the shadows, slipping in and out unseen and unheard. They are very stealthy and can move in virtual silence if needed. They are all knowledgeable in certain spells and will use them to harass and disrupt their opponents, before striking with physical weapons. In general, the drow will use Dancing Lights to mislead opponents, Darkness to confuse them, and Farie Fire when moving in for the final kill.

Since drow are inherently resistant to magic, they will often target magicians first, seeking to kill them before dealing with any other opponents. When entering combat, the drow prefer to hurl short javelins or use small crossbows before closing with sword and dagger.

As the drow cannot abide bright light (any drow caught in bright light suffers a -3 to his DEX and all PER rolls are at -3), they will avoid any such area. This includes daylight, bright fires, or magical light. If forced to engage in battle in such an area, they will do their best to eliminate the light source, or—if that is not possible—move away from it and to a battleground more to their liking.

Equipment: The drow use mail armor of the finest quality, as well as swords, daggers and maces of a strange alloy. The mail is superior to human made mail (+1 DEF) and yet weighs less (1/2 normal weight). Their arms are noted for their sharpness (+1 Damage Class) as well.

Appearance: The drow are a race of elves that have been driven far below the Earth's surface. They are not very tall, averaging only 5' in height, with solid black skin and silvery hair. As with all elves, they are slight of build and have long nimble fingers and toes.

Designer's Notes: The drow have to be one of the nastiest races in AD&D. They all cast magic, they all have magic resistance, they all wear enchanted gear, they move silently, they wear cloak and boots of elvenkind, they...

Anyway, the drow are actually an interesting race, mainly because of all the baggage that goes along with one. Besides,what's not to like about Chaotic Evil Elves? Anyway, as a Fantasy Hero race, the drow are a major headache. A female drow is a base 192 points, not counting her optional spells! Give her a good selection of skills and she's 230-250 points easy. Great as an NPC, probably not too good a PC.

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