Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
50	STR	40	19-	Lift 25.6tons; 10d6 HTH Damage [5]
13	DEX	6	12-
25	CON	15	14-
14	INT	4	12-	PER Roll 12-
18	EGO	8	13-
30	PRE	20	15-	PRE Attack:  6d6

4	OCV	5	
4	DCV	5	
6	OMCV	9	
6	DMCV	9	
3	SPD	10		Phases:  4, 8, 12

28	PD	18		Total:  28 PD (8 rPD)
18	ED	8		Total:  18 ED (8 rED)
15	REC	11
50	END	6
25	BODY	15
65	STUN	23		Total Characteristic Cost:  212

Movement:	Running:	16m/32m 
		Flight:		24m/96m
		Leaping:	0m
		Swimming:	08m

Cost	Powers & Skills
	Wind Control, all slots Unified Power (-¼)	
67	1)  Wind Blast:  RKA 2 ½d6, Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼), Double Knockback (+½), Area Of Effect 
	(16m Radius; +¾); Reduced By Range (-¼), Unified Power (-¼), END 4
58	2)  Fixing Attack:  Telekinesis (25 STR), Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼), Area Of Effect 
	(16m Radius; +¾), Indirect (Any origin, any direction; +1); Only Outdoors (-½), Affects Whole 
	Object (-¼), Unified Power (-¼), END 5
14	3)  Wind Storm:  Telekinesis (5 STR), Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼), Area Of Effect (32m Radius; +2); 
	Only Outdoors (-½), Affects Whole Object (-¼), Unified Power (-¼), END 1
64	4)  Create Storms:  Aid  Wind Storm 12d6, Delayed Loss Rate (loses points at the rate of 5 per 
	Minute; +1); Others Only (-½), Extra Time (Full Phase, -½), Unified Power (-¼), END 14
41	5)  Master Of The Air:  Flight 24m, Position Shift, x4 Noncombat, No Turn Mode (+¼), Reduced 
	Endurance (½ END; +¼); Unified Power (-¼), END 2
12	Extra-Terrene Tentacles:  Indirect (Source Point is the same for every use, path is from Source 
	Point to target; allows Flying Polyp to bypass worn (i.e. focused) Armor; +¼) for up to 50 
	Active Points of STR, END 1
20	Gaping Mouth:  HKA 1d6+1 (4 ½d6 w/STR), END 2
24	Extra-Terrene Form:  Resistant Protection (8 PD/8 ED)
48	Extra-Terrene Form:  Physical Damage Reduction, Resistant, 75%; Not Versus Magic Or Enchanted 
	Weapons (-¼)
8	Heavy:  Knockback Resistance -8m
4	Great Size:  Running +4m (16m total), END 1
-2	Cannot Leap:  Leaping -4m (0m total)
-2	Cannot Swim:  Swimming -4m (0m total)
10	Multiple Eyes:  Increased Arc Of Perception (360 Degrees) with Sight Group
6	Tentacles:  Extra Limbs  (4), Inherent (+¼)
	Notes:  Actual number varies.
30	Vanish At Will:  Invisibility to Sight Group , Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½)
5	Tentacles:  Stretching 6m, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½); No Noncombat Stretching (-¼), No Velocity 
	Damage (-¼), Limited Body Parts (tentacles; -¼)

30	+3 with All Attacks

1	Tactics 8-
3	Tracking 12-

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  448
Total Cost:  659

175+	Matching Complications (50)
15	Distinctive Features:  Accompanied By A Constant Piping Sound (Not Concealable; Noticed and 
	Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses)
10	Hunted:  the Great Race Infrequently (As Pow; Harshly Punish)
10	Physical Complication:  Enormous (up to 8m tall; +4 OCV for others to hit, +4 to PER Rolls for 
	others to perceive) (Infrequently; Slightly Impairing)
15	Psychological Complication:  Aggressive And Ferocious (Common; Strong)

Total Complications Points: 50
Experience Points:  484

Ecology: Flying polyps are an alien species who came to Earth over 750 million years ago. They settled on this planet (as well as several others) and raised great cities made from black basalt. They preyed on anything they could catch, and eventually came into conflict with the Great Race. This war drove the polyps underground, into great caverns, where they remain today. Entrances to the homes of the polyps can be found in ancient ruins and uninhabited wastes. They are usually marked by deep wells that have been sealed over with stone.

Personality/Motivations: The polyps seem content to remain in their subterranean homes. They will quickly dispose of any intruder and should to be disturbed. If angered, they will mass for the hunt, creating great howling winds with which to harass and destroy their enemies.

Powers/Tactics: A polyp will usually dispatch its target with concentrated blasts of wind, leaving the victim burned and desiccated. If interested in a particular victim, the polyp will use its fixing attack to slow the target until it can be picked up with a tentacle. If faced by a great number of enemies, or if they wish to ravage a wide area, the polyps will summon a massive windstorm, which they will use to scour the area clean.

As the flying polyps are composed of non-terrestrial matter, they are very hard to injure. Most physical attacks do them little or no harm, while such things as fire and electricity affect them normally. This non-terrestrial state also allows their tentacles to by pass physical body armors, although innate types of armor are not affected. A flying polyp can also vanish from sight at will, and they tend to appear and disappear almost at random. This invisibility is offset, however, by their constant whistling and piping, which usually heralds their approach.

Appearance: A flying polyp is an enormous flying creature rife with dangling tentacles, multiple eyes and several gaping mouths. Their forms are pliable and tend to change slightly at all times. They are horrid to look at and highly dangerous to approach.

Designer's Notes: The flying polyp is a creature of the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. This design was based upon the flying polyp presented in the 5th Edition of Call of Cthulhu.

As a Lovecraftian nightmare, the flying polyp is open to a lot of Game Master interpretation. I didn't try to simulate Call of Cthulhu's sanity loss here, since each GM will probably have their own system for that effect. I did try and include all of the powers Call of Cthulhu listed, but the creature is missing a few possible powers, such as Life Support (do they age?), Enhanced Senses (Spatial Awareness defined as feeling air currents), Stretching (for longer tentacles) and different types of wind blasts. Skills could be added as well, along with possible technological devices (how did they build their cities and travel through space?). No matter how one decides to treat this creature, rest assured it should give any party of characters a workout!

Flying Polyp Hero Designer File

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