Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
5	STR	-5	10-	Lift 50 kg; 1d6 HTH Damage [1]
12	DEX	4	11-
13	CON	3	12-
7	INT	-3	10-	PER Roll 10-
7	EGO	-3	10-
8	PRE	-2	11-	PRE Attack:  1 ½d6

4	OCV	5	
6	DCV	15	
1	OMCV	-6	
2	DMCV	-3	
2	SPD	0		Phases:  6, 12

2	PD	0		Total:  2 PD (0 rPD)
2	ED	0		Total:  2 ED (0 rED)
4	REC	0
20	END	0
13	BODY	3
20	STUN	0		Total Characteristics Cost:  8

Movement:	Running:	8m/16m 
		Leaping:	2m/4m
		Swimming:	4m/8m

Cost    Powers & Skills
5	Razor-Sharp Toenail:  HKA 1 point, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½); No STR Bonus (-½)
-1	Short Legs:  Leaping -2m
-4	Short Legs:  Running -4m
1	Capable Of Eating Anything He Can Wrestle Down His Throat:  LS (Can Eat Most Anything)
	Notes:  Two falls out of three.

6	Crackshot:  +2 with Equalizers Of All Sorts
	Notes:  Preferably a Luger.

2	AK: The Sty 11-
5	Masters Of The Gang-up:  Concealment 12-; Self Only (-½)
2	Forgery (Money (Counterfeiting)) 10-
	Notes:  Specifically, bad checks.
2	Gambling (Dice Games) 10-
	Notes:  Usually using loaded dice.
2	PS: (various) 11-
	Notes:  Usually dealing with growing or making food and/or liquor.
9	Skillful At Producing Intricate And Useful Things... Like Boobytraps:  Security Systems 13-
7	Masters Of The Gang-up:  Shadowing 12-
7	Long, Clever Fingers... That Spend A Good Deal Of Time... In Other People's Pockets:  Sleight Of Hand 13-
7	Masters Of The Gang-up:  Stealth 13-
3	Streetwise 11-
3	Masters Of The Gang-up:  Teamwork 11-
3	WF:  Blades (specifically knives), Fist-Loads (such as blackjacks), Garrote, Handguns
Total Powers & Skill Cost:  59
Total Cost:  67

175+	Matching Complications
10	Negative Reputation:  "The Boggie Peril", Frequently
10	Physical Complication:  Small, 1m tall (+6 Knockback, .5m Reach) (Infrequently; Slightly Impairing)
20	Psychological Complication:  "Love To Eat Until We Choke" (Very Common; Strong)
	Notes:  Hardly ever eat each other.

Total Complications Points:  67

Ecology:  Coming from a branch of the Family Tree that should have been pruned long ago, boggies are a shy people and prefer to remain out of sight of larger folk, like humans, dwarves, and tax-collectors. Blessed with the ability to reduce even the most pristine of wilderness into abject squalor in a matter of days, if not sooner, boggies are avoided by all of the rational peoples of Upper, Middle, and Lower Earth. This suits boggies just fine, as they have no interest in the goings on outside of their aptly-named homeland, the Sty. However, this doesn’t stop them from erecting expensive toll booths, devious speed traps, and cheap roadside attractions. Unfortunately (for boggies anyway), even the most elaborate of these sees little traffic, as all approaches to the Sty are well-marked with warning signs, not to mention the entire place appears blanker then North Korea when brought up on Google Maps. This has led to boggies being thought as little more than a myth, much like honest politicians, fair and balanced news reporting, and sightings of Elvis.

Personality/Motivation:  There is nothing boggies like more than feeding time, and if not otherwise involved in the growing or making of food and drink, they can probably be found stuffing themselves sick (if not beyond). As their national anthem so says, they like to eat until they choke and won’t stop until their belly bursts. Those that are brought low by such an occurrence are left lying on the ground to sleep it off... although there are a reports of enthusiastic feasts that ended up with somewhat fewer feasters than it started with.

Powers/Tactics:  Due to their small size, boggies avoid direct confrontations with anything larger than field mouse, and even then they’re pretty wary. They prefer to strike from ambush, and are masters of the low blow, back-stabbing, slander, and libel. Blessed with clever fingers perfectly suited to the butt end of your average automatic, the typical boggie likes to strike from Secrecy, a small town along the main road of the Sty.

If pressed, boggies will fight with all the fury of a a steroid-abuser brought up in front a Congressional Grand Jury hearing. They are notoriously hard to kill, clinging to life with the tenacity of a cockroach or Uwe Boll’s movie-making career. Even unarmed they can be dangerous, as most boggies sharpen the scale-like nails of their big toes to a razor’s edge.

Appearance:  Stand roughly three feet in height, boggies used to be mistaken for cloak-less Jawas until Lucasfilm lodged a restraining order. Their hair tends to be oily and worn in long curls, with shifty eyes, swarthy, sallow complexions, and foot-long tongues (used to ensure they get every morsel of food out of bottles, cans, and jars). They tend to dress in cheap suits and cheaper sunglasses, but unlike most anyone else don’t wear shoes, as their feet have been likened to one giant callus.

Designer's Notes:  The character sheet given here represents the average “adventuring” boggie, which in the Sty usually indicates a Made Man. Other boggies, such as the young, the old, or those currently in prison awaiting trial, will have reduced Characteristics and/or different Skills. Game Masters can alter this character sheet by applying any number of Templates from various HERO System products (especially Dark Champions). Game Masters who allow PCs to play boggies deserve what they get.

Boggies are parodies of hobbits, found in the parody novel Bored of the Rings, written by the Harvard Lampoon in 1969.

(Boggies created by Henry N Beard and Douglas C Kenny, character sheet created by Michael Surbrook)

Boggie's Hero Designer File

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