Val	Char	Cost	Roll	Notes
15	STR	5	12-	Lift 200 kg; 3d6 HTH Damage [1]
14	DEX	12	12-	OCV:  5/DCV:  5
18	CON	16	13-
10	BODY	0	11-
13	INT	3	12-	PER Roll 12-
11	EGO	2	11-	ECV:  4
15	PRE	5	12-	PRE Attack:  3d6
10	COM	0	11-

4	PD	1		Total:  4 PD (0 rPD)
4	ED	0		Total:  4 ED (0 rED)
3	SPD	6		Phases:  4, 8, 12
7	REC	0
36	END	0
27	STUN	0		Total Characteristics Cost:  52

Movement:	Running:	7"/14"
		Leaping:	2"/4"
		Swimming:	3"/6"

Cost	Powers & Skills
15	Luck 3d6

1	Longship and Crew

12	Combat Luck (6 PD/6 ED)

	The Gothic Arts of Pillaging, Pilfering, Sacking, Looting, Ravaging, and Plundering
5	1)  +1 with HTH Combat
3	2)  +1 with Swords
3	3)  Evaluate Treasure 12-
3	4)  Climbing 12-
3	5)  Concealment 12-
4	6)  Navigation (Marine) 13-
3	7)  Oratory 12-
3	8)  PS: Viking Captain 12-
3	9)  Stealth 12-
8	10) Survival (Arctic/Subarctic, Marine, Temperate/Subtropical) 13-
3	11) Tactics 12-
1	12) TF Longship
4	13) WF:  Common Melee Weapons, Common Missile Weapons

2	1)  Language:  Anglo Saxon (completely fluent)
2	2)  Language:  Frankish (completely fluent)
4	3)  Language:  Norse (idiomatic)
1	4)  Language:  Runes (Literate)

3	Traveler
2	1)  AK: All seas traversed by Vikings 12-
2	2)  AK: England 12-
2	3)  AK: France 12-
1	4)  AK: Helgeland 11-
3	5)  AK: Scandinavia 13-
3	6)  CK: Oslo 13-

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  99
Total Cost:  151

75+	Disadvantages
10	Dependent NPC:  Honi and Hamlet 8- (Slightly Less Powerful than the PC; Group DNPC: x2 DNPCs)
5	Hunted:  Tax Collectors 8- (As Pow, They never follow when he goes viking, But they know where 
	he lives, Mildly Punish)
0	Normal Characteristic Maxima
10	Physical Limitation:  Horns fall off if he lies. (Infrequently, Greatly Impairing)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Comic Viking (Common, Strong)
10	Reputation:  Horrible, 11-
5	Rivalry:  Professional (Atilla the Hun; Rival is As Powerful; Seek to Outdo, Embarrass, or 
	Humiliate Rival; Rival Aware of Rivalry)
5	Social Limitation:  Married to Helga (Occasionally, Minor)
15	Unluck: 3d6
1	Experience

Total Disadvantage Points:  151
Hagar the Horrible

Background/History: In 1973 cartoonist Dik Browne introduced the world to a Viking who would become as well known as Erik the Red and Leif the Lucky put together. Today Chris Browne, the son of the original cartoonist, continues Hagar's saga in comics pages published in over a dozen languages and distributed around the world in lands even the far ranging Norse explorers of yore never dreamed existed. Hagar the Horrible ostensibly lives in Oslo, Norway, some time during the "Viking Age" but his world is an ahistorical generic "medieval" world in which he can fight Atilla the Hun one week, and meet Robin Hood or King Arthur the next.

Personality/Motivation: Hagar is a comic strip Viking. When considering what he may do in any situation, a foremost consideration is what would be funny, or what would be most likely to have the most humorous outcome. If he must choose for example between attacking a castle or raiding a wizard's tower, he's off to seige the wizard - since Hagar and his hapless band interacting with unpredictable magical defenses and curses is more likely to provide laughs than a straightforward assault on a castle. If he must choose between looting a storehouse of food and wine or rustling a herd of sheep, he'll remember hearing a rumor that sheep are in demand in Helgeland - because a herd of sheep aboard a longship is bound to be good for a few laughs. He'll conform to Viking stereotype when it's funny (such as wearing the historically inaccurate horned helmet - all the time - and so does his wife, kids, dog, duck....) and subvert the stereotype when THAT is what's funny.

Quote: "As you journey through life take a minute every now and then to give a thought for the other fellow. He could be plotting something."

Powers/Tactics: Although not the hero of song and saga he wishes to be, nor as bloodthirsty as his reputation suggests, Hagar does know how to use a sword. He even knows enough tactics to know that one should pillage THEN burn - it's just that in the heat of the moment he may forget.

Hagar has a longship and crew, which have not been statted out in this write up.

Appearance: Overweight, red haired and red bearded Viking, complete with horned helm.

Designer's Notes: Built on 75 pts plus 75 Disads, Hagar could be a player character in a Fantasy Hero game that is much less serious than most, or comic relief in a more serious but still fantastic type of game. Or by simply changing the Disadvantages Hagar can be made into a perfectly serious and straightforward barbarian leader.

(Hagar the Horrible created by Dik Browne., character sheet created by Lucius Alexander)

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