(Josie Beller)

Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
0/10	STR	-10	9-/11-	0kg:  0d6/100kg, 2d6
0/23	DEX	-30	9-/14-	OCV:  0/DCV:  0 // OCV:  8/DCV:  8
10	CON	0	11-
10/20	BODY	0	11-/13-
18	INT	8	13-	PER Roll:  13-
12	EGO	4	11-	ECV:  4
10/20	PRE	0	11- /13-	PRE Attack:  2d6/4d6
14	COM	2	12-
0	PD	0		Total:  25 PD/25r PD
2	ED	0		Total:  27 ED/25r ED
1/5	SPD	0		Phases:  12/3, 5, 8, 10, 12
2	REC	0
20	END	0		Values after/are from Electromagnetic
15/40	STUN	0 		Manipulation Suit (see below)
Total Characteristics Cost:  -26

Movement:	Flight:  15"/60"
		Running:  0" 
		Swimming:  0"

Cost	Powers & Skills
Combat Training:
3	Combat Skill Levels:  +1 with Multipower

Electromagnetic Manipulation Suit:  OIF (-1/2)
12	Power System:  END Reserve:  100 END, REC 10, Feeds all powers marked with a *.
54	Suit Physical Abilities:  +10 STR, +23 DEX, +10 BODY, +10 PRE,
	Does not affect figured characteristics (-1/2), END 2*
30	Suit Abilities:  +4 SPD, +25 STUN
33	Force Field:  +25 PD/ED, END 5*
27	Flight:  15", x4 NCM, END 3*
4	Running:  +6" (6" total), END 1*
67	Electromagnetic Manipulation Multipower:  100 point pool
10	m Electromagnetic Energy Blast:  EB:  15d6 [75], END 7*
13	m Energy Surge:  EB:  10d6, Continuous (+1) [100], END 10*
7	m Control Computers:  Mind Control:  10d6, Only vs "dumb" computers (-1), [50], END 5*
8	m Surge Suppression:  Suppress:  10d6 vs Any Single Electrical Power (+1/4) [63], END 6*
7	m Read Computer Data:  Telepathy:  10d6, Only vs "dumb" computers (-1), [50], END 5*
1	m Telekinesis:  10 STR , Only vs metal objects (-1/2), [15], END 1*
7	u Mystery Power:  (10d6 EGO attack, Only vs Robots/Machines (-1/2), [100], 10*)

3	Modified Wheelchair:  Instant change into costume, Bulky IIF (-3/4)

-6	Running:  -6" (Total 0")
-2	Swimming:  -2" (Total:  0")
3	Contact:  GB Blackrock 11-
5	Computer Programming 14-
5	Electronics 12-
5	Inventor:  (Electronics) 14-
2	KS:  Transformers 11-
3	KS:  RAAT/III 12-
5	Mechanics 12-
2	PS:  Computer Operator 11-
3	Science:  Engineering 12-
3	Science:  Metallurgy 12-
3	Stealth 11-
1	TF:  Small Ground Vehicles
316	Total Powers & Skills Cost
290	Total Character Cost

100+	Disadvantages
30	Berserk:  Wounded by Transformers (Takes BODY) (Go 14-, Recover 8-)
10	Enraged:  In Combat with Transformers (Go 11- Recover 11-)
20	Physical Limitation:  Almost completely paralyzed without suit (F, F)
	Psychological Limitation:  
15	Vengful (Common, strong)
25	Wants to destroy all Transformers (VC, T)
5	GB Blackrock (Less Pow, NCI, 8-)
10	RAAT/III (MoPow, NCI, 8-)
5	Starscream (MoPow, Limited Area, 8-)
82	Experience
290	Total Disadvantage Points

Background: Josie Beller was a computer operator working for Blackrock Enterprises (Think Stark Industries here) on an of-shore oil rig. When the rig was attacked by a group of Decepticon Transformers, she was struck by electrical feedback through the computer she was working at. This left her paralysed, unable to move save for her right arm. Using her knowledge of electronics and engineering, she (somehow) built herself a suit made up of metal strips and imbedded micro-circuitry that not only allowed her to move, but gave her the ability to manipulate electrical energy. Naming herself Circuit Breaker, she set out to get revenge on the Transfomers for what they did to her.

At first, she worked on her own, attacking Transformers wherever she could locate them. Later, she joined the US Government's special anti-Transformer military team, RAAT. After being fired for what amounted to treason (Huh? Wouldn't a court martial be more appropriate?) she went back to working on her own. Later, she was approached by GB Blackrock himself to join his special anti-Decepticon superhero team, the Neo-Knights.

The Neo-Knights' first mission, breaking up a fight between two Decepticons in New York, did not go as well as expected. Circuit Breaker went berserk and attacked every Transformer in sight, Aurobot or Decepticon. Then, the Neo-Knights were accidentally transported to the Transformer's homeworld, Cybertron. Unfortunately, the dark god Unicron was attacking it at the time.

Ironically, Circuit Breaker ended up saving Cybertron by attacking Unicron himself. GB Blackrock essentially bullied her into snapping and pouring all her power into Unicron. This distracted him long enough for Optimus Prime to force-feed him the Creation Matrix and destroy him (and thus saving the universe and getting Optimus Prime killed. Again) When last seen, Circuit breaker had collapsed into a gibbering heap.

Personality/Motivation: Circuit Breaker is obsessed with destroying all Transformers to get revenge for what they did to her. She does not consider them to be alive as such, rather to just be very big machines. She seems to refuse to accept that there are two different factions of Transformers, and will attack any she sees regardless of its allegiance.

In a fight, Circuit Breaker tends to lash out at the nearest target and blast it until it falls over. If wounded, she will go after the perceived attacker, and ignore all else.

Quote: "There are no good robots or bad robots... only dead robots!"

Besides being designed to mimic the functions of her nervous system and restore her mobility, Circuit Breaker's suit enables her to control and manipulate electromagnetic energy. This allows her to fly, move metal objects, create a force field to protect her and release electrical blasts as attacks.

Other abilities her suit gives her include being able to remotely control computers, being able to read, copy, alter or erase data at will. This ability only works on normal "dumb" computers, and would not affect a Transformer (or other sentient robot/computer). She can also disrupt the operation of electrical equipment.

Circuit breaker displayed three different types of electrical attacks. The first was a standard energy blast. The second was a longer, sustained energy blast that she was able to maintain for longer periods of time (Minutes? Panels?). The third was a completely indirect attack that she used on Unicron that directly attacked the circuits in his (huge) body. Circuit Breaker only used this ability once, and only after she had completely snapped. (Hence the "mystery power")

Appearance: Circuit breaker appears to be in her mid twenties, with shoulder-length red/blonde hair and blue eyes. Her battlesuit consists of metallic strips across her body and face, leaving her (marginally) clad. (As a side note, no two artists drew Circuit Breaker's suit the same way). When using her powers, she is surrounded by a visible yellow energy glow.

Notes: Ack Bleagh. Most of Circuit Breaker's powers were used only once, and only in demonstration. A lot of the limiters on her powers are based on pure supposition (for example, she never used her computer control powers on another Transformer) or common sense extrapolation of clumsy exposition text.

The choice of an EGO attack to represent the attack she used against Unicron was based on the fact that, unlike her normal energy blasts, there was no visible signs of her attacking. Likewise, the attack seemed to be ignoring Unicron's armour (How much resistant ED does a moon-sized machine god have anyway?) and directly attacking his body. I suppose it could also be an NND attack.

These stats cover Circuit Breaker during the tail-end of the comic. For her earlier appearances (Until issue 23), replace "Contact GB Blackrock" with "Contact: Walter Barnett" and add DNPC: Donny Finkelburg (Incomp 8-)

Even though Marvel explicitly stated that the Transformers comic was not set in the regular Marvel universe, Circuit Breaker did once save the entire Marvel Universe from enslavement by an omnipotent cosmic entity. Go figure.

(Circuit Breaker created by Bob Budainsky and Simon Furman, character sheet by Alex Fauth)

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