Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
12	STR	2	11-	137kg; 2d6
15	DEX	15	12-	OCV:  5/DCV:  5
20	CON	20	13-
18	BODY	16	13-
25	INT	15	14-	PER Roll 17-
30	EGO	40	15-	ECV:  6
20	PRE	10	13-	PRE Attack:  4d6
12	COM	1	11-
6	PD	4		Total:  7 PD
10	ED	6		Total:  10 ED
4	SPD	15		Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12
11	REC	10
60	END	10
49	STUN	15
Total Characteristics Cost:  174

Movement:	Running:  6"/12"
		Swimming:  2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
Combat Training:
5	Combat Skill Levels:  +1 level w/Melee Weapons

Istari Racial Powers:
112	Istari Powers Variable Power Pool:  (70-pt Pool); Restricted Type of 
	Powers Available; No Skill Required for Change;  Change Powers as 0 Phase 
	Action; Extra Time:  1 turn
6	Life Support:  Immune to Aging, Immune to Disease
20	Clairsentience; See:  Future; No Conscious Control (-2), 0 END (+1/2)
14	Detect:  Magic (+2 to PER), Ranged
9	Enhanced Perception (all) (+3 to PER)

Background Skills:
2	Contact:  Fangorn 11-
3	Contact:  Gandalf 12-
2	Contact:  Saruman 11-
1	Contact:  Thranduil 8-
1	Contact:  Tom Bombadil 8-
3	Talent:  Bump Of Direction
10	Talent:  Eidetic Memory
3	Talent:  Lightsleep
28	Talent:  Universal Translator 18-
21	Animal Handler 20-
5	Area Knowledge:  Aman 15-
7	Area Knowledge:  Eriador 17-
6	Area Knowledge:  Gondor 16-
5	Area Knowledge:  Rhovanion 15-
4	Area Knowledge:  Rhûn 14-
9	Deduction 16-
8	Knowledge Skill:  Animals 18-
3	Knowledge Skill:  Councils of the Wise 13-
3	Knowledge Skill:  History of Middle-Earth 13-
4	Knowledge Skill:  Maiar of Middle-Earth 14-
10	Knowledge Skill:  Plant Lore 20-
13	Navigation 16-
3	Paramedic 14-
5	Riding 13-
11	Tracking 17-
2	WF:  Quarterstaff, Swords
338	Total Powers & Skills Cost
512	Total Character Cost

75+	Disadvantages
	Psychological Limitation:
10	Disinterested in Mission of Istari (Common, Moderate)
10	Trusting (Common, Moderate)
10	Reputation:  Istari (8-, Extreme)
8	Watched: The Valar (8-); More Powerful; Non-combat Influence; Mild
8	Watched:  The Wise (11-); As Powerful; Non-combat Influence; Mild
391	Bonus
512	Total Disadvantage Points


Radagast the Brown is one of the Istari, maiar sent to lead the fight against the dominion of Sauron in about the year Third Age 1000. Radagast is his name in Westron. In Aman, it was Aiwendil. Aiwendil was included in the mission of the Istari at the insistence of Yavanna, the vala most concerned with plants and growing things.

Upon arriving in Middle-Earth, Radagast quickly lost interest in the mission of the Istari to bring hope and light to the beleagured Free Peoples, and instead became concerned with the lore of birds and animals and plants. He took up residence at the tower of Rhosgobel, in the eaves of Mirkwood near the Carrock, and from there wandered the paths of the world, delighting in the natural world and coming into very little contact with elves or men.

A member of the Council of the Wise, Radagast does not seem to have often taken part in it's meetings, and was the unwitting cause of Gandalf's capture by Saruman, and the equally unwitting cause of his rescue by Gwaihir.

No tale is told of Radagast's fate after the War of the Ring, but it seems certain that he remained in residence in Rhosgobel well into the Fourth Age, becoming increasingly removed from the world of mortals, much as had happened to Tom Bombadil ages before.


1. In a letter in 1956, Tolkien said that the two Blue Wizards who had travelled into the east eventually became founders of orders of magic. Perhaps this is the fate of Radagast, too. But it should be noted that one of the greatest of the Valar, Yavanna, begged for Radagast to be included with the Istari.

Perhaps Yavanna had a greater goal in mind, quite apart from the mission to aid the Free Peoples. Yavanna was always concerned for the plants and animals, that they should have respect and protection. Whatever Radagast's true mission was, Tolkien does not tell.

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