Son of Denethor

Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
23	STR	16	14-	600kg; 4 1/2d6
13	DEX	9	12-	OCV:  4/DCV:  4
18/28	CON	16	13-/15--	
18	BODY	16	13-	
12	INT	2	12-	PER Roll 12-
14	EGO	8	12-	ECV:  5
18/33	PRE	8	13-/16-	PRE Attack:  3 1/2d6/6 1/2d6
14	COM	2	12-	
8	PD	3		Total:  15 PD/7 PDr
7	ED	3		Total:  14 ED/7 EDr
4	SPD	17		Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12
10	REC	2		
52	END	9		
65	STUN	41		Total Characteristics Cost:  152

Movement:	Running:  6"/12"
		Swimming:  2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
Combat Training:
15	Combat Skill Levels:  +3 with Swords
8	Combat Skill Levels:  +4 levels with Sweep Maneuver

16	Dúnedain Broadsword:  HKA:  2d6 (Total 3d6+1), +2 Combat Skill Levels, 
	STR Min 13; OAF (-1), END 3
14	Dúnedain Chainmail:  Armor:  (7 PD/7 ED); OIF (-1/2)
6	The Horn of Vorondil:  +15 PRE, Gestures (-1/4), Incantation (-1/4), OAF (-1)

Background Skills:
10	Tough Guy:  Damage Reduction:  (Physical, 25%)
10	+10 CON; Only to avoid being stunned (-1)
7	Running:  +3" (9" Total), 1/2 END (+1/4), END 1
6	Contact:  Denethor 15-
2	Contact:  Faramir 11-
2	Contact:  Imrahil 11-
10	Money (Wealthy)
3	Perk:  Heir to the Ruling Steward
1	Adûnaic (Basic Conv.); Literacy; Similarity Cost:  -1
7	AK:  Gondor 15-
9	AK:  Minas Tirith 17-
3	Bureaucratics 16-
9	Combat Sense 14-
3	High Society 16-
3	KS:  Eriador 11-
2	KS:  Heraldry 11-
4	KS:  The Nobility of Gondor 13-
3	Navigation 11-
3	Oratory 16-
3	PS:  Soldier 15-
5	Riding 13-
3	Survival 11-
9	Tactics 14-
1	TF:  Boats
1	Westron (Native Accent); Literacy
3	WF:  Common Melee Weapons, Lances
181	Total Powers & Skills Cost
333	Total Character Cost

75+	Disadvantages
10	Hunted:  Servants of Sauron (MoPow, NCI) 8-
	Psychological Limitation:
10	Driven by Prophetic Vision (Uncommon, Strong)
15	Love of War (Common, Strong)
15	Pride (Common, Strong)
10	Public ID:  Heir to the throne of the Ruling Steward
5	with Faramir; Professional
10	with Aragorn; Professional, Superior
10	Watched:  Denethor (MoPow, NCI) 8-
173	Doomed Bonus
333	Total Disadvantage Points


Boromir is the eldest son of Denethor II, the Ruling Steward of Gondor. Born in Third Age 2978, he was forty-one years old at the War of the Ring. After leading the defense of Osgiliath against the armies of Sauron in 3018, he went to Imladris (Rivendell) to try to understand the mysterious vision shared by him and his brother, Faramir. He became part of the Fellowship of the Ring.

At Amon Hen, the spell of the One Ring proved too powerful for Boromir and with his head filled with visions of victory over Sauron, he attempted to take it from Frodo by force. He immediately repented of his actions, but his madness drove Frodo to set out on his own, thus sundering the Fellowship.

This proved fortuitous, because Amon Hen was shortly thereafter attacked by a band of orcs. Boromir died defending the hobbits Merry and Pippin from the orcs. Later, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli gave Boromir a proper funeral, sending his body over the falls of Rauros in an elven boat, his sword and sundered horn by his side. Weeks later, his body was found and brought to Denethor, which was one of the causes of Denethor's madness.

Boromir was handsome, brave, and very strong. He delighted only in war and his pride drove him to overconfidence.


1. Boromir is really big, even for a D˙nadan. He seems to have been enormously strong and tough, and so I have given him damage reduction and CON, only to avoid being stunned, as well as several strength-based maneuvers.

2. The Horn of Vorondil is the great horn of Vorondil the Hunter, one of the greatest of the Ruling Stewards. It's sounding seems to have heartened or disheartened all who heard it, hence the bonus to Presence when it is sounded.

3. Note that, as a human, Boromir has paid double for characteristics over the normal maximum.

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