(The Dark Devil)

Val	CHA	Cost	Notes
45	STR	15	12.5 tons; 9d6
14	BODY	0	
4	SIZE	20
16	DEF	42
23	DEX	39	OCV:  8/DCV:  6
4	SPD	7	Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12
Total Characteristics Cost:  123

Movement:	Ground:	20"/40"
		Superleap:	28"/56"

Abilities and Equipment
66	Twin Pumped Lasers:  RKA:  4d6, Penetrating (+1/2), Increased Max 
	Range x5 (+1/4), No Range Penalty (+1/2), 0 End (+1/2), 
	60 Degree Arc (-1/2), OIF (-1)
45	20mm Vulcan Cannon:  RKA:  3d6, Autofire x10 (+3/4), 
	60 Charges (+1/2), 180 Degree Arc (-1/4), OIF (-1)
55	Multi-Missile Launcher:  EB:  10d6, Autofire x5 (+1/2), Explosion (+1/2), 
	Indirect (+1/2), Must Cross Intervening Space (-1/2), 30 Charges (+1/4), OIF (-1)

	(Note:  The Indirect Advantage is not for "phasing through walls"  or anything so esoteric, 
	it is simply there to simulate the  fact that the missiles can be targeted as indirect fire. They 
	can be fired "over the horizon" over or around buildings and corners.)

10	Hardened Armor:  1 level of Hardening 

	Legs:  OIF (-1)
14	Ground Movement:  +14" Running (20" Total)
10	Collapsable Size:  Shrinking, 2 Lvls, Only for Folding legs to Fit 2.5 x 2.5 
	meter Spaces (-1), 0 End (+1/2)
5	Jump Jets:  20" Superleap, OIF (-1)(5)
5	Leg Spikes:  Clinging:  45 STR, OIF (-1)

5	Communications:  High-Range Radio Hearing and Transmit, OIF (-1)

	Optics:  OIF (-1)
2	Infra-Red Vision
2	Ultra-Violet Vision
4	+6 Telescopic Vision
6	Flash Defense 12 DEF

	Sealed Environment:  OIF (-1)
4	Life Support, Self Contained Breathing, 5 Hour Limit (-1/4)
4	Life Support, Safe in Vacuum/High Pressure, Radiation, Extreme Heat/Cold

	Wire Tentacles:  OIF (-1)
2	Extra Limbs x2, No Fine Manipulation (-1/2) (2)
12	4" Stretching, Only on Wire Tentacles (-1/2), 0 End (+1/2)

15	Operator Neurolink System Multipower:  30 Pt Pool, OIF (-1)
	u +5 DEX, (1)
	u +1 SPD, (1)
	u +3 Levels with Weapons (1)

5	Another Neurolink System for the Gunner
274	Total Abilities and Equipment Cost
397	Total Vehicle Cost

25	Distinctive Features:  Fearsome Spider-like Mecha (NC, E)
	Physical Limitation:
20	Incredibly Complex to Maintain and Repair
15	Requires Special Training to Operate (All, Slight)
20	Requires Two Operators (All, Greatly)
20	Reputation:  Mysterious Killing machine (ext) 14- 
20	Susceptibility:  1d6 DEX Drain Per Segment in intense Magnetic Fields 
15	Watched:  Hou Bang, Mo. Pow. NCI 
Total Cost:  397
Total Disadvantages:  135
Base:  262
Cost:  52 (Divided into 26 Points apiece for the two Operators)

Designer's Notes This write-up is EXTREMELY powerful. If you use it in a superhero game, I recommend that it be used against heroes who have a lot of experience and/or power. I originally designed this with the intent to use it as a VIPER mecha. But reconsidered once I had finished. The players weren't anywhere near capable of fighting this thing!! Maybe when I get in a game where everyone is about 500 points I might reconsider springing this on them.

Creation Notes: This is my HERO System version of one of the coolest mecha I've ever seen. The Genki (Dark Devil) from Bubblegum Crisis #7 Double Vision. The Genki was truly a fearsome machine, capable of taking on a squad of standard BU 55C Combat Boomers and holding it's own. Against anything less than a Doberman or a giant superboomer it was nearly unstoppable. The armor proved impervious to the Knight Saber's weaponry, and Kou, the standard gunner and copilot, acting alone, dealt Priss her first outright defeat in the series.

Aside from it's deadly weaponry and thick armor, one of the things that made the Genki stand out was it's awesome agility and movement abilities. It could leap literally ten times it's own height, cling to any surface it could sink it's claws into, fold a segment of it's legs to fit into tight spaces and still be able to move at a good clip.

A word on how I decided on the stats and powers. Much of the way the basic stats were laid out reflected perusal of both the source material, and comparison with the M1 A1 Abrams tank that was written up in HERO System Almanac 2, as well as comparisons with some of the mecha listed in VIPER. ( I figured if the Abrams could be considered a baseline for average, then the VIPER tanks are kind of a cheap knock off with tougher weapons but thinner armor. ) I figured if a superhero could get through the armor, there should be enough BODY to still take awhile to destroy/disable it. While still giving the Genki ample time to dish out damage in return or decide to retreat.

I tried to come up with Disadvantages that seemed to fit what I had seen in the show, or were reasonable extrapolations based on my conception of how things work. The DEX Drain in Intense Magnetic fields was not shown in the show, but seemed to me a reasonable limitation based on the idea that it is not moved via hydraulics but via myomer style muscles similar to what Boomers use. I figure that much like the M-66 (another anime) the Genki's performance might start to degrade if someone activated an EMP field around it.

Appearance: The Genki is very distinctive. In fact, it's a custom job, and there's absolutely no mistaking it for anything else. Also, although there might be similar mecha in the world in general, (The Genki is a heavily customized and upgraded version of a mecha that is sometimes found on the battlefield) you don't generally find them on the streets of MegaTokyo. And it would be considered extremely illegal to have it within the city limits. The Extreme reaction modifier comes from the fact that the thing seems to be pretty terrifying when encountered in the show. It's design does seem to be intended specifically to intimidate.

Power Variations: If you want to downpower the Genki for use in your campaign, I recommend doing away with the reflex booster multipower, reduce the armor from 16 to a more reasonable 14, and reduce the level of the attacks by a die or two or removing some of the more obnoxious advantages and limitations.

Genki created by Toshimichi Suzuki and Artmic. Character sheet by William "Logan" Jordan.

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